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TurboTax Free File and Other Ways to Make Your Filing Easier

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March 25, 2016 · 2.4k Views

Tax day is edging ever closer and if you’re leaning toward TurboTax this year, check out this breakdown of the different type of tax filing options they provide. TurboTax is one of the most trusted tax filing software so it comes to no surprise that it's one of the first options most of us tend to look at when it comes free and easy filing.

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Let’s dive right into it!

One of the first thing I noticed about TurboTax is how they select a product for you based on your current assets. Suffice to say, if you’re single and have no investments, dependents or mortgage, you can easily file using their Federal Free Edition.

TurboTax Federal Free is the most basic tax filing system but perfect for those just starting out.

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Highly consider using their Deluxe, Premier or Home & Business filing software if you have or seek the following:

  • Children/Dependents

  • Home

  • Stocks, Bond or Other Investments

  • Owner of a Rental Property

  • Self Employed or Independent Contractor

  • Maximize Deductions and Credits

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This is especially the case if you’re not fully sure what items are deductible. TurboTax offers different tiers of add-on services to help you maximize deductions and offer more asset coverage within the filing process. You can see for yourself what type of features each product provide and how their product recommendation works:

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TurboTax Online vs Desktop

While the online TurboTax products are lower in price, the desktop product includes additional federal e-files and now also includes retirement tax help and IRA tools. You can browse from over thousands of review for TurboTax products and learn which one is the best for your situation. 

BONUS: TurboTax also offers a filing option that is tailored for businesses. You can get access to specific tax deductions for your industry and they have a list of corporation income tax returns form at hand so no additional searching on your part required. 


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Aside from their list of products, they also offer TurboTax calculator and more tools online, totally free for all filers to use. Some of the top tax calculators from TurboTax can help you estimate your tax refund and access benefits beyond taxes.

Other resources also include document checklists and refund tracker (so you know exactly when your refund arrives!). And yes, an app is also available for their most popular tools.

Unable to pay your taxes? Need help setting up a payment plan? Need to amend a return? TurboTax offers online help with all of your tax filing needs and we find it incredibly useful to be able to reach out and get response ASAP.


Need a deal on tax filing services?

If you’re planning to purchase a software with more feature, don’t forget that we offer an extra 10% off TurboTax products online. Members of the military can get a military discount with no expiration date.

Military Discount

  • Free file for federal and state with Free Edition or Deluxe (E1 - E5)
  • $5 off on all other TurboTax federal products (E6 or higher)

Free Federal Tax Extension

Did you know you can get a tax filing extension? TurboTax offers a free federal tax extension, just file for the extension by April 18th (tax deadline for 2016 falls on this day) and you'll have until October 17th to get your taxes done. 


How are you planning to file your taxes this year? What do you need extra help with?





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