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8 Trendy DIY Home Decorations If You're Looking for Something New

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Kate MurphyGuest Blogger
January 10, 2017 · 2.4k Views

The start of the New Year has most of us thinking about ways to better our lives. Whether it is creatively, professionally, or physically, we are all looking for something new to inspire us right now. And you are not alone if a goal for 2017 is to spruce up the place so that if Martha Stewart were to drop by for tea out of the blue, you’d invite her in without batting an eye. However, a post holiday budget means shelling out cash for new home decor is out of the question. We are here to help! Here are 8 affordable DIY decorating projects that will make your home look beautiful and new.

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8 Trendy DIY Home Decorations If You're Looking for Something New

1. Hand-dyed Napkins

hand-dyed napkins

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Liven up the old dinner table with colorful hand-dyed napkins. To create these cool, ombre linens, all you need are cotton napkins, fabric paint, a brush, and water. They give classic white dishes a vibrant and modern update. If eclectic is more your style, mix the napkins with patterned or mismatched dishware. Visit Goodhousekeeping.com for the complete tutorial.


2. Roman Shades

roman shades

Image Source: Honestly WTF

Stylish window coverings completely transform the look and feel of a space. Classic, clean, and offered in an array of colors, textures, and designs, Roman shades are a beloved decorating feature among interior designers. Roman shades, however, are not cheap. But for a fraction of the cost, you can make DIY Roman shades that look just as good as those sold at a trendy home décor boutique. While this project looks fit for the serious crafter, it’s really not that difficult. The step-by-step process requires attention – that’s all. The follow through pays off when you see beautiful, custom-designed shades adorning your favorite room. Visit Honestlywtf.com for the complete tutorial.


3. Decorative Memo Chalkboard

decorative memo chalkboard

Image Source: Confessions of a Serial DIYer

This DIY makeover project will give a new life to that piece-of-kitsch lamp your great-aunt Marie gave you. With just a few tweaks and a fresh coat of paint, this former eyesore is transformed into a functional, yet decorative memo chalkboard. You will need a small lamp, paint in the color of your choice, frame (check your local thrift or craft store), power drill, and chalkboard (cut to fit in the frame). Visit Confessionsofaserieldiyer.com for the full tutorial.

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4. Pallet Console Table

diy pallet console table

Image Source: Kleinworth Co.

Easy enough for the novice crafter, this project proves that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Don’t get rid of that shipping pallet that came with the new stove just yet – it can be turned into a stylish console table for an entry hallway or living room. To get started, you will need a leftover shipping pallet, paint in the color of your choice, a wood plank (cut in size to proportionately fit over the shipping pallet, wood stain (optional), wood screws, and metal wall brackets. Visit Kleinworthco.com for full tutorial.


5. Area Rug

diy area rug

Image Source: Dream Book Design

A beautifully patterned area rug is guaranteed way take a space from drab to fab. They tend to come with a hefty price tag attached though. But for a fraction of the cost, you can get the same posh look by turning a pretty tablecloth into a decorative floor piece. Suitable for beginners, this DIY project calls for a 100% cotton tablecloth, water based Polyurethane, foam roller, rug pad for underneath, and spray adhesive. Visit Dreambookdesign.com for step-by-step instructions.


6. Crate Bookshelf

diy crate bookshelf

Image Source: Tara Michelle Interiors

We have nothing against the home organization goods from Ikea. But this DIY crate bookshelf helps manage your book collection just the same while offering a unique spin on the standard designs. You can find wooden crates at most any craft store such as Michael’s ($12.99 each) or Jo-Anne Frabric (also $12.99 each). Save those coupons to score the best deals. For a cool, mismatched look, scavenge local stores for crates. Paint or stain the crates to suite your personal decorating style. To assemble the shelf, you will need a drill or screwdriver, 1-inch screws and an L bracket. Visit Taramichelleinteriors.ca for the complete tutorial.

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7. Mason Jar Wall Vase

diy mason jar wall vase

Image Source: Rural Life Story - Wordpress

Because a DIY home decorating project guide is not complete without the mention of a Mason jar. Take the basic Mason jar vase idea to the next level by turning them into lovely wall décor. In addition to mason jars, you’ll need a wood board for the base (size and shape is optional), metal pipe clamps, and screws. Leave the wood board untreated for a rustic look, give it a rich wood stain for an elegant appearance, or apply a coat of vibrant colored paint for a fun, modern vibe. Visit Rurallifestory.wordpress.com for complete tutorial.


8. Floating Corner Shelves

diy floating corner shelves

Image Source: House of Rose Blog

Corners are overlooked interior spaces that actually have a lot of potential when it comes to organization and décor. And when utilized, they are usually consumed by corner shelf units that come across as bulky. By floating the shelves, the corner is still used for organization, but feels light and open. It may look tasking, but this is a fairly easy project and calls for wood (for the shelves and supportive frames), wall anchors, finish nails, and a list of tools that includes a circular saw, miter saw, drill, various drill bits, tape measure and hammer. Visit Houseofroseblog.com for the full tutorial.


Creating a home that not only looks beautiful, but also feels fresh and inspiring doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Try one of these DIY home decorating projects and you’ll soon hear people saying, “I love what you did with the place.”

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Kate Murphy is a native of Pennsylvania. After receiving a degree in art history, she moved to New York City to test the waters. She enjoys writing about art, culture, fashion, design, and travel. In addition to writing, Kate works with artists, leads, street art tours, and moonlights as an illustrator.