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12 Underrated Netflix Shows You Need to Watch

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
August 23, 2016 · 11.2k Views

Tired of what’s on TV? Reruns, talk shows, the same thing over and over. Remember when watching TV was fun? It still can be! Unplug the cable TV and head over to Netflix. Netflix is more than just cool movies. You can watch a ton of cool stuff on there, from movies to cartoons to documentaries. You can even watch original shows.

You won’t be able to find these shows on network TV or your cable or satellite package, so try Netflix for a month or two and discover some interesting comedies and dramas. Need some help picking a show? Here are a dozen viewer favorites to consider when you’re ready to Netflix and chill.

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  1. Narcos is one of Netflix’s newest original dramas. It tells the story of Pablo Escobar, infamously known as a cocaine dealer. Viewers see Escobar’s backstory and him at the height of his career. They also get a feel for his personality, which is both endearing and egotistical. This show is supposedly as addictive as the cocaine itself.

    Source: denofgeek.com
  2. Between is a sci-fi thriller that tells the story of a town that is under attack by a mysterious disease that kills everyone who is age 22 or older. This means that all the young adults have to take care of the babies and young children. At the same time, they have to try to bring some normalcy back into everyone’s lives amid the chaos. The twists and turns will leave you in suspense.

    Source: whats-on-netflix.com
  3. Sense8 is another sci-fi thriller. It tells the story of eight strangers who become linked mentally and emotionally after a tragic death. These strangers are from different cultures from all over the world. In each episode, the strangers interact with each other and try to figure out what brings them closer and what makes them different.

    Source: themarysue.com
  4. The Returned is a thriller that centers around the dead. Several people who have been presumed dead come back to town several years later even though they are still dead. They have not aged or even changed at all. At this time, murders and other weird occurrences are happening in the town.

    Source: bingeout.com
  5. Happy Valley is a crime drama tells of a female police sergeant who works in a rural area. One day, she finds herself dealing with a staged kidnapping that becomes out of control and turns into a series of crimes. She must deal with the various twists and turns that develop.

    Source: imbd.com

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  6. Being Mary Jane is a drama that focuses on the life of an African-American woman, played by Gabrielle Union. She’s a talk show host focused on work and family, and this show follows her through her ups and downs due to her race.

    Source: pointement.wordpress.com
  7. Life Unexpected is a drama that tells the story of a 15-year-old girl who decides to become an emancipated minor after living in numerous foster homes her entire life. During the legal process, the girl ends up finding her birth parents, who end up gaining temporary custody of her.

    Source: indeliblepieces.com
  8. Twisted is for you if you’re into dramas centered around high school students. It follows a teen who has been released from juvenile hall after killing his aunt. He returns home and finds out the most popular girl in school is attracted to him. When she’s later found dead, he becomes a prime suspect in her murder.

    Source: televisionpromos.com
  9. Rita is a comedy/drama that follows the life of a woman who is a very competent teacher, but when it comes to her personal life, things are a lot different. Due to her rebellious lifestyle, she has a ton of personal issues and seems to need a teacher of her own in this regard.

    Source: uk.newonnetflix.info

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  10. Grace and Frankie is an honest, heart-wrenching tale of two middle-aged women. They find out that their husbands are romantically involved with each other – and have been for two decades. The women haven’t has the best relationship over the years, but with them both dealing with the same circumstance, they learn to cope together.

    Source: netflixreviews.nl
  11. Archer is part cartoon, part spy movie, part action flick, part comedy - this show has it all. Given that this show is set at the International Secret Intelligence Service – ISIS for short - it’s gotten a lot of interesting buzz. Many of the voices are from the cast of Arrested Development. It’s a little different from the shows that you’re used to watching, so if you’re in the mood for something offbeat, try Archer.

    Source: dvd.netflix.com
  12. Master of None fits the bill perfectly if you’re looking for lighthearted fun that pokes fun at everyday life. This show is based on the life of comedian Aziz Ansari, who provides comic relief based on the oddities and awkward situations that come with navigating life.

    Source: whatstrending.com


For virtually unknown shows that you just can’t miss, turn to Netflix. You can watch what you want, when you want. You won’t have to deal with annoying commercials and reruns. You’ll see one-of-a-kind shows for much less money than a monthly cable bill.

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