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11 Things You Can Relate to Only if You Spend Too Much Money on Makeup

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Julie GersteinGuest Blogger
May 31, 2016 · 3.2k Views

Listen, beauty is a cruel mistress, especially when it comes to your wallet. If you're anything like us, beauty is a huge part of your monthly budget, and it's pretty much impossible to stop in a Sephora without spending half your paycheck. It's okay, we totally get it — the following list is definitely for you. 

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1. Your tax refund? It's going to foundation and lipstick.

2. You openly mourn for the beauty products you haven't bought. 

3. Your makeup obsession is actually ALSO a diet plan. 


4. It also helps keep your dating priorities on track. 


5. You can never have enough. NEVER. 


6. And you use all kind of crazy makeup logic to justify your addiction. 


7. Your dream boyfriend? The one that supports your makeup addiction. 


8. Your priorities are just different from other people. 


9. And even though youknow you shouldn't, you do it anyway. 


10. Your makeup addiction may not make sense to everyone, but it definitely motivates you. 

11. Because after all: 


Hey, you work hard for your money, you can defintiely decide to blow it all on really good mascara if you want to.