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8 Things You Can Do to Fall Asleep Within 10 Minutes

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August 18, 2016 · 5.6k Views

Everyone needs at least eight hours of sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The physical benefits of getting an adequate amount of sleep include a reduced risk of developing heart problems, diabetes, and chronic pain. People who get more sleep tend to also see improved moods and a clearer mind. Science proves the importance of rest, but are you getting enough? Read on to find out how you can get to sleep faster and stay asleep.

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  1. Turn your room into a comfy sleep zone. Transform your room into a place that will make you want to sleep. Frame your windows with black or dark brown curtains to keep the light out. Move the television set out of your room so you won't be tempted to watch late night shows before bed. Invest in a set of cozy sheets and pillows that will make it easier for you to get comfortable.

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  2. Drink a cup of warm tea. Treat yourself to a cup of decaffeinated warm tea. Try tea made from valerian root, a commonly known herb that helps with anxiety and sleep-related issues. Another herbal tea you may want to consider is chamomile tea, which is often recommended for stomach cramps but research also suggests it's good for helping people get to sleep.

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  3. Keep the temperature lower. You don't want to turn your bedroom into a freezer, but you should turn the temperature down or turn on a fan to keep the room on the cool side. Cooler rooms make it easier for people to sleep. Science suggests keeping rooms slightly chilled between 60 to 68 degrees, the optimal temperature for a good night's rest.

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  4. Start a bedtime routine. Let your body know when it's time for sleep. Set aside a certain hour or time-frame for bedtime and make it a habit, even on weekends. This good habit will help your body get used to going to sleep and waking up in a timely manner. About 30 minutes before you hit the sack, try to prepare yourself for bed by reading a book, drinking a glass of milk, or trying one of the aforementioned tips.

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  5. Exercise in the afternoon. A good workout will help you go to sleep faster when you go to bed. Try to aim for at least two hours of moderate exercise during the latter part of the afternoon. The best exercises to do prior to bed include yoga, walking, and jogging.  Regular exercise is great for helping you get the sleep you need, but it's advised to avoid rigorous exercise right before bed. If you must exercise closer to the time you go to bed, try to make it at least two or three hours beforehand.
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  6. Take a warm bath. Try a warm soak in the tub before bedtime to create a comfortable experience before bed. Pour bubbles in the tub or drop a scented bath bomb to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Add a few scented candles and bring a good book if you want to add something extra.

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  7. Skip the wine. We've all heard that wine before bed is a good idea to help us fall asleep quick and it works for some, but there is a caveat: studies have shown even one glass of vino can cause insomnia and alter the body's internal timer.

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  8. Give up your smartphone and tablet for the night. Before you can go to bed and get a decent night's worth of rest, you need to relax. Browsing your smartphone or tablet may prevent the sense of relaxation, especially if you're looking up news or social media apps. Put your phone away at least half an hour before bed to let the digital detox take affect for the night. The last thing you need is to read or view something that will keep you up for most of the night.

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The eight aforementioned tips will help you get a healthy start to a better night's sleep and jumpstart a lifestyle of smarter choices. Implement one of these tips in your routine tonight and see what more sleep can do for you. Remember if you continue to have sleep issues that are affecting your overall health, consult your doctor for a more accurate diagnosis.


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Anna Peel is a freelance writer from Savannah, Georgia. She's written for many websites including CheapToday, ValueWalk, and Peku Publications. When she isn't writing, she is shopping for the best deals online and at bricks-and-mortar stores.
RaffineAug 05, 2018
My sleep quality is not good and I have to work long hours every day. Maybe I should try drinking a cup of milk or tea before going to bed.