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15 Unique Christmas Gifts You Should Absolutely Get

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December 02, 2015 · 2k Views

Guess what? It’s December 1st already! We’re putting the biggest shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us and heading straight into Christmas. For those who missed the big sale events, there are still tons of extended Cyber deals from popular retailers as you’ll find on DealsPlus popular page. If you’ve been browsing the site, you’ll know that we love keeping our community of bargain hunters and sales seeker up to date with top offers, coupons and promotions.


15 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas (for anyone!)

Our staff is super excited for Christmas but shopping can get a little stressful between daily errands, school and work. So our solution? Pick up some stocking stuffers and check out these 15 creative and unique Christmas items to fill them with.

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

1. Lazy Readers Glasses (zulily coupons) $14.00 $22.00
This first pick is for all book lovers out there. Now that’s a clever way to cozy up in bed and get your read on. You can see more products from thumbsUp! and note that this select item ordered will arrive by Christmas 12/24.

2. Narwhal USB Heated Plush Slippers (ThinkGeek coupons) $24.99
USB heated plush slippers? Why not right? These cute fellas will heat right up when plugged into a USB port and you can unplug to glide around the house (or office) in plush comfort. Plus, they’re super cute!

3. Food Fight Stress Coloring Canvas (Fab.com coupons) $32.00
So this is pretty fun right? Great for kids, stress-relieving for adults and also makes for a fun Christmas activity. Afterwards? Frame it and hang it up. Don’t like this design? You can find a lot more from designer Pirasta.

4. Smart Self Balancing Scooter/Hover Board (ebay coupons) from $199.96
There are many sellers and there are many brands. We highly suggest shopping on ebay for a self balancing scooter based on how many product sold from seller and seller rating (also sift through ebay seller reviews and locate a product review). Self balancing hover boards are all the rage this year, popular with just about everyone. You’ll have to pick up a bigger stocking to stuff this gift inside.

5. Fortune Cakes Silicone Cupcake Wrapper (zulily coupons) $8.99 $13.00
For the happy bakers, these silicone cupcake wrappers are reusable and a delight at parties. Fortune cakes could, apparently, be the new thing now. You’ll get 12 wrappers in this set or you can shop for similar fun baking products for Fred & Friends.

6. Chug It Game (zulily coupons) $11.99 $15.00
Yeah… it’s Monopoly for adults. Everyone has that one friend (or family members) that loves a good time with a glass full of beer (or wine) in hand. Good thing Island Dogs makes a lot of fun stuff like this.


These next 3 items below are going for a special promotion where you can find 3 unique gifts for $20. You can check out the entire page at iwantoneofthose.com and find more iwoot coupons to save on top of the promotion.

7. Star Wars R2-D2 Metal Construction Kit 3 for $20 Deal
Number 1 in our 3 for $20 pick is this Star Wars R2-D2 metal construction kit. Looks pretty cool and most likely is for Star Wars fans. This is a pretty cool kit where you can build a mini metal model of the R2-D2 and all assembly materials are included with your purchase.

8. Motherboard Chopping Board 3 for $20 Deal
Number 2 pick is this chopping board made for your fellow tech nerds. If you’re skeptical, it’s made with scratch-proof glass and rubber sole to prevent slipping. We might pick up a few of these for ourselves…

9. Silver String Lights 3 for $20 Deal
Our final pick are these popular string lights perfect for decorate the room, office or home during the holidays. These copper wire lights have become a popular commodity this year, especially in the DIY community where people are creating their own makeshift firefly jar.

10. USB Mini Mini Fridge (iwoot coupons) $18.34 $30.58
For that one friend who likes their drink crisp cold every time.

11. Poop Emoji Plush or Emoji Pillows from $3.84 (varies depending on sizes)
Express how you feel about that person with this gift :)

12. Tactical Holiday Stocking (ThinkGeek coupons) $17.99 $19.99
If you’re real hardcore about stocking stuffers, this will go a long way. You can stick tons of small stocking stuffers on the outside to (ahem candy canes).

13. Your Choice Printed Toilet Paper (ebay coupons) from $3.00
Pretty fun gift for well… everyone. Prices varies depending on which one you pick but you’ll find everything from 100 dollar bill prints to puzzle prints.

14. Plush Kitten Bouquet (ThinkGeek coupons) $29.99 $49.99
Show your love for that one person who’s going to be stuck with you for awhile with these bouquet of kitties. They’ll last longer than roses.

15. Cozy Heatable Plush Penguin (iwoot coupons) $15.28
Our very last pick for this fun list is a plush penguin that you can microwave. Yep, you can heat this cute plush right up and use it as a temporary body warmer.

Have some suggestions for us or looking for more ways to save this holiday season? Drop a comment below! Unique Christmas gifts are a delight but some us can’t afford these funky gifts so check out more ways to save for the gifting season from The Plus Side:

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Stacey Garska Rodriguez provides realistic, DO-able ideas and inspiration for the modern wife and mother on The Soccer Mom Blog. She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and two girls.

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