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The Best and Worst Things to Buy in April

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April 04, 2016 · 4k Views

Now that we're well into spring and the weather has fully transitioned – at least in our minds – it's time to start readying our hearts and our houses for the following months. Where nice days bring on outdoor activities, clothes account for better temperatures, and we clean out rooms after months of winter. That also means it's time for some shopping. In order to take on all of the activities listed above, and to keep areas clean, we will need plenty of supplies. From mixtures, to upgrading our wardrobes, to getting a new pair of shoes, there might be plenty on our lists of what to buy.

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Best Things to Buy in April

Find static savings for a way to get everything you need. Each offers a great way to shop, and without emptying your wallet! 


Tax Day Deals

Tax Day falls on April 18th this year and it is stressful all-around – there's no denying it can cause havoc. However, companies of all sizes are working to remedy this by offering sales and discounts. Product perks to help ease your tax-related stress. From singing for a free meal (at Hard Rock Café), to getting a set discount on your entire purchase at stores like Macy's, Walmart or Best Buy, there are all types of tax-day deals and specials every year. Check with your local branches in order to get the best offers, especially when they cover exactly where you're shopping for. Drop by DealsPlus closer to Tax Day for all available tax day specials and promotions.

Need more help with taxes this year? Did you know that you can file for a free tax extension with TurboTax? That gives you an additional 6 months to work on your taxes. 



Select Tech Items

This one is tricky, as different types of electronics will be on sale, and others will actually come in at full-price this time of year. The best way to avoid paying too much is to research whatever specifics you're looking to buy. For instance, computers will be cheaper during back-to-school sales, and tablets, TV's and smartphones drop in price a few months after their release. However, smart watches can be cheaper when purchasing from a retailer (vs. the brand, like Apple), as well as with smartphones. Meanwhile, if you need a new TV, 55" brand name versions tend to come with the best April deals.

The best way to go about hunting for deals is to start by doing your research right. Chances are, if you've been keeping your eye on a specific product, you already have a price range or at least a budget in mind. Here's two great ways to run a price comparison:

 Google It - yep, it can be as easy as that! Simply run a quick Google search on your desired product and hit the 'Shopping Results' page for filtering options and a complete listing of the prices across different retailers.
 Camelcamelcamel - if you're purchasing on Amazon, there's no better price tracking tool than this. Camelcamelcamel is a Google Chrome extension that track price history on any specific item on Amazon. Once you've installed in the extension, just go on the product page, open the extension on your tool bar and see if the current price is the lowest. 



vacuum deals in april

If you're in the market for a new vacuum, now is the time to buy. Take advantage of your spring-cleaning streak with a brand new way to clean your carpets…while saving cash in the process. Target often has plenty of vacuum and floor care deals in the Spring. Don't forget to use this $5 Off $50 Target coupon for online shopping, too. Most other retailers will be hosting their own Spring cleaning deals so keep an eye out for your weekly ads coming in the mail (or check them out online!). 




Source: Lauren Wolf Jewelry

Soon it will be prime jewelry shopping season (Mother's Day), which means you can save by shopping ahead of the curve. Even if you're not buying a Mother's Day gift, April is a great time of year to find deals on whatever form of jewelry you're looking to obtain. Kay Jewelers often has huge sales on already affordable necklaces, rings, earrings and more. DealsPlus always has plenty of Kay's Coupons to use, too for up to $25 off or more.



Source: This Wild Precious Life

Trends show us that the best time to get clothes is more than a month after a season has changed. It's then that stores will be making room for different merchandise and opting to move out what's already on the shelves. Check for local sales with retailers – and their dates – to get the best prices on your spring clothes. Plus, these prices are always better when you stack clothing coupons on top of your purchase!


Resort Vacations; Now is the Time!

Source: Hand Luggage Only

If you're looking for the best all-inclusive vacations, as always, don't forget to browse around Groupon and Livingsocial. They have tons of resort vacation and getaway deals available. Its an easy one-click booking process that includes airfare, room and board and other amenities depending on your choice of getaway deal. Although not the only month to look for resort deals, April is a good time to keep an eye on all-inclusive rates and we highly recommend traveling off season (avoid spring break and summer time) which will help with potential drawbacks like booked up restaurants and crowded attractions. We recommend mid-April, May or early June for a relaxing vacation or book ahead for early Fall and Winter.


Worst Things to Buy in April

Need one of these items right this moment? You're better off waiting for Memorial Day Sales to arrive. It's coming right up, so be patient!


Mattresses and Bed Linens

Source: Atlantic Organic Sleep Shop

Unless you're in desperate need of a mattress, it's best to wait. Memorial Day sales will have some of the best mattress and sheet sales of the entire year … and it's only a few weeks away. Stick with your current model for a few more weeks and you can save hundreds for your efforts. The same goes for your updated appliances, too. 


Home Appliances

home appliance deals

The same idea as above goes for your updated appliances. Memorial Day Sales offer steep discounts on new refrigerators, oven ranges, washers and dryers, to everything that goes with it - tools and home improvement, etc. Wait for Memorial Day to splurge and again, you could save another few hundred dollars.


Summer Products

Source: Houzz

We know it's easy to get excited about all the up and coming summer gear – like lawn chairs, sandals, grills or grilling supplies, camping gear, and more. But buying now will also cost you full price – and then some. Hold back your excitement for as long as possible so you can gain access to some incredible deals later on. We suggest looking toward Memorial Day or Independence Day sales coming in May and June where most retailers will be hosting major summer furniture sale events. Waiting it out can save you up to 75% off rather than purchasing now!


Computers & Laptops

Source: Mariarca Shop

As mentioned above, laptops and computer deals are mediocre this time of year, because the best deals come during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and back-to-school sales. And since back-to-school sales begin in June, you might as well hold off on this large purchase. Even an extra 10% in savings could equate to over $50 off. However, if you are currently a college student, Best Buy and Apple offer up to 20% off your laptop, tablet and other tech products so long as you can verify with a .edu email. 


What purchases are you making this month?





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Bethaney Wallace is a full-time freelance writer and avid deal finder located in the Midwest. When she's not reading or writing, she can be found looking for a new project, including anything knitted or DIY, which she outlines in her humorous personal blog, Earl & Other Greys. (bethaneywallace.com)
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In general, spend some time to compare the price or wait for seasonal promotion.

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