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20 Things You Can Get for a Dollar

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December 20, 2016 · 3.2k Views

It seems like a dollar doesn’t go very far these days and stretching your monthly budget is getting harder all the time. But, there are still some hidden gems of a deal out there that can score you some real treats at a $1 or less. It’s all about knowing where to go and what to buy to keep more dollars in your wallet while still getting some pretty fun deals in the process.

Here are some great ways to spend only a $1 (or less in some cases) that will make your day a little better and help you save some cash for those larger ticket items you really need. Take advantage of these deals and how much they are saving you as who knows how long they will be around for.

lightbulb icon Even though a dollar is a great price, we love saving on everything. Head over to our McDonald's store page for coupons and promotions free food (!!) and more. Visit Target to take a gander at their Dollar Spot and see how much you can save. And of course, what's a dollar without the Dollar Tree and Dollar General?


20 Great Ways to Spend one dollar bill (or Less!)

1. Get some java.


Image Source: McDonald's

McDonald’s has one of the best deals around when it comes to getting your coffee buzz for the day. Head to any of its locations and any size coffee will cost you a dollar. This is the perfect way to get your caffeine for the day without breaking the bank.


2. Check out Target's Dollar Spot.

target dollar spot

Image Source: Target

Who doesn’t love Target? Then you probably already know that its Dollar Spot is the ideal place to look for treasures that only cost $1. You’ll find anything from household items to holiday trinkets, making the Dollar Spot at Target a great place to find many a handy item. Plus, they change the stock all the time so you’ll want to check it often. Who says you can’t find a good deal?


3. Indulge in a frosty treat.

wendy's frosty

Image Source: Cheap Appetite

Looking to get a bit of a sugar buzz? Head to Wendy’s and get a small Frosty for only $0.99. This is the perfect size to give in to that sugar crave and it won’t bankrupt you in the process. One of the best and tastiest deals in town.


4. View a documentary.


Image Source: ozkan ozmen

iTunes has a whole section dedicated to $0.99 documentaries that you can download and watch. You’ll learn something and enjoy a few hours of your time while only spending a $1.


5. Get lucky with the lotto.

lottery ticket

Image Source: wishtv.com

Feeling lucky? Spend your $1 on a scratch-off lottery ticket. You could hit the big one or win enough for lunch at your favorite restaurant. If the mood strikes and you win, you could grow that $1 into so much more.


6. Relax with a read.

barnes and noble books

Image Source: Barnes & Noble

Want something to read but don’t want to pay an absorbent amount to do so? Check Barnes and Nobles books under $2.99. There are several titles for only $0.99 and some are even free, making this a deal that you can’t pass up.  


7. Answer your Amazon urge.

shopping on amazon

Image Source: Entrepreneur

If you need to get your shop on but don’t have the money to fund your desire, try searching products on Amazon that are $1 and under. It has a multitude of products to choose from – some which are quite useful. From jewelry to cell phone accessories, you are sure to find something that will settle your shopping urge.


8. Make some photo memories.

walgreens prints

Image Source: www.groupon.my

Put all those photos on your phone to good use by printing some actual pictures that you can frame and share. Walgreens offers great discounts on photo prints as low as $0.09 each. Choose 11 of your best photos and have them printed or pick one and make 11 copies to share with friends.


9. Read a real book.


Image Source: NPR

Settle in with a good read from a used book store. Several have $0.99 cents bins and you just never know what you’ll find. You be able to enjoy someone else’s favorite title and get the feel of a real book when you do – all for under $1.


10. Try a new app.

apps on iphone

Image Source: Time

Several Apps in the App Store are only $0.99. Choose a new game to drive you crazy or an organizational tool that will get your life together for the new year. All of this fun could be yours for under $1.

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11. Enjoy the comforts of childhood.

mac and cheese

Image Source: Huffington Post

Take a step back in time to when you were a child with a box of macaroni and cheese. At approximately $0.89 you can enjoy this comfort food any time of the day. It still tastes as great as when you were a kid.


12. Find a treasure at the Dollar Store.

dollar store

Image Source: Wall Street Journal

As the name suggests almost everything at the Dollar Store is $1 which can really stretch your budget. From household cleaners to cooking tools, you’ll find something you can use and will make that trip to the store worthwhile.


13. Have a sweet treat.

mcdonald's soft serve

Image Source: McDonald's

Looking for a little soft serve? Try a cone from McDonald’s for only $0.50. This sweet treat will calm that ice cream crave and provide you with a sweet treat that won’t make you go broke. Take a friend and treat as two will cost $1 – still keeping within your $1 budget.


14. View the latest flicks.

redbox rental

Image Source: Memphis Daily News

You’ll have to do a little work to get this one but it will be worth it. Sign up with Redbox and you will be bombarded with deals to BOGO free on movie rentals. This will allow you to get two movies for $1.20 or $0.60 each, making it a steal to watch the latest flicks with your family and friends.


15. Print it out.

printing at the library

Image Source: The Rocket

While you most likely don’t print very much anymore, there are those few things that you just need to have a paper copy of. Head to your library where printing costs about $0.10 a page. It is easy to do and you can print 10 pages before you hit your $1 limit.


16. Pucker up.

lip balm

Image Source: LearningHerbs

Keep those lips kissable soft with a tube of lip balm or lip gloss. Most lip balms and some lip glosses will run you around a $1 and will be just what you need to avoid chapped lips throughout the winter.


17. Send a letter.


Image Source: Etsy

Invest in some correspondence as a stamp will only cost you $0.47. You can send a card to a friend to surprise them or write that love letter to the one you admire. In any case, you’ll be able to send it for less than a dollar. It’s a great way to brighten someone’s day, costing you mere cents to do it.


18. Have a nutritious bite.


Image Source: Feast Palm Beach - Palm Beach Post

Still one of the best values out there is a banana. With many retailers like Trader Joe's offering them at $0.19 a pound, you’ll be able to get several that will make for a nutritious snack on the go.


19. Get a dunker for your coffee.


Image Source: Newsroom | Dunkin' Donuts

Another way to treat yourself is with a donut from Dunkin' Donuts. At only $0.99, you’ll be able to indulge in this sweet treat and have no regrets – almost. Just add it to your coffee routine and you’ll feel ready to face anything that comes your way that day.


20. Cool off with a Coke.

mcdonald's cups

Image Source: Flickr

Looking for a little refreshment? Get any size soft drink from McDonald’s for only $1. Whether it’s a Coke or Mellow Yellow that you are searching for, at only a $1 you can’t beat this cheap way to quench your thirst.


While $1 won’t go far these days, it is still useful in getting you something that can brighten your day without breaking the bank in the process. You can have a little fun with these $1 deals while they last which will be sure to put a smile on your face.

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