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These 7 Podcasts Will Help You Earn More Money

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Carrie SmithGuest Blogger
December 29, 2016 · 3.1k Views

If you’re struggling to make ends meet or simply need some motivation in your career, try tuning into podcasts to earn extra money. Listening to other people’s stories can give you the inspiration you need to pay off debt and make more money. Here are seven podcasts that will help you achieve your goal of financial independence through multiple income streams or starting your own business.


7 Podcasts That Will Help You Earn More Money podcast icon

1. Profit First

profit first

Source: Service Autopilot

Author Mike Michalowicz is the host of this popular podcast aptly named after this book, Profit First. Over the past several years he’s featured interviews with other experts in his field related to topics like maximizing your time, managing your money better and increasing your bottom line. You can check out his wide variety of podcast episodes on his website.


2. The Side Hustle Show

the side hustle show

Source: Listen Money Matters

Nick Loper is the founder and host of The Side Hustle Show, a podcast about making more money with side hustles and weekend gigs. His claim to fame came after he earned thousands of dollars doing simple $5 jobs on Fiverr. He covers topics such as making money from blogging, writing and selling a book, as well as starting an ecommerce business. Check out all of The Side Hustle Shows on his website.


3. So Money

so money with farnoosh torabi

Source: So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Award-winning financial correspondent, Farnoosh Torabi, started the So Money podcast as a way of helping people build richer, happier lives. She dives into candid discussions with authors, business owners and money experts so listeners can learn real-life ways to earn a better living. You can find the latest episodes on her website.

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4. Smart Passive Income

smart passive income

Source: iTunes - Apple

Passive income expert Pat Flynn, discusses a wide variety of ways to earn a living by creating multiple income streams. He details his own online experiments with making money online, as well as interviewing hundreds of other success stories. And he proves he’s the real deal by earning six figures every single month. Check out his list of episodes in the archives of his website.


5. The TropicalMBA Podcast

the tropicalMBA podcast

Source: Inspirationfeed

The Tropical MBA podcast co-hosts run a multi-million dollar business selling all types of products and services. With a new show coming out every Thursday morning you’ll be able to glean knowledge of starting a new business, expanding your career pursuits all while striving to become location independent. Find all of their episodes on their website.


6. Listen Money Matters

listen money matters

Source: Listen Money Matters - Facebook

If you’re ready to take your money to the next level, then the Listen Money Matters podcast is for you. A major part of making more money means getting financially fit, paying off debt and expanding your earning potential. These are topics that are widely covered on the show, so you’re bound to find an episode that inspires. You can check out all of their latest episodes on their website.


7. Eventual Millionaire

eventual millionaire

Source: Eventual Millionaire

Each week, host Jaime Masters interviews a millionaire who shares their exact strategies for building wealth, launching a business and ultimately becoming successful. Some of her millionaire interviews include Seth Godin, David Allen and Dane Maxwell. You’ll learn how to be more productive and launch profitable ideas in an effort to earn more money. Listen to all of her millionaire interviews on her website or check out the videos on YouTube.


Got a favorite podcast show you like to listen to? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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