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5 Tablet Hacks and Essential Apps Every iPad Owner Should Know About

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August 22, 2016 · 1.9k Views

Pretty much everyone has either an iPad or a tablet that they use on a daily basis. The easy to use functionality of these devices makes it the go-to source for internet browsing, emails and apps. The portability can’t be beat and they’re so user-friendly even kids are getting in on the action.

You can make the most of your iPad or tablet by learning these simple hacks that will make your life easier and using your device even more fun. These simple tips are just proof of your device’s awesome power and intuitiveness.

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Also, be sure to check out these must-have apps that literally turn your device into a photo editor, gaming console and viewing stage with one simple download. Let’s get started on some simple iPad and tablet hacks that will change your life or at least how you use your device.


 iPad Hacks 

  • Take Screenshots
    We’ve all had that moment when you want to save the image on your screen. You can literally take a picture of your screen with your iPad and save it to your camera roll for reference for later.


    With your iPad, simply press down the power button and the home button at the same time. When you let go you will see the screen flash for a second as it takes the picture. Check your camera roll and it will be the last picture you took.
  • Undo Typing
    Have you ever typed and then wanted to just delete the whole thing? It is such a pain to keep hitting the delete button over and over until it’s gone. You can just shake your iPad and it will delete your entire message in one easy maneuver. Don’t worry it asks you first if you want to undo your typing before it deletes everything for good.
  • Access Photos
    If you are using your camera, you can easily access your photos by simply swiping left to right. It will bring you right into your camera roll from the camera app. No more messing around with the camera thumbnail, this provides instant access to your photos with a mere swipe.
  • Make It All Caps


    When you are trying to get your point across, all caps are a must. It can be painful to continuously tap the shift key with each letter that you want to be capitalized, especially if it’s a whole sentence. To keep the caps on during the duration of your typing hit the shift key twice and you’ll be able to shout in every message you type.
  • Adding Apostrophes and Quotes
    Going to the second keyboard to add symbols such as apostrophes and quotes can be time-consuming. The iPad has hidden shortcuts that make this a lot easier to type. If you hold down the ? key, you will be given the choice to add quotes. If you hold down the ! key you will be given the option to add an apostrophe. Either option will make typing on an iPad a lot easier.


 Tablet Hacks

Tablets have their own set of hacks that users need to discover. Some things done on an iPad can be done on a tablet, of course in a different way, others can’t be done at all and vice versa. Here are some handy hacks for tablets.

  • Take a Screenshot
    Screenshots are vital and tablets let you do them too. On a tablet, press the volume button down and the power key at the same time. You will see the screen flash and your camera sound will occur. You will then see a notification that saving screenshot is happening and then the image will be saved in your pictures.
  • Save on Battery Life


    This is a big one for tablet users as the battery keeps working even when you are not on your tablet. To save on battery life switch your tablet to shut off its Wi-Fi searching when you are not using your tablet. You can do this in the main settings menu by selecting Wireless & Networks. Choose wireless settings and the Wi-Fi sleep policy. Switch this to sleep when the screen turns off. This will increase your tablet’s battery life significantly.
  • Deleting Apps
    You probably thought the only way to get rid of an app was to uninstall in the manage applications section of your tablet. It has gotten a whole lot easier as you can simply hold down the icon of the app you want to delete and drag it to the trashcan and it is deleted from your device instantly.
  • All Caps
    Even on your tablet, you have the need to use all caps once in awhile. This can be turned on simply by tapping the shift key. When you want it to go off simply tap the shift key again. This can make typing in all caps a breeze and you might just leave it on all the time.
  • Adding Apostrophes and Quotes
    To add an apostrophe when you are typing hold the full-stop key and the apostrophe will pop up for you to select. When you want quotation marks, you also hold down the full-stop key and quotes will pop up for you to choose. Typing perfect grammar just got a lot easier.


 Best Apps To Have

Whether you have an iPad or a tablet there are a few apps that you shouldn’t live without. Here is a compilation of some that are recommended for you to download right now.

If you are a list maker, Evernote is the ideal list taking app. It keeps all the notes and lists you compile in one place and allows you to add documents that you often reference to the app. You can even clip web articles you like or want to read later, offering the ultimate in list making.

If you don’t have this free music site you really need to get on it. You can customize your own music stations and listen to any artist you are in the mood for at any time. Over time you will create a superior song list of all your favorites that you have thumbed up called Thumbprint Radio. Also see some other amazing alternatives for discovering new music below:



Great for discovering remixes from your favorite DJ and browse from other's mixtapes and playlist. 

Spotify has tons of music from your favorite artists and extensive categories where you can search by genre and pre-made playlists depending on your mood.

For a little fun download the Heads Up app that has become so popular on Ellen. This fun game makes players describe who or what is being displayed on the screen while the other player guesses from their clues. This is great to blow off a little steam and have some good laughs.

Edit photos for color and skin tone with Facetune. It will make every picture you take look professional and it’s great at fixing blemishes. A perfect photo editing app for Facebook or Instagram and it’s very simple to use.

This soothing background noise app will help you relax. Nosili gives you several background noises to listen to such as rain, wind and rustling leaves. This is perfect for listening to when you want to go to sleep or when you want to de-stress. You can record the sounds to make a playlist for whenever the mood strikes you.

Downloading these apps will help you get the most out of your iPad or tablet as well as incorporating these hacks to make it function easier. Regardless of which device you have, it is sure to make web surfing, game playing or video watching more fun and you’ll certainly be able to amaze your friends with what you know.


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