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The Complete Holiday Gift Guide for Your In-Laws

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December 14, 2016 · 2.2k Views

Buying holiday gifts for your in-laws can be stressful as you rack your brain for the perfect idea that will not only impress them but put you in their good graces for the next year to come. While you’d like to rely on your significant other to come up with an idea for them, we all know this is hopeless and you must take the task on yourself. Whether you are chummy with your in-laws or still trying to win them over, these gift ideas are sure to please them and have them thinking of you as one of their own this holiday season.

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the complete holiday gift guide for in-laws

  1. Personalized Gift Basket
    This can be a very special gift with a little thought on your part. By putting together some of their favorite treats and adding a bottle of wine, you can make a gift basket the perfect gift to give your in-laws. Be sure to include items you know they love or that have significant meaning. Add some homemade items such as jam or cookies to really show you care or make it a tasting of somewhere they traveled with all the items from that place. You can do a lot of different things with gift baskets as the possibilities are endless and only eclipsed by your imagination. Get a pre-made Personalized Gift Basket ($99.99) from Harry & David.
  2. Cheese And Sausage Platter
    Give your in-laws a treat they can enjoy on New Year’s Eve with a cheese and sausage platter. You’ll be able to find these at any cheese shop and the cheeses often come in fun holiday shapes that will make the gift even more creative. Choose some different kinds of cheeses that will delight their palates and add some crackers for a unique gift that they’ll love. Get the Hickory Farms Home for the Holidays Gift Set ($56) from Hickory Farms.
  3. Dinner On You
    Do you have a favorite place to dine at that you know your in-laws will love? Give them a gift card to enjoy a night out to dinner on you. This will make for the perfect date night for them and you can guarantee that it will be good since you have dined there yourself. Plus, this will make for great conversation during the holidays as you tell them about all the dishes they must try upon their visit. They will thank you for a great evening out and ask you for dining recommendations in the future.
  4. A Night Out At The Movies
    Everyone loves a good flick and your in-laws are no different. Get them gift cards to the movies and present it with some popcorn and movie candy to really send home your movie theme. This will give them the opportunity to enjoy a film they have been waiting to see while giving them a chance to have a night out. They’ll be thrilled to tell you all about the experience and be glad you gave them such a thoughtful gift. Get a 4-Pack of Cinemark Theatres Platinum Supersaver Tickets ($33.99) from Costco.
  5. Holiday Floral Arrangement
    If you want to keep it simple or won’t actually be with your in-laws on Christmas Day, try sending a holiday floral arrangement that they can use as the centerpiece for their holiday table. They will think of you each time they see the flowers and this will be a great way to brighten their day with a nice surprise from you. Get the Send a Hug® Christmas Cardinal (starting at $39.95) from Teleflora.

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  6. Family Photo
    This one takes a little arranging on your part but will be worthwhile when you see their faces. Arrange for a holiday photo shoot with a professional photographer. This will be a great way to capture the holidays and will give you many memories to cherish in the coming years. Make it a tradition and you will have a photo to mark every holiday with your family including your in-laws.
  7. Matching Holiday Sweaters
    Get into the holiday spirit with a fun gift for the in-laws. Give matching holiday sweaters for him and her and you will see them glow as they love the holidays as much as you do. If done right, this will be their “go to” outfit come the holidays every year. Get the Holiday Sweaters (starting at $35.99) from Festivitees on Etsy.
  8. Favorite Team’s Sports Gear
    Do your in-laws route for their alma mater or have a favorite sports team that they never miss a game of? Give them the gift of sports this year with some sports gear for their favorite team. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift as they realize you have been paying attention to their interests. Get the Golden State Warriors Mooser Cuffed Knit Hat (on sale for $13.99) from The NBA Store.
  9. Coffee Gift Set
    Are your in-law’s coffee drinkers? Why not indulge them in some special roasts that will sure to have them thinking of you when they drink it up. Include some cute coffee mugs or travel cups that will brighten their day and help give them their caffeine fix. If your in-laws aren’t coffee drinkers, try a tea gift set or craft beer package as they will surely enjoy a beverage on you. Get the Starbucks Two Mug 4-Pc. Gift Set ($16.98) from Walmart.
  10. Calendar
    Start the year out right for your in-laws with a new calendar for the New Year. This will have them heading into the next year right as they will think of you each and every month. Choose one that goes with their décor or works with their appointment schedule. This will show you have thought about them with this gift and is certainly something they need for next year. Customize a Classic Black and White Easel Calendar ($24.99) at Shutterfly.


With a little thought and effort, you can give the perfect gift to your in-laws this Christmas. They will no doubt love the thoughtfulness you have put into it and be sure to shower you with thanks because of it. One of these gift ideas is sure to please your in-laws and have them thinking fondly of you all year.

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