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Enter for Your Chance to Win $250 Gift Card from The Children's Place!

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February 27, 2017 · 3.1k Views

the childrens place

If you've lucked out on our past giveaway with premier children retailer, The Children's Place, well here's your second chance! We're parents ourselves so we know how fast the little ones grow up which means a constant wardrobe revamp for the kids which also means... a lighter wallet. Well, we want to help. DealsPlus has teamed up with The Children's Place again and this time we have two gift cards valued at $250 each up for give away. 

tcp giveaway

All DealsPlus friends and family will be able to participate in our giveaway. No purchase necessary! Just click 'Enter Now' on the above image and you'll be directed to our giveaway page. Follow a few simple instructions and fingers crossed that you'll be our lucky winner. Remember, we'll have two giveaway winner this time around so share the joy and invite a friend or family member to join!

Some irresistible deals from TCP going on right now!

tcp sale

The Children's Place is currently offering 50% off their entire site with free shipping no minimum on every order. No coupon code required! Update the little one's wardrobe for the warmer season and save even further by shopping their clearance page for deals starting from $1.99. Check out some sweet deals we spotted below.

girl pants

boy shirt

girls sandal

boys shirt


monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
texsmom89Mar 06, 2017
If i won i would by my 3 kids each a nice easter outfit and some jeans :)
emailtojoycehkMar 05, 2017
Love the children place's girl's leggings! I would love to get some more for my daughter.
sammarahmedMar 05, 2017
I love the children's place! It has the cutest clothes and the best prices! Not only that, but the clothes are super comfortable and last a long time. I would love to go on a shopping spree there!
bommagrMar 05, 2017
Its a great store for kids, different options and reasonable prices. I was looking for comfortable pants for son but i could easily found them in Childrens Place that why i like this place for my both kids and niece buy here
deb55106Mar 05, 2017
This store is great~Makes your dollar stretch with their sales! I would get new clothes for the grand-kids!
Tweety2008Mar 04, 2017
I love the Children's Place. It's an amazing store and if I won I would go on a shopping spree for my son. He's outgrowing all his clothes so it's time to update his wardrobe.
anny31Mar 04, 2017
I have 2 grandkids that need stuff forever and a coworker that loves the store.. so plenty of spends to do! Summers coming too!
Meandthemush Mar 04, 2017
I love the Children's Place Americana clothing for my daughter!
calmondMar 04, 2017
I would buy some new clothes for my best friend's twin girls--some of the girl graphic tees are so cute!
JekisbellMar 04, 2017
I would buy as many clearance items as I could, to make the money stretch further on new clothes
ChrissiemzMar 04, 2017
I would hook my 2 year old nephew up for Spring! His birthday is coming up and he would look so cute in The Childrens Place stylish clothes.
Byrdy1999Mar 03, 2017
My boys really need new jeans!
rosefigardMar 03, 2017
I would buy my daughter a whole new wardrobe for her birthday.
chromiummanMar 03, 2017
we'd stock up on their graphic tees
lashantai2012Mar 03, 2017
I would but my daughter's a new wardrobe bc they have not had new clothes in years. As a single mom I really can't afford it in this economy. I can barely pay bills. But it would be nice to be able to do something nice for them🙄 .
alongcamemary1Mar 03, 2017
I would buy my baby girl quite a beautiful spring and summer wardrobe ! I also would get a few outfits for underprivileged children that attend a daycare my sister works at ! Ty for the opportunity ! 😊
eswright18Mar 03, 2017
I would buy the Girls Sleeveless Flower Print Dress for my granddaughter.
dmarinee.djMar 03, 2017
Hi! 😊A Chance to Win $250 Gift Card from The Children's Place! It is the best opportunity to dress up my little baby with fun and colorful clothes ☺ Wow $250 as a reward, sounds like sunglasses, hats, shoes, beautiful dresses, some colorful purses and why not a pair of bracelets and necklaces to look beautiful. Thanks **Children's Place** & "Deals Plus" for this opportunity.
doddscjMar 03, 2017
Spring clothes for my baby girl who has already outgrown everything she owns!
dantutaluruMar 03, 2017
I would use it for my son :)
markandrachel826Mar 03, 2017
I would get some cute bodysuits for our baby boy due any day now!!
GinamiaMar 02, 2017
We moved to the frigid north to help our nephew and niece who adopted 3 children a year ago. This was in addition to their two biological children. Obviously, clothing the kiddos can be expensive. Would love to be able to give them some assistance with this generous coupon.
amandacolon913Mar 02, 2017
Would love for my granddaughter
ssasekMar 01, 2017
This would be perfect for my growing niece!!! She's about to turn a one and could use a whole new wardrobe!
btrover77Mar 01, 2017
I would buy my son clothes. Thanks for the chance.
smithantonioMar 01, 2017
If I win, I would gift it to a special little girl!
fdenizard091Mar 01, 2017
Mi niña cumple años en marzo 12 y quiero llenarla de regalos , en especial de ropa . La ropa de Childens place es su favorita ,por su varíedad, estilo y precios . Espero ganar la tarjeta de regalo . Gracias por su promoción .
LuvtoDream86Mar 01, 2017
If I am the lucky winner, I would use the $250 Gift Card to Childrens Place to purchase a new Spring/Summer wardrobe for my youngest son! Some of the items I would love to purchase for him are the Boys Woven Chino Short, Boys Pull-On Denim Jogger Shorts, Boys Pull-On Woven Cargo Short and the awesome Graphic Tees! My son would be looking sharp, that's for sure! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!
lindsezzMar 01, 2017
I have a newborn daughter, it will be great for set up her wardrobe. Thank you.
jenn_ifer219Mar 01, 2017
I buy from Children's Place every single time I get paid! This is the only place I will buy my daughters shoes and clothes. With the $250 I would buy all of her summer clothes!
KellibrysonMar 01, 2017
I would use this to buy summer clothes for my children. Thanks for the chance! This is my favorite place to buy their clothes.
ks7855Feb 28, 2017
I would take my 2 granddaughters on a shopping spree. of course they have to get matching shoes and accessories for each outfit. this is the 9th and 10th grandchild(s) that most all their clothes are children's place. LOVE the store!!
HayCamFeb 28, 2017
We shop at TCP all the time! They have the best deals and the cutest clothes. I have a 4 year old and a two year old that I've bought clothes for from there and I just had twins, I can't wait to dress them there too!
LiljaysmomFeb 28, 2017
I have a 8 year old daughter and 2 year old son I would love to buy them some nice clothes for pictures then I would donate $100 of it to my sister in law who has a 2 year old and pregnant with her second baby she could use some newborn clothes.
kkstallworthFeb 28, 2017
I have a six month old daughter that is growing in spurts. Therefore, I would use the gift card to keep her wardrobe updated with her growth spurts.
BeerManMikeFeb 28, 2017
As a single dad, I would buy some nice stuff to take updated pictures then buy summer clothes and school uniform stuff for the older one.
tamekia.craytonFeb 28, 2017
I have 3 children that seem to outgrow their clothing so fast, winning this gift card would be a blessing to us.
tumtumkayFeb 28, 2017
Would love to buy my grandkids (twins) some Active Sportswear by Place Sport. They are 6 years old and very active.
areyes255Feb 28, 2017
I am a grandpa of a beautiful little girl who will be 4 yrs old on March 18, 2017. My daughter is her mother and she is a single mom. I usually help them out financially. But my company closed on January 27, 2017. I have been unemployed and unable to help them with money or clothes. This would really help. Thank you.
grannysfrogFeb 28, 2017
I have 7 grandkids this would be great the prices are comparative to Walmart and Target great deal
Smitaray77Feb 28, 2017
I'll get both of my boys some summer clothing.
nickie4784Feb 28, 2017
I'm a single mom of a one year and two year old boys this would help out so much
RSTAMEYFeb 28, 2017
Summer summer summer!!! I have shopped at Childrens place since day one of being a mom! 250$ WOULD BE AMAZING
marlorussell2Feb 28, 2017
my girls need new swimsuits, sandals and summer outfits for my almost 9 year-old. Probably some accessories too for our 6 year-old princess!
puppyshy82Feb 28, 2017
I'll get both my boys some swim gear
kellyr78Feb 28, 2017
I would buy dresses for my daughter, like the Girls Sleeveless Floral Lace Flare Dress.
hlee99Feb 28, 2017
I'd get the kids new shoes
MyapplyFeb 28, 2017
I would love to buy clothing, shoes and cute accessories for my two girls. Thank you.
wizardewuFeb 27, 2017
I'd buy some polos and jeans for the boys.
bcarascoFeb 27, 2017
I'd buy some clothes for my kids!
MrHortonFeb 27, 2017
I have a 4 year old girl and another girl on the way, arriving in June. This would go a long way at getting them decked out for summer!
ellie24Feb 27, 2017
I love the Girls Sleeveless Sequin Tutu Dress and the price is really great!

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