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Using H&R Block Tax Software This Year? Here's What You Need to Know.

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March 18, 2016 · 2.3k Views

If you’ve read about the 5 best ways to save on tax software, you’ll know that H&R Block is one of the few popular online tax filing options. To get you started, the first thing you need to know is how to plan and prepare before you get started so you have all your tax documents. This prep stage will prove to be a big help in streamlining your filing process.

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If you’re set on H&R Block, below, we’ve highlighted a quick how-to and the type of services H&R Block provides.


Online Filing



First things first, H&R Block offers two ways to file. You can either file with them online or file by downloading their software and both comes with a fee depending on what product you choose.

If you’re filing online, H&R Block always offer free file (recommended for first time filers) which includes an extra 5% bonus return on your tax refund. The next levels include:

Basic: good for simple tax returns and includes free tech support and real-time chat, tax return storage good for 6 years and automatic import of 1099 tax return for free. Offers an extra 5% bonus with tax return.
Deluxe (Investors): includes all features from free and Basic filing but also includes home mortgage interest deductions and real estate tax support, tax savings from charitable donations and assistance for reporting investments, dividends and retirement income. The Deluxe gets you an extra 10% bonus on your tax return.
Premium (Self-Employed/Rental Property Owners): includes all features from free, Basic and Deluxe filing including rental property income and expenses support, maximize deduction for self employment and cost of basis on home sale, dividend, gift and inheritance assets. Like the Deluxe, the Premium will also get you an extra 10% bonus on your tax return. 2016-03-11 14-13-34.png


Software Filing

As for H&R Block software filing, these are highly recommended for those with more investments and are business owners. H&R Block softwares provides plenty of business related tax filing options including tech support for a smooth filing process. Software prices depends on which level you choose.

You can see the range of prices and compare products here: 2016-03-11 14-24-49.png


If you’re like some of us who are still hesitant to file online and want to connect with a financial advisor, you can find the nearest H&R Block location for a tax preparer.


Free H&R Block Tools & Resources

Not just for tax filing purposes but H&R Block also has a bank of tools and resources you can use that will help with financial management, financial calculators and more. Check them out below:



H&R Block Tools:

Tax Calculator

W-4 Calculator

Health Care

Life Through Taxes

Taxes Q&A

Plus, keep up to date and learn from tax experts themselves or join H&R Block community for financial discussions.

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Lastly, if you’re keeping up with your taxes and savings on the go, it’ll be a much easier process with H&R Block mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android users.


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See what kind of H&R Block coupon and promotional offers are currently available to help you save even more on required services.

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