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Summer inspired easy home decor ideas

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July 17, 2013 · 1.3k Views

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Summer is usually accompanied by the natural urge to lighten up- both at home and in life. From bedrooms with spunky patterned pillows to living rooms with brightly colored vases, it is possible to effortlessly transition your home to summer mode without spending a fortune.  Here are simple tips that are bound to liven up your home and give it a refreshing look.

1. Experiment with Different Colors

It is common knowledge that color sets the mood of the room, and it’s credited for distinguishing decorating styles: picture serene shades for classic designs and vivid hues for chic decorating styles. For the summer season, bright colors are ideal ranging from aqua, sunny yellow, orange, turquoise or citrus green, in paint, or for wallpapers. Bright artwork and accessories can also be used to inject color into the room.

2. Reorganize to Create Space  

Cleaning and reorganizing creates space and provides you with an opportunity to reexamine everything with a critical eye. Take for instance, rearranging books by color on your bookshelves; you can freshen up a room and give it a more appealing look, without having to invest in a new piece of decor. You can also create a sense of newness by simply rearranging your existing furniture.

3. Change Fabrics

An inexpensive way to change a room’s appearance is to use lightweight fabrics on placements, pillows, tablecloths, couches, or chairs. A few splashes of color can reinvigorate older furniture without going through the expense of reupholstering it. For instant brightening, you can remove heavy draperies and replace them with lightweight panels, preferably linen or cotton.

4. Bring the Outside In

Bring plants and flowers indoors to brighten up the room and give it an authentic natural feeling. While keeping store bought flowers around can be expensive, if you have backyard or garden space consider creating an outdoor flower garden. You can become your own florist, displaying colorful, homegrown flowers that change with the seasons. If growing your own flowers isn’t in the cards for you, faux flowers can also give your home a warm and vibrant personality, though we recommend that you remember to add them to your weekly cleaning schedule as dusty flowers send the wrong message.

5.  Shop or Swap to get New Items

Its human nature to develop sentimental attachment to items we’ve had for years, even if we don’t need them or they no longer suit our style.  Shopping for new items enables you to get what’s in vogue and replace worn-out items but swapping items with a friend is just as effective and is a lot cheaper. Exchanging a few vases, bowls, lamps and coffee table books with one of your neighbors can bring a completely different look to your home and it’s new to you!

The key to getting that awesome summer home décor without spending a fortune is to focus on the small changes that still have a large impact on a room’s look and feel.

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