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The Cars People Regret Buying Most, According to Consumer Reports

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April 08, 2017 · 3.4k Views

When you purchase a car, you want to make sure it is one that you love. Investing in a vehicle and finding out later that it wasn’t worth what you paid for it can be a real downer. You definitely learn your lesson and steer clear of this model car when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle again. The Consumer Reports National Survey Research Center has made it even easier for car owners to avoid the pitfalls of owning a car that they soon will regret. Every year it puts together its annual survey that asks Consumer Reports magazine and Web subscribers if they could do it all over again would they buy the same car?

Did your vehicle make the list? Would you buy it again if you had the chance? Here’s a look at what Consumer Reports respondents ranked as the least satisfying vehicle models.

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Kia Rio

kia rio

Ranked as the least satisfying of vehicles by respondents, the Kia Rio came in with only 40 percent of respondents saying they would buy the car model again. Some of the reasons, according to Consumer Reports, that the car owners were disappointed was due to the car’s lack of features as well as backseat and cargo room. This compact car may be affordable but you could end up regretting that it doesn’t live up to the standards that you have for a vehicle. Keep this in mind when shopping for a car.


Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot


These SUVs received a 46 percent satisfaction rating in the survey and have since been eliminated from the Jeep lineup of vehicles. You may want to steer clear of the Jeep Compass and the Jeep Patriot when looking for a used vehicle at this point, as previous owners voiced that they were unhappy with these SUVs even though they present at a lower-price point for an SUV.


Hyundai Veloster


As sporty as the Hyundai Veloster is, it didn’t score high marks in the Consumer Reports survey as only 50 percent of this car’s owners said they would buy it again. May cited its slow performance from a standstill as well as having a hard time getting in and out of the car. They were also dissatisfied with the cabin size saying it felt snug, according to the survey. While half of the respondents would buy the vehicle again, the Hyundai Veloster may not provide the performance you are looking for in a sporty car and you may be better off looking at another car model.


Nissan Quest


This minivan scored the lowest in its vehicle category with on 54 percent of respondents saying they would buy the Nissan Quest again. A variety of reasons were given for these owners’ unhappiness with the minivan from the use of cheap materials to low fuel economy and transmission response. Some owners complained of poor visibility and others wanted to see it be Bluetooth friendly. According to Consumer Reports, the Nissan Quest also performed poorly in crash tests, which also disappointed owners. The respondents that would buy the minivan again said that it was comfortable and spacious. You may be better off going with a minivan that scored better with owners as there are several factors that may turn you off if you own a Nissan Quest.


Mercedes-Benz CLA


At the lower-end of the Mercedes-Benz class is the CLA - an entry luxury vehicle for owners looking to own a Mercedes. The Mercedes-Benz CLA only scored a 55 percent satisfaction rating with respondents in the Consumer Reports survey with many saying they had to compromise too much with the vehicle’s luxuries to call it a Mercedes-Benz. Owners complained of a stiff suspension, uncomfortableness, and that its size was too compact. While you may be looking to own a Mercedes-Benz, the CLA may not prove to be the way to reach this status symbol as you could end up disappointed.


Nissan Altima

nissan altima

Another Nissan made the list with the Nissan Altima. This sedan had 58 percent of owners saying they would purchase the vehicle again. The biggest concern with this car is the uncomfortableness of the seats that may be alleviated with an upgradable option. Others complained about the performance of the transmission with some saying they actually had to have it replaced. The Nissan Altima did get admiration for fuel economy and ride comfort from those that said they would buy it again. The Nissan Altima may not be the vehicle that has you singing high but it won’t be a total disappointment.


Nissan Frontier


Nissan makes the list again with the Nissan Frontier. This pickup truck scored a 60 percent on the survey with compliments coming from its road trip worthiness. Owners of the Nissan Frontier found that the vehicle had a wide turning radius and underperformed when it came to fuel economy. While the truck is a staple in the Nissan family of vehicles, it may not be the pickup truck for you. Think twice before investing in this pickup truck as your primary vehicle source.

If you are looking at purchasing any of these seven vehicles, you may want to give it a second thought as you may not end up as happy as you think you will. As evidenced by the owners of these vehicles, there are things that will turn you off and make you wish you had purchased another car model. Think twice about what vehicle you purchase as you don’t want to have buyer’s remorse on a purchase of this magnitude.

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