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This Insurance Company Will Pay for Your Apple Watch

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September 28, 2016 · 12.1k Views

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Aetna just announced a new initiative yesterday that they plan to reinvent member’s health experience by partnering with Apple to enhance their own wellness and healthcare management programs.

Starting this Fall 2016, Aetna has teamed up with Apple to offer select large employers and individual customers the ability to subsidize a large portion of the Apple Watch cost. The remainder of the cost can be paid out of pocket or via monthly payroll deductions. This option will be available this Fall and during open enrollment season only. They have not revealed which employers or what the program eligibility is for individual customers yet. Aetna’s will also provide almost 50,000 of their own employees with an Apple Watch too via the company’s wellness reimbursement program.


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In collaboration with Apple, Aetna is currently working on a few iOS-exclusive health initiatives that includes integrated health apps for iOS users across multiple devices (iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch). Aetna is working towards better health management and improved health and wellness experience for both members and workers by creating easy to use health apps that can be easily access across all of your iOS devices.

Aetna’s new iOS health apps will have numerous new features including but not limited to:

  • Care management and wellness, to help guide consumers through health events like a new diagnosis or prescription medication with user-driven support from nurses and people with similar conditions.

  • Medication adherence, to help consumers remember to take their medications, easily order refills and connect with their doctor if they need a different treatment through their Apple Watch or iPhone.

  • Integration with Apple Wallet, allowing consumers to check their deductible and pay a bill.

  • Personalized health plan on-boarding, information, messaging and decision support to help Aetna members understand and make the most of their benefits.


The new iOS health apps will be available in early 2017.

Are you excited for this new health experience from Aetna? What health insurance company are you with now?

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