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8 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

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September 17, 2016 · 1.9k Views

tips for traveling while pregnant

Traveling while pregnant can be a hassle and a bit uncomfortable, but with a little planning, you will be sure to get to your destination with minimal stress and worry. Whether traveling by plane, car, train or boat, you need to be aware of how this can impact your pregnancy and also be prepared for any situation that could arise in the unpredictable world of travel.

You may be heading out to see family or friends or getting away for one last trip before your little one arrives and just want to make sure things go according to plan. Take these tips to heart as a way to improve your overall travel experience and make sure nothing stands in your way of a great vacation or family trip.

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  1. Pack light.

    While you are already carrying the extra baby weight, you don’t want to be hauling a heavy bag around the airport terminal too. Keep you packing to a minimum and only bring what you absolutely will need. Think about the items that make you the most comfortable and pack them.

    Dress in layers the day of your trip so you can make sure you can stay a reasonable temperature throughout your travel. You can always take a sweater or jacket off during your flight if it gets too hot. Nothing is worse than being too cold or hot for the two or three hours you are stuck on a plane or train.

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  2. Stay hydrated.

    Any kind of transportation can wreak havoc on your body, from cramped spaces to dry air. Bring your own water bottle to fill up during the trip so you always have something to drink and are not reliant on the services of the airline or another travel provider.

    Pregnant women get dehydrated faster and the dry cabin air is not going to help your cause so be sure you are prepared with plenty of water and snacks. You make get hungry instantly and need a healthy snack to get you through the trip. Bringing this along will provide you with good options so you are tempted by the fast food in the terminal that isn’t the best choice for your baby.

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  3. Get an aisle seat.

    With all the hydrating you will be doing, you will certainly need to use the restroom on a frequent basis. Make it as easy as possible for yourself and reserve an aisle seat. This will allow you to get up frequently to use the restroom without feeling embarrassed because you have to keep bothering another passenger to let you out.

    An aisle seat will also allow you the opportunity to stretch several times during your flight or ride. You can walk around the plane or train cabin and make sure your muscles stay limber and you don’t develop cramps or blood clots from sitting in a confined space for too long.

  4. Don’t forget your medical records.

    You want to be as safe as possible when you are pregnant and traveling and having all your medical records with you will be the added precaution you need for some peace of mind. This includes your prenatal records and medical documents that would be needed by any medical professional treating you. You never know if the need will arise for medical attention so be prepared and bring this information with you.

    You will also want to have your insurance information on hand as well so you can get coverage for any treatment you may need during your trip. Be cautious is the start of being a mother and you definitely want to do what’s best for your baby.

  5. Give yourself plenty of time.

    Give yourself plenty of time and make sure you aren’t in a rush when you get to the airport or train terminal. This way you won’t feel exhausted before you have even begun your journey and you will be a lot more comfortable during its duration.

    Plus, you will most likely need a restroom break or two before you board. Plan ahead and give yourself extra time to find your gate and get anything you would need for your travels. Your body will thank you for taking it easy and you won’t feel stressed because of time.

  6. Keep your destination close.

    While it may be tempting to venture across the pond for your last trip without kids, you should reconsider and plan a destination that is domestic. You will minimize the amount of time you are actually aboard a plane or train and you won’t be without nearby medical services for long.

    Keeping your travel to two or three hours will help you stay comfortable and be sure you and your baby aren’t put in danger. Plus, a domestic destination will offer you familiarity with medical services should you need them, in addition to safer food and water. A foreign destination could bring on problems as the conditions aren’t something your body is used to.

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  7. Travel during your second trimester.

    Plan your trip for when you will be feeling your best. This usually occurs during your second trimester as morning sickness has subsided by then and you are feeling more like yourself. This will give you the greatest comfort during your trip and make sure you are not running to the restroom because you aren’t feeling well.

    Avoid travel if you are 36 to 38 weeks pregnant as this could be a risky situation so close to your due date. Several airlines have restrictions on pregnant women traveling in the last 30 days of their pregnancy which would require a note from your doctor to board the plane. Play it safe and forego travel during these delicate times of your pregnancy.

  8. Avoid high-risk activities.

    Once you get to your destination, you will have a variety of activities on your to-do list. Take it easy during your trip and stay away from adventure sports that could harm you and the baby. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and need to stay cooped up in the hotel.

    Get out there and go for a walk on the beach or stroll along the boardwalk. Just stay away from activities where an element of danger is present as you would hate to have an accident that could harm your unborn child. Keep it on the light side and enjoy activities that will get you some exercise without a lot of risk.


Traveling while pregnant can be a pleasant experience if you plan ahead and take the necessary precautions. You want to have a safe trip in the most comfortable and positive way possible. Heed these tips and you’ll be on your way to your dream destination in the easiest fashion possible.


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