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The Best Things to Buy During Every Month of the Year

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
January 03, 2017 · 4.3k Views


Source: Huffington Post

It’s always good to shop smart. After all, why would you want to spend more than you have to? There are certain times of year when you’ll find better deals on certain items. Looking for the best prices on Christmas decorations? Get them after Christmas. Need a jacket? Get it in spring.

While these rules may sound counterintuitive, it’s all based on the market. Retailers aren’t going to run sales when demand is more than the supply. When you shop in the off season, you’re bound to get more selection and better deals.

Although there are situations when you just can’t wait until something goes on sale – like when your refrigerator is broken and the milk is spoiling – it’s better for your pocketbook if you can wait for most items. Want to be a savvy shopper in 2017? Use this guide to determine what to buy in every month of the year.

lightbulb icon Although there are certain times in the year to get the best value on goods, we love shopping at Amazon, Kohl's, Target, and Macy's for year-round savings. Check out their store pages to find coupons, learn about sales, and more!


snowflake icon  January

  • January is a good time to stock up on winter apparel as stores prepare for the upcoming spring season. Jackets, sweaters, boots and accessories will be on sale.
  • New furniture collections are released in February, which means stores are eager to move out old stock. January is a good time to update your living room set with a new couch, table or recliner.
  • Valentine’s Day gifts will go on sale for all the early bird shoppers, so get your perfume and jewelry before the month ends.
  • Need new flooring? Many people get new carpet and wood floors before the holidays, so once January rolls around, prices go way down.
  • Linens and bedding go on sale after the first of the year, so this is a good time to stock up.
  • If you’re into big-ticket items, boats and motorcycles are good things to buy in January. Both vehicles are off season, so with sales down, you’ll be able to score some huge deals.
  • TVs and other electronics will go on sale just before the Super Bowl.
  • If you’re looking to get in shape, you’ll find many sales on fitness equipment.


cupid icon February

  • Sales tend to slow down in February, although you’ll likely continue to see lower prices on winter clothing and TVs.
  • Later on in the month, department stores will be holding President’s Day sales. You’ll often find great deals on bedding, tools and home goods.


four-leaf clover icon March

  • If you enjoy golfing, pick up a set of clubs in March. Prices are dropping by this time due to the new clubs being released in the summer.  
  • Summer parties require a new grill, but don’t wait until June to buy yours. Get one in March before prices skyrocket.
  • March is also a great time to snag a new set of luggage. That’s because travel season is just around the corner. Don’t wait too long.
  • March is Frozen Foods Month, so expect some deals on frozen goodies at your local supermarket. Look for coupons to save even more.


easter egg icon April

  • Travel season is just starting to get underway. April is a great time to book a cruise.
  • Footwear is also on sale now that the weather is getting warmer and runners are starting to venture outside more.
  • April is the prime month for spring cleaning, so take this opportunity to invest in a vacuum. Vacuums are priced low at this time.
  • The jewelry industry is slow around this time. Since Valentine’s Day is over and Mother’s Day isn’t until next month, April is a good time to find deals on jewelry.


flower iconMay

  • New models of refrigerators come out in May, so this is a good time to score a great deal on last year’s refrigerators.  
  • Office furniture, such as chairs and desks, go down in price after Tax Day, so look for deals in May.
  • Memorial Day is toward the end of the month. Look for sales on mattresses, home goods and spring clothing.
  • Furniture will also be reduced in May. Look for significant discounts toward the end of the month.


beach ball icon June

  • Victoria’s Secret holds its Semi-Annual Sale in June, so if you’re in the market for lingerie or undergarments, now’s the time to stock up.
  • June is wedding season, so retailers tend to knock down prices on dish sets.
  • You can find good deals on tools in mid-June, just before Father’s Day.
  • Now that everyone is working out outside, gyms are desperate for new members. This is a good time to haggle a deal on a gym membership. If you’d rather exercise at home, you should be able to find discounts on fitness equipment.

Have you shopped at these retailers? Write a review to tell us about your experience!

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new year icon  July

  • Retailers start gearing up for back to school, so look for deals on summer apparel. Many retailers, such as Best Buy, also slash prices on electronics in preparation for the start of a new school year.
  • With new furniture coming out in August, expect retailers to hold clearance sales in order to get rid of older merchandise.
  • Home décor and tools are also on sale in July.
  • The best holidays for jewelers are Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Since those holidays are still far off, jewelry stores will be clamoring for your business. Expect the best deals online.


popsicle icon August

  • When it comes to school supplies, the longer you wait, the better the prices. Shop in late August for the best deals on pencils, backpacks, paper and other essentials.
  • Get a great deal on a lawn mower before summer ends. Prices drop with the temperatures.
  • The same goes for swimsuits. Stores are gearing up for winter and trying to get rid of inventory, so stock up for next year.
  • There will be great deals on bed linens and towels as college students prepare their dorm rooms for a new school year.


hot dog icon September

  • September is a good time to snatch up summertime yard essentials such as pool supplies, lawn mowers, patio furniture, grills and gardening supplies.
  • There is a lot of competition for denim, so expect great deals on jeans for work, school and play.
  • Appliance deals are in full swing as stores prepare for new models. Refrigerators are the only exception.
  • Expect price drops on kitchen goods now that wedding season is over and most students are back in school by now.
  • With new models of bicycles hitting the racks, retailers will be looking to unload older versions at low prices.


pumpkin icon October

  • October is a good time to travel. Travel tends to be lighter around this time, so expect some great deals on airfares and off-season vacations.
  • New car models tend to come out at the end of summer, so October is a good time to get a used car.


 fall leaves icon November

  • Leftover Halloween candy will be on the clearance shelves starting November 1, so shop early for the best deals and selection. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.
  • Nobody thinks about weddings in November, so if you’re going to be married in the near future, get your wedding dress now at super-low prices.
  • The end of November brings everyone’s favorite shopping day, Black Friday. While you’ll see deals for just about everything at this time, your best bets are to stick to appliances and electronics. Gaming systems are also a good buy, since there are often bundles and limited edition sets for sale.
  • Tools will also be discounted in November.


snowman icon December

  • Black Friday brought about deals on TVs and electronics. These deals will continue through December and possibly even after Christmas.
  • Celebrate the holidays with some champagne. Everyone is competing with each other, making prices drop to rock bottom.
  • Not many people are golfing in December, so expect some good deals on a set of golf clubs.
  • You might not be thinking about swimming when you’re inundated with ice, rain and snow, but December is actually the best time to buy a pool. Wait until spring or summer and prices will spike.
  • The discounts on tools will continue through December.
  • Look for reduced prices on Christmas decorations right after Christmas. Shop on December 26 for up to 90% off on ornaments, tinsel, lights, gift wrap and other Christmas essentials. You’ll need them for next year.


This month-by-month guide has hopefully given you some insight into when to buy certain items and when to hold off. By buying items at the right time, you can save hundreds of dollars – money that can go toward bills and other essentials.

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