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The Complete Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

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December 06, 2016 · 2.8k Views

Every holiday tech gifts top the Christmas list from people of all ages. As a society, we are addicted to technology and there is no way around it. From the latest cell phone to a new way to listen to music, we want to have the latest and greatest especially come Christmas time. If your holiday list includes a true techie to buy for or even a technology novice, these tech gifts will surely please the pickiest of tastes. Choose one of these best tech gifts for that technology lover on your Christmas shopping list.

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the complete holiday gift guide for tech lovers

  1. Roku

    For anyone that has Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, a Roku is a “must have” gift. This little device streams content right to your TV for the most convenient way to enjoy these streaming services. The connection of a Roku device is easy and there are several models to choose from so you can pick one that is just right for that diehard streaming content fan. Get the Roku 1 for 50% off for a limited time ($25) from Roku.
  2. Wireless Charging Device

    This is the perfect gift for that person on your list that always forgets to charge their phone. This wireless charger requires no cords and makes keeping your phone charged fast and easy. It only works with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Qi compatible devices so make sure you know the phone type off your friend before you buy this device. If they have a Galaxy phone, this makes for an ideal gift that even the more discerning of critics can’t refuse. Get this Samsung Wireless Charging Pad ($19.99) from Samsung.
  3. Wireless Headphones

    The music lover will love this gift as they will no longer be constrained by cords with these wireless headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre. This will give your special someone that ultimate freedom when it comes to listening to music as they won’t get tangled in cords like before. These headphones use Bluetooth technology and are available in a variety of cool colors that will match anyone’s personality. Get these Beats Studio Wireless Headphones ($379.95) from Apple.
  4. Wireless Speakers

    Also, using Bluetooth technology, the Bose Wireless Speaker system allows you to listen to music on your iPod or iPhone without having it docked or connected through cords. This makes for complete autonomy when listening to music and makes it easier than ever to play your favorite songs. Anyone would love this gift and be able to jam out to their favorite tunes wirelessly. Get this SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth Speaker II ($179.95) from Bose.
  5. Apple Watch

    This is a coveted item by many and highly desired by techies. The Apple Watch does it all and more and gives you independence from your phone. It has a high design and has come down in price over the years it has been available. Christmas 2016 may be the season to get in on the Apple Watch trend and really surprise that special someone with a gift they will be thrilled about. Get the Apple Watch Series 2 (starting at $269) from Apple.

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  6. Digital Notepad

    Do you have an artist on your Christmas list? A Wacom Bamboo Notepad may be perfect for them. They can sketch all their ideas, jot notes or do illustrations all on this digital Notepad. A technology savvy person will appreciate this gift from you as they will be able to stretch the imagination of what is possible with digital drawings. Get this Bamboo Spark with Snap-Fit ($99.95) from Wacom.
  7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

    A frequent traveler would love you for getting them this gift. With Bose Noise Canceling Headphones, they will be able to block out airplane noise and truly find their inner peace when it comes to annoying sounds. This may also be a good gift for someone that just enjoys some peace and quiet. You can listen to music through these headphones as well, making them multifunctional. Get these Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones ($349.95) from Bose.
  8. Nomad Key

    A Nomad Key for iPhones is the ideal stocking stuffer with big capabilities. This key has a high-speed charging connector so you are never without the ability to charge your phone. If you know someone that carries their charger everywhere with them, this would make a great gift to help them lighten their load. Get this Nomad Key for iPhone and Android ($19.95) from Nomad.
  9. Custom Xbox Controller 

    Any gamer would die for their very own custom Xbox controller from Microsoft. You can design a controller for them on the Xbox site using a variety of color options for every button and surface on the controller. Pick their favorite team or school colors and you will have a gift that they are sure to love. Design a custom Xbox Controller (starting at $79.95) from Microsoft Xbox.
  10. Fitbit

    This is the ultimate device for the fitness lover. With its ability to track steps, heart rate and sleep cycles, you will have a Christmas gift that will help your special someone improve and track their health. A series of models are available, depending on preference and capabilities needed. Get this Fitbit Charge 2 (starting at $149.95) from Fitbit.


No matter who you are shopping for this Christmas, these tech gifts are sure to make them happy when they open their gift from you. Add these tech gifts to your gift ideas list and you will have a recipe for gift-giving success this holiday.

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