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Target to Begin Serving Cocktails

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September 10, 2015 · 1.6k Views

You know the feeling, walking into Target with a particular item in mind, only to end up walking out with multiple bags full of irresistible bargain buys. Something about the dollar aisle or the red bulls-eye makes it impossible to leave with only the original item we had planned on purchasing. A Chicago based Target is looking to loosen up customers even more, introducing a plan to serve cocktails and sell liquor. Yes, you heard it right, Target is planning to serve alcohol while you shop!

The new store is set to open in October, and they have applied for two liquor licenses. One will allow them to sell pre-packaged alcohol such as six-packs, that customers will be able to purchase and take home. The other license will allow them to sell wine, beer, and spirits on-site to customers.

The goal behind it is to make shopping more fun and less stressful, and businesses are always looking for ways to keep customer’s in their stores longer. Target thinks this could be the way to do just that, which would lead to even more revenue. It enhances the social aspect of shopping and could potentially lead to more impulse buying. Other stores, such as Whole Foods, have experimented with selling alcohol to improve the customer experience, but it is still in the beginning stages.

Target has yet to comment on these reports, but they are expected to release the details soon. Until then, we anxiously await whether this will be a one store test or whether it will eventually be rolled out nationwide. Bottoms up!

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