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20 DIY Valentine's Day Bouquets Because Flowers Are So 2016

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February 08, 2017 · 23.4k Views

Flowers are beautiful and almost epitomize Valentine's Day, especially roses, but showing up on someone's doorstep with a handmade bouquet is way more memorable. Don't forget that a bouquet of one dozen red roses from 1800flowers.com will run you $34.99 (and won’t last longer than a month or so). Maybe it's time to reevaluate our spending habits. The best part is, if you don’t know what to give your man this holiday, there are some bouquets on this list for him as well!

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20 DIY Valentine's Day Bouquets Because Flowers Are So 2016

1. If you're crafty, try out this colorful, decorative Pom Pom Bouquet.

pom pom bouquet

Source: Camille Styles

Find the complete and easy tutorial at Camille Styles.


2. Because who doesn't love fried chicken?

fried chicken bouquet

Source: Tumblr

You can even make a chicken nugget bouquet by sticking chicken nuggets on a skewer. Romance.


3. "I won the lottery when I met you!" If that doesn't tug at your heart strings, I don't know what will.

lottery bouquet

Source: Pinterest


4. Hubba hubba, take a gander at this deep fried Oreo bouquet.

deep-fried oreo bouquet

Source: Pinterest

If you're not into deep-fried Oreos, check out this tutorial for Valentine Oreo Pops from Lil Luna.


5. If your partner is a bacon lover and you haven't given him/her a bouquet of roses yet, I have nothing to say to you.

bacon roses

Source: Lily the Wandering Gypsy

Learn how to make this easy bouquet of Bacon Roses from Lily the Wandering Gypsy.


6. For a healthier alternative, try these beautiful Strawberry Roses.

strawberry roses

Image Source: Esther and Jacob


7. This is the perfect bouquet - Boozequet (or Broquet), if you will - if you're spending Valentine's Day with a new special someone. I think it's fair to say that booze can ease any (potentially awkward) situation.

liquor bouquet

Source: Pinterest


8. No Valentine's Day is complete without chocolate covered strawberries. This cool bouquet beautifully incorporates roses and this delicious dessert into one - two birds with one stone.

chocolate covered strawberries bouquet

Source: Veggieful

Find the tutorial from Veggieful.


9. Will you beer my Valentine? Yes, because that pun was awesome.

six pack of flowers

Source: 30 Minute Crafts

Here's how you can make your own six pack of flowers from 30 Minute Crafts.


10. If your sweetie has a sweet tooth, don't look any further than this DIY Candy Bouquet.

diy candy bouquet

Source: Pizzazzerie


11. If you have a chocolate lover, try a Chocolate Bar Bouquet.

chocolate bar bouquet

Image Source: What to Expect


12. Buzzfeed made an awesomely practical bouquet of flowers and things we need. If you're into practical gifts, this one is a no-brainer.

practical bouquet

Source: Buzzfeed

Check out the tutorial from Buzzfeed.


13. I'm screaming inside because this bouquet is so festive and adorable!!!!

candy bouquet

Just fill a jar with jelly beans, and stick heart-shaped gummies at the end of fake plant wires.


14. If the Super Bowl and all its mania aren't enough for your football lover in February, make him/her this sweet bouquet.

football chocolate candy bar bouquet

Source: Terrel Family Fun

Find the tutorial from Terrel Family Fun.


15. Glue two red Hershey's Kisses together and you've got some chocolatey roses ready to add to your bouquet. Beautiful!

hershey's kisses bouquet

Source: Compulsive In Texas


16. Okay, Jill from Meet the Dubiens calls this a Lollipop Tree, but I definitely wouldn't mind receiving this adorable bunch on Valentine's Day. Break away from the norm!

lollipop tree

Source: Jill Dubien


17. Like we mentioned, this bouquet is ideal for the guy in your life. Underwear and liquor - what a combo. 

underwear bouquet

Image Source: Pinterest


18. Instead of simply gifting this adorable bouquet, this would a fun and easy treat to make with your Valentine!

marshmallows bouquet

Source: Honey and Lime

Get the easy DIY from Honey and Lime.


19. Here's another sugary, beautiful bouquet of cupcakes to satisfy a sweet tooth!

cupcake roses bouquet

Source: Pinterest

All you have to do is back some cupcakes, deocrate them as roses, and use a toothpick to stick them into a styrofoam ball in this pot.


20. Cake pops are actually super easy and quick to make. Decorate them however you'd like, then find a cute vase to hold them!

cake pops bouquet

Source: Punchbowl

The recipe for the cake pops can be found at Punchbowl.

diy valentine's day gifts

valentine's day gifts that won't break the bank




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