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30 Best Rewards and Loyalty Programs We've Ever Seen

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March 17, 2016 · 8.1k Views

The only feeling better than saving money just might be the ability to earn money back on that very same deal. Where, thanks to customer loyalty programs put into place, you will get personalized deals on every purchase you make. From cents off your gas fees to free make up samples in the mail, these programs allow you to earn toward future savings every time you shop. Better yet, the majority of them are free. Check out these best customer reward programs you should be signing up for (and taking advantage of) today. And as always, use the best coupons and codes, because these savings and rewards are stackable!

1. Sephora (Cost: Free)

sephora VIB membership

Known as the online and brick and mortar makeup supercenter – Sephora seriously sells everything, and customers can get serious kickbacks when shopping. First off, each purchase comes with three free samples all on their own, then earn points depending on how much you spend. Then, the more points you earn in a year, the better your perks become! Beauty Insider members get a gift on their birthday, access to free classes, and are credited with points as they shop, as well as access to special sales. The company's best shoppers are updated to VIB status and given even more excusive offers, like pre-sales, seasonal gifts, and first access to new products, all in addition to the standard Insider perks. Learn more about Sephora's rewards program.

2. Dick's Sporting Goods (Cost: Free)

dicks sporting goods scorecard

Those with a ScoreCard gain a number of rewards, including discounts, emails, and receipts that go straight to your inbox. (Or in other words, never lose your proof of purchase again!) Bonus perks include 3% back on all Dick's in-store and online purchases. ScoreCards are also good for their sister stores Field and Stream and Golf Galaxy.

3. Target (Cost: Free with Credit Card Signup)

target redcard membership

Frequent shoppers will get an additional 5% off all purchases with the Target REDcard (whether an actual credit card or linked to your checking account, which is a huge perk as many of their counterparts are credit card only). You also earn an extra 30 days for returns, and free shipping for online orders. Or, sign up for pharmacy rewards for access to blanket store coupons. Even better, this extra discounts stacks with even the best Target coupons! Target addicts beware...

4. Kohl's (Cost: Free with Credit Card Signup)

kohls cash rewards

Kohl's Yes2You Rewards offer one point for every dollar spent. Every 100 points earned will be converted into a $5 store credit (called Rewards Cash) that can be used the next month. And the shopping perks don't end there! Anyone who has ever received Kohl's Cash knows they are pretty rough to beat. They're also an easy way to dip into a shopping-at-Kohl's spiral…not that anyone is complaining. Those who sign up for rewards can earn even further by getting additional coupons like the ultra-popular 30% off Kohl's coupons that are often available to members only. Whether online or in the mail (maybe even a combination), you can be on your way to practically non-stop Kohl's couponing.

5. Victoria's Secret (Cost: Free with Credit Card Signup)

Victorias Secret coupons

Here's another brand who takes care of their own through coupons. VS reward members receive coupons directly at their front door, and often those that are good toward free products entirely. It's a move that gets you in the door, and likely buying even more on your Angel Card. Not only do Angel Cardholders earn triple points on select purchases at select times of the year, they also get free shipping on all orders that include at least one bra, and best of all, get access to exclusive Victoria's Secret coupons for free gifts with purchase, extra savings of up to $50 off online and in-store, or discounts on swimwear or clearance items.

6. Best Buy (Cost: Free)

Best Buy Rewards

Get dollars off of your dollars when you take advantage of the Best Buy Reward Zone program. 5% every single purchase will be applied back on the rewards card, allowing you a cheaper go at your next transition. Save up points and earn something big, or soften the blow each time you shop – either way, it's a great way to celebrate shopping for electronics without going broke. Elite members will also get free standard shipping on every order, while Elite Plus members will get free express shipping. Or join the Gamers Club and earn double points on video games, trade-ins, get 20% off new video game software, and more ways to earn. Membership is either free, or get Gamers Club Unlocked ($30 for 2 years).

7. JCPenney (Cost: Free with Credit Card Signup)

JCPenney rewards

JCPenney is another company who offers ample customer benefits through a credit card setup. Users earn dollars to be spent, and even get better rewards dependent on how much you shop (spend more, save more), as well as access to email coupons and other exclusive orders. Check out JCPenney Rewards now to learn how you can get $15 back to spend on shoes, clothing, or earn $10 rewards with every 100+ points earned on qualifying purchases each month. The more you spend, the better your rewards status gets, too! Plus, get a free gift on your birthday, exclusive coupons and deals, and get free shipping with every order.

8. Office Depot/Office Max (Cost: Free)

Browsing for office supplies might not be the most glamorous thing you've ever done (then again, there are plenty who love shopping for Post-its and pens; to each their own), but rewards programs certainly make it easier. Join Office Depot Office Max Rewards to get a massive 10% back on hundreds of items including paper, ink, toner, copy, print, and shipping. Which, in the retail world, is kickback that's almost unheard of.

9. Papa John's (Cost: Free)

papa's rewards and coupons

Thanks to Papa Rewards' points system, free pizza after college can be a reality. Just sign up online (or on your phone) and order through their virtual platform. Not only is it an easy way to order, it can allow you to earn free pizza – every order gets you closer. You'll earn one Papa Rewards point for every $5 you spend online, inlcluding tax and delivery! They can be redeemed for free sides, desserts or - of course - more pizza. Better yet, your account remembers past orders so you can easily repeat favorites, even if they're tedious.

10. DSW (Cost: Free)

dsw rewards

If you're looking for the motherlode of rewards program, you can find it with free DSW Rewards. The brand offers a varied level of perks for shoppers, though its highest level certainly comes with the Premier membership. The Premier membership isn't free, but it's easily earned back through extra points, early access to coupons and events, free next-day shipping, 15 points for every dollar spent (15!), double and triple point days, birthday offers, and their Shoephoria! Concierge Service, which gives members the ability to jump lines at the customer service desk – impressive sounding, right?

11. Starbucks (Cost: Free)

starbucks rewards free drinks

Get stars and drink free coffees – what could get better than that? My Starbucks Rewards offers a free drink or food, special birthday coupons for 15% off any purchase, custom offers via email, free in-store refills on brewed coffee or tea, and more. The more stars you earn in a year, the more freebies, coupons and gifts you'll receive! And since you'll be one step closer every time you sip, you can feel less guilty about your favorite morning vice.

12. Bloomingdales (Cost: Free)

bloomingdales rewards program

Known as the Bloomingdales Loyallist program, anyone known as the store's finest can get access to free shipping – with no minimum purchase – and free returns. And often times, shoppers will earn double or triple rewards points on purchases like shoes, beauty products, fragrance, or handbags. Best of all, members will get access to exclusive coupons like 10-25% off select categories, or sitewide discounts. Bloomingdales at its simplest and custom-made for the return shopper.

13. Walgreens (Cost: Free)

walgreens rewards

Folks who sign up for Walgreens Balance Rewards can find deals every time they shop, simply by scanning their card. Those savings then get logged to their account, providing for more dollars off the next time they shop. Coupons will also come standard, as will additional deals on all kinds of items. Points are awarded just for filling prescriptions, even if its covered by insurance. Every 5,000 points gives you a $5 reward that can be used like cash on your next purchase.

14. Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Last Call, Cusp and Horchow (Cost: Free with Credit Card Signup)

neiman marcus incircle rewards

This brand has actually taken their rewards to the next level and created an entire app out of good customer service. Through online shopping and mobile access, members can browse and shop, earn sales, get free 2-day shipping, or talk directly with a sales associate who can help you make restaurant reservations to personalized travel accommodations. All without leaving the comfort of your smartphone! Learn more about the InCircle membership, which applies not only to Neiman Marcus, but Bergdorf Goodman, Last Call, Cusp and Horchow.

15. Hotels.com (Cost: Free)

hotels.com rewards

We've seen their commercials, we understand the benefit of sales from an aggregate site, but now there's also a reason to stay loyal to this hotel site. And it comes in the form of rewards, like free hotel stays after booking 10 nights, getting guaranteed the lowest prices around, seeing prices that others can only view at check out, and more. Over 235,000 hotels are eligible for the book 10 get 1 free deal! Plus, most hotels booked through here are cancelable within 48 hours. Sign up for Hotels.com Rewards for free and you'll even unlock secret prices.

16. Southwest (Cost: $99/Year)

southwest rewards

Travel expenses can add up, which is why it's nice to save anywhere possible. Those who choose to stick with a single company can do just that, as with Southwest, earning free travel miles (including entirely cost-free flights), free checked bags), exclusive company offers, and more. Loyal customers are hooked and Southwest keeps on upping the pot. The downside, however, is it does cost $99 per year, though frequent travelers say it's well worth the fees.

17. Macy's (Cost: Free with Credit Card Signup)

macys star rewards

Get the credit card that comes to you! Macy's Star Rewards. The company sends automated emails or text messages (based on user preference), allowing you to pick and choose upcoming sales. Then, add the card to your smartphone's wallet section for easy and practically automated payment options. And the more you spend, the more you'll save! 

18. Nordstrom (Cost: Free with Credit Card Signup)

nordstrom rewards

This is another company who offers its users the ability to choose how they earn: with a credit card, or by tracking how much they spend, or better yet, both. Points are gained with every dollar spent, which then can be used toward additional shopping trips – while exclusive offers are given for credit card members. A great combo for shoppers who can mix and match what they're after. Don't forget, members get early access to their ever popular anniversary sales, plus they earn a $20 note for every 2,000 points they earn, valid at both Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom. Learn more about Nordstrom Rewards here.

19. REI (Cost: $20 for a Lifetime Membership)

REI rewards

Though REI's rewards work much like "regular" reward programs, the way they run it is somewhat unique. Members sign up and then earn annual usage toward deals or percentages off. OR they can earn 10% member dividends, where you actually get a check in the mail based on how much you shopped that year. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? It's $20 to get a lifetime membership, and you'll start reaping the rewards immediately.

20. Sports Authority

sports authority rewards

Get your fix of athletic gear with 5% cash back on every transaction. Known as The League, members get special sales and exclusive notifications, plus get free tune ups and other free services with your bike purchase. You'll also get access to ongoing deals in order to help meet your fitness goals without spending a fortune in the process. While the latter is available to all, members get additional savings while also getting credit back on your card.

21. Home Depot (Cost: Free)

home depot pro xtra rewards

Considering the size of projects that are often built from Home Depot, they have several available options for rewards and earning back credit on dollars spent – because more often than not, it's a lot of them. Companies and individuals alike can choose from various offers, like credit cards or general rewards. This allows a customizable program that will best meet each person's ongoing needs. Best of all, it's free to sign up for Home Depot's Pro Xtra Loyalty Program.

22. Gilt (Cost: Free)

gilt insider rewards

In a move that's almost unprecedented, Gilt, the online shopping site, allows customers to earn points without spending money through their Gilt Insider membership program. Simply by using the site and social media platforms, customers can earn points that can be cashed in toward benefits. Users can work their way up through the program and gain higher reward statuses, like priority on waiting lists, a higher level of customer service, points to be redeemed towards future purchases, and more. It's free to sign up!

23. A.C. Moore (Cost: Free)

ac moore rewards

Shop, craft, earn, and repeat with A.C. Moore. It's one of the only craft supply chains that allows users to earn dollars back on their hobbies, rather than simply spending money on the process. By signing up for the free Your Rewards Program, shoppers will gain store credit, and even double their rewards when purchasing more than $100 worth of goods. Now that's some serious craft buying power!

24. Disney (Cost: Free with Credit Card Signup)

Disney Rewards

Disney is another company changing the way we look at rewards … and another company offering multiple ways for their loyalists to earn. First, with a semi-standard credit card offer: Disney fans can spend and earn. Then, by allowing folks the opportunity to collect points by purchasing movies or seeing films in the theater. Then points are collected and used toward rewards, meaning if you love a movie, you could earn points both in the theater and by purchasing on DVD!

For those who love shopping and saving at the Disney Store, you'll get access to exclusive Disney coupons for free shipping or 25% off that are just for rewards members. Learn more by checking out Disney Rewards details.

25. Huggies (Cost: Free)

huggies enjoy the ride rewards

Any parent knows just how many diapers you can go through, and how quickly. Which is why this Huggies Rewards Program is all-the-more helpful. Shoppers can log their dollars spent online and create a free profile that will get them free toys, coupons, and more. It's free to join, and you'll earn 50 points just for signing up.

26. Pampers (Cost: Free)

pampers gifts to grow rewards

Similar to their Huggies counterpart, Pampers Rewards lets parents earn every time they buy fresh baby pants. However, in addition to toys, Pampers gives out movies that both kids and families alike can enjoy. And you don't necessarily have to purchase a whole lot in order to earn rewards! You can wach videos, levae reviews, and even read articles for extra points.

27. Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic/AthletaStores (Cost: Free with Credit Card Signup)

Who knew you could shop at so many brands and still earn rewards in a single space? With your Gap, et. all credit card, you can earn dollars back on purchases. And considering you have so many brands partnering in, it's even easier to save. Best of all, plenty of coupons for ON, BR, Gap and more are for members only!

28. AMC Theaters (Cost: $12/year)

amc stubs rewards

Watch movies in order to watch more movies with AMC. This theater reward program called Stubs gives a loyalty app that brings in perks like free concession upgrades, a free $10 reward with every $100 you spend, no online ticketing fees, bonus dollars to spend on snacks, zero booking fees, and more. You can even do it all online. And note that while this membership costs $12 a year, you'll gain it back in no time with those free popcorn and drink upgrades, and those $10 rewards!

29. My Coke Rewards (Cost: Free)

my coke rewards

Believe it or not, even beverages are getting in on the reward action. Every time you buy a coke you can enter a code online to receive credit. Collect enough drinks for music, access to contests, and even the ability to apply for scholarships. All from drinking a soda you'd probably be drinking anyway – sounds like a win-win. Sign up for the free My Coke Rewards program now.

30. CVS (Cost: Free)

cvs extra care membership

Users signing up for CVS ExtraCare rewards can get some pretty serious savings, even in addition to ongoing sales. Those who register can gain additional CVS coupons, insider sales, and a phone app that brings the savings to one single, virtual location. And with all the ExtraBucks rewards you'll earn (2% back on every purchase or $5 ExtraBucks rewards with 10 prescriptions), these items will be cheaper than ever - if you're a member.

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