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Top 10 Costumes for Halloween 2020

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October 10, 2020 · 3.3k Views

Halloween is one of the most popular seasons where large stores offer their best discounts to meet the demand of their customers! The average purchases between decoration, candy and costume is a balance around 30% each, in previous years a person could spend about $60 on a costume, this year the situation is different, associated with this we will see many costume prices in the range from $30 to $50!

Of course thanks to dealsplus you will be able to find Best discounts and offers so that you can buy your favorite costumes and be able to enjoy the spookiest time of the year with your family and friends!

That's why I let you know the Top 10 of the most popular costumes of this 2020!

1. The Mandalorian

The new history of the star wars saga broke schemes and trends, for this reason that the Mandalorian costume is in the top 1 !! What better way to celebrate the premiere of its second season at the end of October than with this super outfit to go and fetch candy (Don't forget to take your Baby Yoda teddy)! Amazon has Kid's sizes available for just $34.33 and Adult Sizes starting at $79.95.


2. Fornite

The popular video game for most popular consoles, PCs, and smartphones is what a lot of kids are raving about these days! You can find different costumes of your favorite characters on Amazon and Spirit Halloween starting at $39.99!


3. T.Rex Inflatable Costume - Jurassic World

This costume is the 3rd most popular according to the recommendations of the best stores, the ferocious tyrannosaurus rex! So if you want to scare your neighbors, do not hesitate to buy this suit! Amazon has Kid's sizes available for just $36.00, Spirit Halloween has Adult Sizes for just $79.99.


4. Black Panther

We can't forget King of Wakanda! Black Panther, this character is one of the most popular in Marvel! So for the fans we must keep his legacy! Amazon has Kid's sizes available for just $24.87 also Halloween Costumes has Kid's sizes from $29.99; Spirit Halloween has Adult Sizes for just $49.99.


5. Spiderman

Spidey will never but never go out of style and will cease to be in the Top 10 costume for the Halloween seasons (a secret is my favorite since I was a child), so if you want to go throwing a spider web around your neighborhood and be the most agile looking candy you must choose this costume! Amazon has available from just $22.99 also Halloween Costumes from $29.99.


6. L.O.L.

The ideal costume for the girls of the house, the L.O.L dolls full of magic and bright colors, is very popular this season! Amazon has available from just $24.68 also Spirit Halloween from $26.98.


7. Frozen - Elsa

A classic that has been positioned as one of the favorite costumes for girls, relives the magic of the movie Frozen! Shop Disney has available from just $29.97 also Spirit Halloween from $24.99.


8. Plague Doctor

This 2020 has made this costume one of the most favorite, due to the current situation that we all know! Many will want to be the plague doctor with his peculiar mask! Spirit Halloween has Adult Sizes available for just $59.99.


9. Wonder Woman

Girls and teenagers want to have the strength and power of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), she is the favorite female superhero on the planet! So if you are a fan you must have the honor of this 2020 to dress up as her! Spirit Halloween has Girls and Adult Sizes available from just $29.99, also Amazon has available from $33.69.


10. Harley Quinn

The tenth place was won by the sexiest villain in DC Comics, Harley Queen! (she's my favorite villain)! I'm sure it will be one of the favorites this season! Amazon has Girls and Adult Sizes available from just $27.69!


Tell us which costume your dressing up as for Halloween 2020 below!

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hudefanaMar 02, 2021
Halloween Clothing
bhssadaruwan91Dec 17, 2020
benibeb1011Dec 16, 2020
thnk u
cablecreationOct 14, 2020
Great choices. It seems that I can purchase for my child. And I think if I buy something for him, my child would be very happy. Thanks for your recommendation.
BurnsEOct 24, 2020
You are welcome ! I'm glad you like my recommendations and they help you choose the best costume for this year !!
DealsorNoDealsOct 10, 2020
Great article @BurnsE! :) the Plague Doctor is an interesting choice, considering the year haha
BurnsEOct 10, 2020
Thank you very much @DealsorNoDeals, Plague Doctor is one of my favorites!
I'm looking forward to Halloween night and seeing what impression coming out in this costume will make! hehe

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