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Taco Bell Now Offering Breakfast for Just $1!

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March 11, 2016 · 2.5k Views

Taco Bell announced in an official press release yesterday that they’ll be offering $1 Morning Value Menu which is now available nationwide! What inspired this $1 breakfast menu?

A recent study conducted on Taco Bell reveals that consumers prefer to spend less (big surprise there!). The main points of their study that encouraged Taco Bell to push forward with a dollar breakfast menu:


When asked if they prefer to spend $1 or more than $1:

screenshot-www.onlinecharttool.com 2016-03-11 08-01-02.png


When asked about their satisfaction on current $1 breakfast options:

screenshot-www.onlinecharttool.com 2016-03-11 08-05-46.png


When asked if they prefer to have bacon options with their dollar breakfast:


screenshot-www.onlinecharttool.com 2016-03-11 08-06-32.png


So suffice to say, after key highlights of the research surfaced, Taco Bell followed suit in complying with majority of consumer demands and launched 10 new $1 morning menu items. And yes, they offer bacon in select menu items too.

The new Morning Value Menu features 10 items in total and includes 4 new items with a twist. See the entire Morning Value Menu below:


1. Grilled Breakfast Burrito

Grilled Breakfast Burrito


2. Breakfast Soft Taco

Breakfast soft taco


3. Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla

Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla


4. Grilled Breakfast Burrito Fiesta Potato

 Grilled Breakfast Burrito Fiesta Potato


5. Mini Skillet Bowl

Mini Skillet Bowl


6. Hash Brown

Hash Brown


7. Value Moutain Dew Kickstart Orange-Citrus


8. Cinnabon Delights

cinnabon delights


We’ve only spotted 8 items with the Morning Value banner under their ‘Breakfast menu’ at tacobell.com. You can click on their ‘Dollar Cravings’ menu for even more $1 items.

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I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
dtran5Mar 11, 2016
I gave up fast food, but Taco Bell is the one thing I always crave!! So sad to learn about this new menu :(

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