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Tight on Kitchen Space? 5 Budget-friendly DIY Storage Solutions

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February 25, 2014 · 1.7k Views

Whether you live in a tiny apartment or maintain a big house in the suburbs, your kitchen is one of the most important and well-trafficked spots in your home. And more often than not, you have too much stuff to fit inside that kitchen. Thankfully, there are some great, budget-friendly DIY storage solutions for that cramped kitchen space.

Magnetic spice rack

If you like to cook, you probably have all sorts of spices laying around in jars of all different shapes and sizes. Put those in order with a magnetic spice rack that you can hang either inside a cabinet or on the wall or refrigerator. Find a sheet of metal and some heavy-duty magnets from your local hardware store or Amazon, then stop by the craft shop to grab some spice jars and start filling! These handy DIY instructions will walk you through the whole process.

Measuring cups cabinet storage

While you may like to stack measuring cups, if you’re a regular baker, it’s probably easier to have them separated and in a handy place. Make yourself a storage rack inside your cabinet. It doesn’t take much – paint some free paint sticks and tack them to the inside of your cabinet. Screw some hooks into the paint sticks and voila! You’re all set to bake your next cake right away.

Wine rack

For the amateur sommeliers out there, a handmade wine rack in the kitchen keeps all those bottles off the floor or on the tabletops. Everything you’ll need for this wine rack can be found at Home Depot – you’ll need to be a little handy with your tools. Measure your wood depending on the depth of your wine rack and paint before you screw the pieces into the wall.

Cocktail cart

Whether you recycle an old industrial kitchen cart or create one of your own through steel plates, a cocktail cart can be one of the best ways to store all your booze and accessories, plus it’s easy to reach and easy to move around the house, no matter where you’re entertaining.

Cookbook storage

There are any number of ways you can store your recipes and cookbooks. If you only have a few recipes that you use from a specific cookbook, your best use of space is probably by copying the recipe and keeping it in a recipe book or folder. For the books that you use more often, make some shelves or cabinet space so that you can display and easily reach your favorites. For real budget DIY project, find some metal baskets and hang them on the wall before filling them with your cooking reads.

We hope you can use these ideas for your own kitchen and remember to have fun while doing it! Once the hard work is completed, your kitchen will be that much more open and happy.

eberhartexaminer profile picture
Jennifer Eberhart is a freelance writer currently living in New York City. She is a regular contributor to the Arts column on Examiner.com. Jennifer enjoys traveling, reading, art, religion and video. She has a master's in art history and is attempting to make it to all the museums in New York City - a much harder task than it sounds!

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