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11 Tips You Should Know to Get the Best Value at Forever 21

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
September 03, 2016 · 4.8k Views

If you’re looking for fashionable clothing at great prices, then you need to shop Forever 21. Forever 21 offers shirts, dresses, pants, jackets and more at great prices, so you can look your best without going broke.

While the prices are already low at Forever 21, there are some things you can do to save even more and find clothing you never knew existed. If you simply go to your closest store and browse the racks, you’re not getting the best deals. Go beyond your typical shopping experience and learn how to shop at a pro with these cool hacks.

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  1. Shop online.

    Source: forever21.com
    Don’t have a Forever 21 near you? Hate crowds? Go online instead. Shopping online is an experience all its own. By going to the Forever 21 website, you can take your time and browse through the various categories. Don’t overlook the contemporary and best sellers sections. You’ll find some trendy pieces here. You can also use the search function to look for a specific type of clothing, designer or color. You can even search by length, which is useful if you like dresses a specific length.
  2. Shop flash deals.

    Source: forever21.com
    Shopping online has even more benefits. Every day, the store offers select new merchandise at 21% off. Just go to the Flash Deals category and browse the selection, which changes daily. If you don’t see anything you like, check again tomorrow! You can save on leggings, skirts, tees, men’s and children’s clothing, and even iPhone cases.
  3. Shop style deals.

    Source: forever21.com
    Looking for something at a specific price point? At the Forever 21 website, you can also shop Style Deals. Go to this category online and you can browse items for under $5, under $10, under $15, and under $20. This is a great way to find inexpensive but trendy gifts. You can get tote bags and socks for under $2 and sneakers and scarves for under $10. You never know what you may find, so shop there regularly and save big.

  4. Shop early.

    Source: huffingtonpost.com
    If you do decide to shop in-store, do it first thing in the morning. Most stores open at 10 a.m., so be at the store ready to shop by then. There will be fewer customers, so you’ll be able to get through the store easier. Plus, everything is organized, so there will be less chaos. The result? A much more relaxed and less stressful shopping experience.
  5. Combine both forms of shopping.

    Source: huffingtonpost.com
    If you’re planning a trip to Forever 21 with some friends, get ahead of the game by pre-shopping online. Get a feel for the type of clothing you’ll see and even make a shopping list with specific items. Print it out, show it to an employee and they’ll take you to the items you want. Easy peasy!
  6. Shop in the front.

    Source: hsinchong.com
    Everything is more chaotic once you get past the displays in the front. That’s because associates spend so much time keeping everything tidy in the front. After all, customers don’t want to walk in and see a huge mess. But be warned: once you get past the displays, expect chaos. Clothes will be falling off the racks and shirts and jeans will be placed unfolded on tables. You may be able to handle a little disorganization, but this could make your shopping experience more stressful.

  7. Browse the jewelry section.

    Source: zimbio.com
    Necklaces for $2.99? Yes, please! But shop carefully. Some of the items may be scratched or missing stones. And avoid the rings, which are generally adjustable. This often means low quality, and this can lead to irritated skin.
  8. But don’t buy the handbags.

    Source: worrierprincessme.wordpress.com
    The handbags at Forever 21 may be affordably priced, but they’re low quality. Your purse carries your most important possessions, from money to credit cards to your phone and driver’s license. If your handbag breaks and you lose all of this, you risk losing your identity as well. Don’t take chances. Pay a little more and spring for something of higher quality.
  9. Also avoid cardigans and dirt-cheap clothing.

    Source: mekeyahwright.wordpress.com
    Be careful of all those good deals. While most of the clothing is of high quality, some of the items will just waste your money. Some customers say to stay away from the cheap, under $5 clothing. Those T-shirts and camisoles may be cute, but they won’t last long. In fact, don’t expect to wear them more than one time. Once they’ve been washed, they shrink a lot and become full of holes. The same goes for the cardigans. Customers have had issues trying to keep them in one piece after washing them. The old saying rings true here: You get what you pay for. Splurge on clothing of higher quality.
  10. Be wary when buying dresses online.

    Source: forever21.com
    Dress length is very important. Some will end you being very short on you. Unless you want a shirt instead of a dress, pay attention to the size charts so you get a dress that’s the right length.
  11. Get email alerts.

    Source: forever21.com
    One of the best way to get money-saving coupons is to sign up for emails. You’ll not only be alerted of new arrivals and sales, but you’ll receive special coupons from time to time as well. The average coupon saves you about 10%, but you’ll be informed of special sales where you can save a cool 50%.


Shopping at Forever 21 can be stressful amidst the crowds of other shoppers looking to score great deals. Being stressed out and in a rush can cause you to make bad shopping decisions. With the tips above, you’ll be prepared to keep your cool, save some money and find some rare gems on your next shopping trip to Forever 21.

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