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10 Things You Can Get For Free on a Flight

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Mayank GuptaGuest Blogger
May 26, 2016 · 8.4k Views

There was a time when air travel was still in its infancy when you could board an aircraft done up like a luxury liner, complete with cabins and beds and fly across the Atlantic in royal style. Today’s extreme cost cutting measures mean you fly economy class in cramped seats and can hardly expect any service. Still, air travel is not that bad. You get service on long distance travel as well as short distance domestic flights that are non-existent on rail or other forms of travel.

Source: Reader's Digest

1. Snacks and drinks

You will find that some airlines offer free snacks and complimentary drinks. If you feel like having a second helping, just ask. Some passengers do not snack or drink and you might be lucky to get another fix at no extra cost. On domestic flights, alcoholic beverages will cost you, but some international flights offer them for free. 

2. Medication

Airlines keep stock of common medications like painkillers, antacids, and bandages - just in case. 

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3. Hot chocolate

If you don't want tea, coffee, or any of the other beverages offered on airlines, you might consider hot chocolate. Although not every airline offers this sweet option, but many will let you indulge in your taste for hot chocolate, even in the economy section.

4. Miscellaneous items

If you forgot to pack a shaving kit, do not worry. Some airlines keep such kits handy and will produce one, free of cost, for your use. You can even get playing cards, pens, and an extra pair of socks for free. If you are a stickler for cleanliness and want some sanitizing wipes, the flight attendant can provide that as well.

5. Tour of the cockpit

Tighter security these days means some areas are strictly off limits such as the cockpit. However, if you do ask nicely and just after the flight has landed, you might get to see the innards.

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6. Water bottles

Water is your birthright, right? Airlines are considerate enough to provide you with small water bottles if you simply ask. 

7. Wi-Fi

How do you pass time on the aircraft? Browse the internet. Most airlines now offer free wi-fi. 

8. Kids' stuff

If you're traveling with a child, ask the flight attendant for junior wings. They may just have some spare ones and make the day for your child. Some airlines keep activity packs that include crayons, coloring books and stickers to keep your children busy. If you have a baby, staff will warm up the milk bottle or food, or even hand out diapers for free. 

9. Switch seats

If you are not happy with the seat allocated to you, make it a point to tell the flight attendant as soon as you board the craft. Subject to availability of space, you will be shifted to a better seat once the flight is cruising.

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10. Write your will

Did it occur to you all of a sudden as you are high up in the clouds that you forgot to make your will? Never fear. The airline pilot can draft out a will and authorize it and it will be legal!

Freebies vary from one airline to the next.


j1ceasarJun 19, 2016
no flight stewards care if you switch - un less you want to get to first class.