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13 Things You Should ALWAYS Buy at Costco

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April 20, 2016 · 239k Views

Costco is amazing. Their recent partnership with Citi Visa also speaks to that. If you haven’t heard already, Costco’s new membership Visa card (sweet farewell to AMEX) gets you higher cash back on gas, restaurant and eligible travel.

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Aside from that, here are the top 13 items that makes us hardcore Costco fans forever. Please note that these prices are retrieved from a trusted source as listed or from Costco.com. Prices varies depending on your specific Costco location but you won't see a large price gap .


1. Gas

When you can, definitely fill your tank at Costco gas station. Costco offers competitive gas pricing and in our local area right now, Costco gas is $2.39 compared to $2.55 at 76 and $2.61 at Shell! Savings are just as great when compared to other big name clubhouses (as seen above). You can head over to gaspricewatch.com to see where you can get the cheapest fueling options in your location.


2. Pure Maple Syrup

As Business Insider mentions, Costco has some of the cheapest pricing for pure maple syrup. Buy your bulk in maple syrup from the warehouse for just 32¢ per ounce compared to Walmart at 59¢ per ounce.

3. Rotisserie Chicken That Can Make You 20 Different Meals

Okay, this is pretty well known but Costco MUST be your one-stop shop for a rotisserie chicken. All those people crowding in front of the freshly boxed rotisserie chicken? They know what’s up. At only $5 for a plump and seasoned chicken, you easily have your dinner cut out for you… for at least half the week. This is in comparison to rotisserie chicken we’ve seen at Whole Foods that can sell for up to $14.99 or around $7 for a rotisserie chicken at our local grocery stores like Safeway and Lucky.


4. Costco Ink Refills

This is a hack my mom loves the most. She always tells us not to throw any of the ink cartridges away because you can easily refill them from $7.49. This is in comparison to a new ink cartridge which will run you anywhere from $20 to $35 depending on your printer.

 Bonus Mention: 

Costco has monthly warehouse coupons savings and they're instant coupons so you don't even need to print them out to use in-stores. They offer a range of monthly deals from every category including ink! You can easily scan through Costco warehouse coupons and see what's up for sale every month.


5. Gym Membership That Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Wallet

If you rather pay and not worry about your gym membership fees for 2 years, definitely consider purchasing the Costco gym membership deal. For our local area, a few of us have purchase a 2 year gym membership to 24 Hour Fitness and this is valid for any 24 Hour Fitness location! The price? $399.99 for a 2 year membership. That’s $16.67 per month compared to the lowest monthly price in our area at $34.99 not including initiation fees!


6. Bacon… in Every Meal Can Be Possible (but for health reasons, don’t do it)

Bacon fans rejoice. A study by Consumer Reports in 2013 list Costco Kirkland Signature Regular bacon tastes the best AND it’ll cost you a lot less. A 4-pound pack of bacon will run you anywhere between $10 to $16 at your local warehouse club and that’s still about $1.50 less than the measly pound bag from other leading brands.

If that’s too much bacon for you… freeze it.


7. Cooking Spray - Because Healthy Cooking Shouldn’t Cost

If you’re not too picky about which cooking sprays to use, Kirkland’s Canola Oil Cooking Spray is a whole lot cheaper than any other cooking spray. A pack of two 17 ounce cooking spray runs us $5.89 compared to popular brand PAM selling at Walmart in a pack of two 10 ounce can for $7.96. You can get the same pack of two PAM original brand from Costco each 12 ounce each and that will still run you less at around $4.89!


8. Pure Vanilla Extract for All Cooking Purposes

A 16 ounce bottle of Kirkland Signature Pure Vanilla Extract will run you $17.04 at only $1.06 per ounce (depending on your warehouse location) compared to Walmart’s McCormick brand for the same amount at $18.04 at $1.13 per oz.


9. All The Batteries You’ll Ever Need

Coming from a long time hearing aid user and now cochlear implant user, Costco was and still is my go-to for conveniently picking up bulk packs of batteries. Costco sells hearing aid batteries for sizes 10, 13, 312 and 675 at $8.49 for 48 batteries compared to another top selling brand, Rayovac, on Amazon for $24.99 or PowerOne Mercury pack of 60 for $16.40.

You'll see similar low priced savings for all other household batteries essentials from double to triple A, auto batteries and more. For example, two pack of Duracell AA Alkaline Batteries 40 Unit at Costco costs $14.99 compared to the same product for $33.85 on Amazon or a mere 48 pack of Duracell Coppertop Alkaline AA Batteries for $17.98.


10. Booze on a Budget


Source: costcoconnoisseur.blogspot.com


First off, we just want to mention, you CAN buy alcohol at Costco without a Costco membership card (but also depends on specific rules in your respective state). According to metasip.co, if there’s a “Kirkland” label on the alcohol bottle, it means 1 of 2 things. Its fully vetted and Costco relies on their strong distribution network to get you this product. Which also means, this stuff is superior quality.

There is that pesky rumor that Kirkland’s French Vodka is actually made in the same place as Grey Goose. Although it's hard to confirm for sure, most bartenders and blind taste test results I have been reading on says Kirkland’s quality and taste surpass that of Grey Goose (which goes down pretty harsh to begin with in my personal opinion).

If you’re a fan of taste over brands, definitely opt for Costco Kirkland brand, this will run you about $15 to $20 less at only $30 for a 1.75 liter bottle compared to Grey Goose at $57.99.

 Bonus Mention:

Costco also has excellent wine deals that retailers like Walmart, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods can’t beat for the price. Since their selections rotates a lot, be sure to scope out prices that ends in .97. This means it's a mark down and reversewinesnob.com goes on to say, “if there is an asterisk on the label that means it is a close-out and is not coming back”.

11. Detergent That Gets Your Tighty Whities WHITE for Less

According to the findings from Consumer Report in 2013, Costco exclusive detergent, Wisk and Kirkland Signature, is on par with that of top brand Tide when it comes to stain fighting power. Wisk Deep Clean is the highest rated for conventional detergents. Here’s a quick comparison:

Kirkland Signature 2X Ultra Laundry Detergent Liquid 194 oz will run you $17.26 at only .09¢ per fl oz compared to the best selling Tide Detergent at Walmart which cost $9.74 for 138 oz; that’s 10.9¢ per fl oz!


12. Prescription Drugs That Don’t Cost You Your Soul


Prescription Pricing Analysis
Source: Consumer Reports

Costco offers some of the lowest and most competitive prices on prescription drugs, did you know that? And, according to Business Insider, you don’t have to be a Costco member to purchase from their pharmacy.

The reason for the low pricing? According to Costco senior vice president of pharmacy:

“We just price products as low as we possibly can and still make a modest profit”.

Costco is all about bringing the best value to shoppers so if you’re looking for 24-hour drive thru, Sunday pharmacy hours, well, this is the reason why you’re paying more for your prescriptions. Save money and skip the chain drugstores.


13. The Cheapest Lunch You’ll Ever Have

Everyone knows this one but it's a well-deserved mention and again, you do not need a Costco membership for this either. Costco has kept their famed all beef or polish hot dog with 20 oz soda combo (including refill) at $1.50 for years. Alongside other Costco favorites like their $1.99 pizza slice and $3.99 Chicken Bake. It's comforting to know that those menu items and prices will rarely ever change and are a Costco food court staple.

They usually keep one menu spot open for rotating items like turkey wrap, carne asada bake, hot turkey and provolone and others that you no doubt have come across during your many treks to the local clubhouse.

Source: foodbeast.com

With so many low price options from Costco and items from their superior private brand Kirkland Signature, it's no wonder Costco is hailed as the “Amazon-proof” company. Costco truly has consumer’s best interest in mind and offers no-frills experience for those just looking to save money.

Have we got you hooked on Costco? What other low priced products do you go to Costco for?





monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
TABKIMGABJul 23, 2016
They no longer carry the Kirkland brand vanilla!..its been replaced with a smaller bottle of McCormmik for $12.99
PapillonPup5Jul 23, 2016
In Merrillville,IN costco, gas is higher at costco than at my home in Dyer, IN. Everytime.
somesome11May 23, 2016
All pretty solid recommendations. Costco doesn't always have the greatest prices, but usually they'll have at least an "equal" pricing or better product than the competitors, plus then factor in that they pay their employees a little bit better and all that, it's a good place to shop at. Unfortunately the nearest ones for us are 45 minutes away and are insanely busy and poor CS for Costco, so I still shop there on occasion but I somewhat dread it.
RobbieSDAMay 02, 2016
I like the value on their tortilla chips. Large bags of regular and organic tortilla chips at quite a discount from other stores. Also, their 3-pack of Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk is a deal. Compared even to discount stores that sometime sell each half gallon for only $2.99, the Costco purchase saves you $2.00 per purchase of a 3-pack compared to them. And more compared to regular prices at common grocery stores and health food markets.
prakingMay 01, 2016
The Costco in Jacksonville, FL does no have GAS and our membership price is the same as those that do provide gas. I believe they should give a discount, and Gas is a big benefit. I do not understand why they do not have Gas
RobbieSDAMay 02, 2016
You probably already realize that membership is good for all Costco locations, not just your closest one. Guess we are spoiled, but there are 10 locations within 20 miles of my home in San Diego, CA, 8 of which sell gasoline. I checked, and you are 100% correct that there are no other locations within reasonable distance from your home in Jacksonville, FL that carry gasoline. The closest was about 112 miles. Sorry. Hopefully they will add a gas station to your current location, or build a 2nd close location that sells gas. Maybe a small discount on the membership fee (3%?) for people who's zip code is more than 25 miles from a gas selling location might be a reasonable consolation. If there is space at your local location for a gas station, that would leave sufficient parking spaces for use by Costco and other stores that might be there, I would put a note in their comment box near the exit (if it is like some of our locations) each time I am in, asking for them to add the gas station. And solicit as many of your Costco membership friends to do the same. Maybe even some that are not members could call or write (or E-Mail) and say they would become members if the local location had a gas station. If they get enough feedback about it, it will get on their radar. With a population of about 850,000, I would think getting a Costco gas station should be possible.
LouiseFordApr 27, 2016
And let's not forget you can save up to 60% ON YOUR GLASSES......YES..designer glasses. A family member paid $600.oo for single pair of glasses from another place and I got 2 pair of glasses with every thing for $398.00. Also they give FREE Hearing test (by appt.) Yes I'm a Costco shopper you can save $$$$! On alot more than what's in this article for sure.
PinkyGreenApr 27, 2016
Also, organic canned black or small red beans. They are low sodium even though they are labeled low sodium. Cheaper than anywhere else.
bplunkettApr 27, 2016
The math is off on the detergent.

Kirkland Signature - $17.26 for 194 oz: $.09/oz
Tide - $9.74 for 138 oz: $.07/oz
lilyangApr 27, 2016
I always get the churros & hot dogs from the food court!
vlmebettApr 26, 2016
The price is going up to $60, but I don't know how soon.
LouiseFordApr 27, 2016
I have not heard that...and I'm a employee of Costco.
RobbieSDAMay 02, 2016
The increase is suppose to go from the current $55 to $60. I understand the new $60 price could go into effect in early 2017, and will be applied when your membership renewal comes due. The possibility is not set in stone, with different considerations going into their decision, but is virtually certain.
Gitte71Apr 24, 2016
How much is a Costco Membership????
Meganshook87Apr 25, 2016
$55 here in Georgia ;)
GoSeaHoxApr 27, 2016
Go with the executive membership ($110). You get 2% cash back every year. We spend enough over the year to pay for the entire membership
Immortal79Apr 22, 2016
You forgot to mention about buying mattress at costco.
ThisguyhereApr 22, 2016
Also if you get a phone through the kiosk in store there's always a mail in rebate of some sort, a portable battery charger, and you don't pay sales tax on the phone like other places
scorpion650Apr 21, 2016
Going to Costco tomorrow. Thanks for the pointers!
dtran5Apr 20, 2016
That rotisserie chicken makes my life. And the food court... the polish dogs are my go-to!
RobbieSDAMay 02, 2016
The article didn't mention that you get a 3 lb. rotisserie chicken at Costco for the $4.99, and at most other grocery stores that sell similar hot rotisserie chicken, they are often only 2 lb's in weight, and cost at least $5.99. Really a great deal.
sfgiantsfan8Apr 20, 2016
I never knew about the ink refills, that is brilliant!! So much cheaper than having to re-purchase over and over.

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