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The Best Tax Filing Apps for Quick and Easy Filing

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
March 22, 2017 · 3.7k Views

In the past, we had very few options for doing taxes. We either had to use hard copy forms and a pencil and attempt to do it ourselves, or go to a brick and mortar H&R Block or other tax service and pay hundreds of dollars. Next came TurboTax and other software programs that allowed us to conveniently do taxes from our laptop or PC. Now, when it comes to taxes – there’s an app for that. That’s right, you can now do taxes anytime, anywhere from your smartphone or tablet. Now that tax filing is just a few clicks away, you no longer have an excuse to file an extension.

Want to get a head start on your taxes? You might not want to if you owe money, but if you’re expecting a refund, the sooner you get it, the better. So gather all your W-2s and deduction paperwork, relax on the couch with a cup of coffee and start the filing process with one of these handy apps.

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1. TurboTax

turbotax turbotax  turbotax

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Whether you get it on CD or app form, TurboTax is bar none the best program when it comes to finding every deduction you deserve. You don’t need any tax knowledge whatsoever to use it. Its user-friendly interface guides you through every step. If you can read and follow directions, you can use it. A nice feature in the app version is that you can take a photo of your W-2 and have the program enter your data. TurboTax is free to download on Android and iOS. However, e-filing fees apply. If your tax return is fairly complex, you’ll want to spring for the premium version and make sure you get all the deductions and credits you’re entitled to receive.


2. H&R Block Tax Preparation

h&r block h&r block h&r block 

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H&R Block Tax Preparation has features similar to TurboTax. It appeals to a wide variety of users, from those with simple tax returns to those who own businesses and rental properties and have a ton of deductions. You can also scan your W-2s. Just follow the step-by-step process and you’ll have your return filed in no time. With the app version, you can e-file and get advice from tax experts. Opt for the Premium or Deluxe versions for more complicated returns. H&R Block Tax Preparation is free to download on Android and iOS.


3. TaxSlayer GO

taxslayer go taxslayer go taxslayer go

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Have a simple return? Then try TaxSlayer GO. Just go through the questionnaire and enter all the required information. You can take a photo of your W-2s for convenience. Federal e-filing is free of charge, but you’ll have to pay for state filing. TaxSlayer GO is free to download on Android and iOS.


4. TaxACT Express

taxact express taxact express taxact express

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Like the other apps listed above, you can prepare and print your taxes for free. With TaxACT Express, you can also e-file both your state and federal taxes for free. However, the features are very basic. You can enter W-2 wages and check for basic credits, but if you own your business or do freelance work, this app won’t work for you. TaxACT Express is free to download on Android and iOS.


Other Noteworthy Apps

While you won’t be able to file your taxes with these apps, you can use them for other useful tax-related purposes.

  • IRS2Go. This handy app from Uncle Sam himself offers tax advice and allows you to access your tax records. You can also track the status of your refund. IRS2Go is free to download on Android and iOS.

  • Ask A CPA. This app offers basic tax tips in a variety of categories. Get free answers to thousands of common tax questions. Not finding what you’re looking for? Ask your own questions and hopefully a CPA will respond. Ask A CPA is free to download on Android and iOS.

  • MileIQ. Travel a lot for business? Those miles are tax-deductible, you know! With the IRS reimbursing you 54 cents per mile, you’ll want to make all those business trips documented and accounted for. The app automatically logs your miles every time you drive. You can create custom categories and include tolls and parking details. You can also import the information to PDF, FreshBooks and other formats. You can log 40 trips per month without having to spring for a paid version. MileIQ is free to download on Android and iOS.


Take the stress out of tax time with one of these apps. With tax filing at your fingertips, you can work on your taxes whenever you have a few extra minutes – like while waiting at the doctor’s office, standing in line at the grocery store or waiting for dinner to cook.

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