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21 Sushi Recipes That Prove Homemade Is Just as Good

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Jacqueline PaumierGuest Blogger
October 10, 2016 · 4.6k Views

Whether you prefer the more traditional Japanese style rolls or the deep fried cream smothered kind, everyone has their favorite sushi item. Unfortunately, for many sushi remains a “treat meal” due to the high price tag that accompanies all of that fresh fish. Fear not sushiholics! Just because your wallet may be a bit tight doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of all of that tempura filled goodness. We have gathered some of our favorite sushi recipes so you can enjoy the same delicious flavor without breaking the bank. 

sushi recipes


1. Spicy Tuna Rolls

spicy tuna rolls

Astro Eater

Astro Eater
Simple, spicy, and addicting, Spicy Tuna Rolls are every sushi’s fans go to. This simple recipe is perfect for beginners, just make sure you are using sushi grade tuna!

2. Shrimp Tempura Rolls


Tornadought Alli

Tornadough Alli by Alli
Looking for a sushi roll the whole family can enjoy? A tempura roll is always a safe bet, and goes over particularly well with the kiddos. 


3. Avocado and Mango Brown Rice Sushi

avocado mango sushi

Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons by Jeanine
Vegans and vegetarians can also enjoy the flavors of home0made sushi! The addition of sweet mango to this fiber filled roll makes it a keeper.

4. Dragon Roll

dragon roll

Just One Cook Book

Just One Cook Book by Nami
The tempura roll gets an upgrade with the addition of unagi (eel) and spicy mayo in this addicting sushi favorite. The roll doesn’t involve any raw fish, making it perfect for kids and pregnant women.

5. California Crab Rolls

california crab rolls

The Food Queen

Just a Pinch by Connie Kiyu
If you are just trying sushi, first of all where have you been? Secondly, this is a great place to start. California rolls give quintessential sushi flavor for those hesitant about the raw fish flavor.


6. Sushirritto


Healthy Nibbles and Bits

Healthy Nibbles and Bits
The newest sushi food craze? Sushirritos! Sushirritos are exactly how they sound, a sushi roll the size of a burrito. Portable and delicious, this is one trend we hope sticks around.  

7. Veggie Brown Rice Sushi

brown rice sushi

Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker by Dana
Looking to squeeze some extra veggies into your day? This veggie brown rice sushi roll is healthy, easy to make, and work lunch approved.


8. Sweet Thai Coconut Sticky Rice Bite

swee thai coconut

This Grandma is Fun

This Grandma is Fun by Sherri
This sushi inspired dish works perfectly as a snack or dessert. The mango and coconut flavored blend will have you repeating this easy recipe again and again..

9. Homemade Avocado Wrapped Sushi

avocado sushi

Peas and Crayons

Peas and Crayons by Jenn
We are all about squeezing in extra Omega-3’s whenever we get the chance, which is why we love this avocado wrapped sushi recipe. The technique can be a bit tricky on this one, so make sure you have your trusty bamboo mat ready!


10. Cleansing Sushi Roll/Spicy Kale/Green Veggies

clean sushi

Well and Full

Well and Full
Detoxing isn’t always very flavorful, unless you are munching on these amazing cleansing sushi rolls. This roll is rice free and incorporates liver cleansing superfood kale!

11. Smoked Salmon Philadelphia Roll Sushi

salmon roll


Gringalicious by Tori
A sushi spin on a breakfast classic! If you love your morning bagel and lox, you can use the same flavor combo in this salmon and cream cheese sushi roll. 


12. Cucumber and Avocado Quick Nori Roll

Chocolate and Zucchini

Chocolate and Zucchini by Clotilde
This straight forward sushi roll doesn’t require any expensive ingredients and can be whipped up in a flash. They also work perfectly when served to guests as finger food. 


13. Tiger Eye Salmon and Shrimp Sushi Roll Without Rice

salmon roll

Yum-Yum Recipes

Yum-Yum Recipes 
For those who love their sushi deep fried, this recipe can easily be made at home and offers that same restaurant quality! You are going to love the salmon and shrimp flavor combo wrapped up in crispy goodness. 

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14. The Crazy Cajun Roll

crazy cajun roll

Secrets of Sushi

Secrets of Sushi
Delicious Cajun flavor isn’t reserved for gumbo and jambalaya. You can have your own taste of Cajun food with this Louisiana inspired sushi roll recipe that uses fresh crawfish salad. 

15. Homemade Sushi

homemade sushi

Cook Eat Delicious

Cook Eat Delicious by Raven Chelanee
One of the most important elements in a sushi roll is the rice! This recipe will walk you step by step on how to create the perfect sushi rice marinade for authentic sushi roll flavor. 


16. Raw Vegan Rainbow Roll

Linda Wagner

Linda Wagner 
These bright, colorful sushi rolls are perfect for raw vegans or anyone trying to cut back on their carbohydrate and meat intake. Not to mention the veggies offer the perfect little crunch!


17. Buffalo Chicken Sushi

Closet Cooking

Closet Cooking by Kevin Lynch
Not all sushi lovers are seafood fans. More and more sushi chefs are incorporating the use of meat into their sushi rolls, and this recipe combines the classic flavor of buffalo chicken into a bite sized sushi pieces. 


18.Sesame Crusted Sriracha Tuna Sushi Bowl With Coconut Oil

salmon bowl

Lean It Up

Leanitup by Bryan Disanto
Getting the rolls just right and cutting them without having all of the filling fall out can be a bit of a challenge. Skip the drama by mixing all of your ingredients in a sushi bowl instead of a roll. 

19. Fried Shrimp and Mango Salsa


Buzz Feed

Buzz Feed 
Another way to avoid roll mishaps is with a simple hand roll. Not only are hand rolls easier to assemble, but they also hold way more ingredients, like these delicious fried shrimp hand rolls with mango salsa. 


20. Spam Musubi

spam musubi

Favorite Family Recipes

Favorite Family Recipes by Erika
Musubi can be considered a Hawaiian take on Japanese sushi rolls. Instead of using fish, these surprisingly satisfying rolls use spam!

21. Spicy Crab With Cucumber and Cream Cheese With Masago on Top

spicy crab roll

My Sushi Daddy

My Sushi Daddy 
Similar to a Philadelphia roll, this recipe incorporates the creamy texture of cream cheese but incorporates spicy crab meat instead of salmon. Top the whole thing off with some masago (fish eggs) and you have the perfect sushi roll!

burrito bowl



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