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10 Useful Hulu Hacks and Tips

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Kate MurphyGuest Blogger
July 18, 2016 · 5.5k Views

It’s no secret that online streaming services like Hulu have completely changed the way we watch our favorite TV shows and movies. Allured by the promise of a viewing experience that is personalized, immediate, and constant, we spend hours catching up on the latest episodes, customizing watchlists, and seeking out programs that match our interests. There are some downsides though. Not only does it take time to find what you want to watch, but streaming and power issues can hold up the process. Follow these tips to ensure that your next Seinfeld bender is flawless and uninterrupted.

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1. Set up your Watchlist

Source: Hulu Blog

The great thing about streaming services is that users can watch what they want, when they want. You can take full advantage of this perk by curating your Watchlist. This relatively new feature consolidates everything that was previously stored in your Favorites, Queue, and Shows You Watch. The biggest change here is that the Watchlist is personalized to how you watch Hulu. For example, new episodes of the shows you watch are moved to the front of the list making them easy for you to find.  You can really stay on top of things by requesting that Hulu send emails when new episodes of your favorites have been added and to warn about shows set to expire.

2. Hulu Staff Picks

If you are fresh to Hulu and feeling overwhelmed by the selection, have a look at what the staff likes. Remember, they know the ins and outs of Hulu’s offerings. Let the staff guide you in making new discoveries in TV and movies. Staff picks also come in handy for seasoned subscribers who blew through their favorites and could use some ideas about what to watch next.

3. Criterion Collection

Source: The Verge

Cinephiles out there love Hulu’s selection from the Criterion Collection. The streaming service partnered with the Criterion Collection, considered a leading publisher of re-releases of some of film history’s greatest works. Head to this section to watch celebrated titles like My Life as a Dog (1985), Shoot the Piano Player (1960), and Seven Samurai (1954).

4. Upgrade your Adobe Flash Player

You’ve just settled down with a bowl of buttery popcorn and a glass of wine to watch a movie only to have it not play. In order for videos to play accurately, Hulu requires your computer to have Adobe Flash Player 11.1 or higher.  Most smart browsers automatically update Flash, or prompt you to do it. So if you encounter any problems, first check your Flash settings. Here’s the full list of Hulu.com system requirements.

5. Familiarize yourself with Hulu’s advance search tools

Source: Decider

Don’t waist another minute trying to find that one episode in season 8 of Law and Order. With Hulu’s advance search tools, you can find particular episodes of your favorite TV shows using everything from search words, phrases, and genre to show title, season number, airdate, and network. To use advanced video search, first search for the program you want in Hulu’s main search bar.

6. Use the Hulu App to turn your phone into a remote

How many times have you reached for the remote only to realize that it is nowhere in sight? It’s very annoying and often leads to a sofa turned inside out. Avoid going through this again by downloading the Hulu App and turning your phone into a backup remote. Find it here in the iTunes Store and here in the Google Play Store.

7. Get to know Hulu’s view mode settings

Source: Decier

Get a good grasp of the view mode settings and you’ll be ensured a better viewing experience. To access the view mode setting, choose the video you want to watch and click on the gear underneath the title. You have the option to control auto play, closed captions, and video quality, monitor buffering, and raise or lower background lighting.

8. Take a chance with Hulu’s Recommendations

It was a very stressful week at work. You are exhausted and ready to plump down on the sofa with a beer and order in dinner. Your Watchlist needs updated and selecting something new to watch tonight requires too much effort. Just relax and browse the Recommendations located on the drop down menu with three dots. Here, you’ll find shows and movies Hulu picks for you based on your viewing history.

9. Get to know the drop down menu

Source: Decider

One of the best things about streaming services like Hulu is making discoveries while searching through the rich volume of videos. Head to the drop down menu marked by three dots near the search box on the homepage to easily access Hulu original series like Casual and The Path. Here, you can also go worldly and explore foreign titles, or bring it down a few notches and search video games.

10. Put your subscription on hold

Planning a trip and know that you will not have access to the Internet? Avoid being billed during this time by putting your Hulu subscription on hold. You can place the hold for a one week to 12-week duration. Once the hold session is over, your subscription will resume.

Hulu is vast video streaming platform that holds many intricacies of which even the most seasoned user may not be aware. Follow this guide and get the most out of your Hulu viewing experience.


catherinemurphy profile picture
Kate Murphy is a native of Pennsylvania. After receiving a degree in art history, she moved to New York City to test the waters. She enjoys writing about art, culture, fashion, design, and travel. In addition to writing, Kate works with artists, leads, street art tours, and moonlights as an illustrator.
DexterousJul 18, 2016
The only thing I hate about HULU is you pay for it to watch and they still play ads. For 30 minutes show they show atleast 5-6 ads.
Its annoying.

For now Netflix>Hulu
monster1991Jul 19, 2016
I agree :/ and you have to pay extra just to avoid the ads. I'm always so happy when I get that 2 minute long ad option where I can just watch the whole episode ad-free afterwards haha but still, very annoying.

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