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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

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January 31, 2014 · 1.5k Views

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Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to impress that special someone in your life. Whether you’re trying to woo your spouse, dazzle your significant other or make a lasting impression on someone new, choosing the right gift can go a long way. Go beyond the expected this year and up your V-Day game with these unique gift ideas.




For Her

1. Chef’s Choice WafflePro Five of Hearts Electric Waffle Maker

While kitchen appliances can be a risky gift, this waffle iron offers a fun, cute way to celebrate the holiday of love. It’s designed to make heart-shaped waffles, so you will easily get the message across. If your girl is a foodie, a lover of breakfast or a person who appreciates quirkiness, this is an excellent gift. Be creative and make her some heart-shaped waffles on Valentine’s Day morning and present the waffle iron along with some flowers for a romantic, breakfast in bed treat. This gift retails for $69.99, and you can pick one up at Bed Bath and Beyond.

2. Tiffany Hearts RUBEDO Pendant

Fashionable ladies everywhere will love pretty much anything that comes in a green Tiffany box. The Tiffany Hearts pendant in RUBEDO metal is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The rose, heart-shaped pendant is a great piece for pairing with several outfits. At $750 for the large pendant and $550 for the medium, it’s more affordable than many pairs of diamond earrings, yet it’s classy enough to make a statement.

3. Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler for Her

Trying new scents is fun, but full-sized bottles are expensive. This sampler pack includes mini bottles of 14 different fragrances, so she can try several and narrow down the ones she likes most. The set retails for $65 and also includes a voucher for a full-sized bottle of perfume. Your sweetie will have fun changing perfumes like she changes nail polish, and she may fall in love with her new favorite fragrance. You can find this set at Sephora stores.

4. Powerbeats ear buds

For music lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike, nothing beats Beats by Dre. Powerbeats were specifically designed with athletes in mind, and the earbuds wrap around the ear so they won’t fall out. Delivering killer beats sound and clarity, these earbuds allow your Valentine to experience her favorite music anywhere. Choose a red or pink pair for a Valentine’s Day theme or opt for her favorite color (you do know her favorite color, right?). The ear buds also come in blue, orange and white and retail for $149.95. Pick some up at Best Buy or the Beats by Dre website.

5. RSVP Julie Lynn Shoes

For women who can never have too many shoes, pick up a pair of Julie Lynns by RSVP. These classic satin shoes are perfect for a romantic dinner or any other night on the town. They come in silver, pale pink and latte and are versatile enough to make it into her regular rotation. These high heeled beauties pair easily with cocktail dresses and formal wear, so check out her nicer outfits before selecting the color. Retailing for $79 MSRP, you can find these RSVP shoes for 75 percent off at

For Him

1. Beats Pill

This speaker may look small, but the sound quality is amazing. Your sweetie can pair the pill with his phone or MP3 player and carry the party anywhere he goes. If your Valentine is a music lover, the life of the party or likes to listen to music while working out in the basement, the Beats Pill offers big sound at the perfect size. Personalize a playlist that he can listen to with the Beats Pill, and he’ll think of you whenever he hears it. The Beats Pill retails for around $200 and is available at Best Buy stores and on the Beats by Dre website.

2. Nike FuelBand SE

Fitness-minded fellas will love being able to track their calorie burning power all day with the Nike FuelBand. The band is small, so it’s not cumbersome and won’t get in the way of his workout. It also allows him to program goals and measure progress. The FuelBand can sync with his smartphone, so he can check in on his goals on many channels. Retailing for $150, the FuelBand is a great gift for men who are regulars at the gym. You can snag the FuelBand SE at any Nike store

3. L.L. Bean Men’s Handsewn Slippers, Fleece-Lined

If your guy is still rocking the same pair of raggedy slippers that he wore during the Clinton administration, it may be time for some new ones. L.L. Bean’s fleece-lined, handsewn slippers are so cushy, he’ll wonder why he held on to his old pair. They are made of quality leather and are hand crafted to resist wear and tear. The leather is soft and will eventually conform to his foot. Get a pair for $39.95 at

4. Kelly Ignite Down 16 Sleeping Bag

For the rugged outdoorsman, this sleeping bag is a must. It’s tight enough to keep him warm in any weather, and the down insulation makes it great for early spring and late fall camping trips. Kelly has successfully created a down sleeping bag that is also water resistant, so if your man is tent camping and it happens to rain, the bag will stay dry for a longer period of time than other down sleeping bags. Retailing for $219.95—$239.95, you can buy one at REI.

5. Lodge 12″ Cast Iron Skillet

Anyone who loves to cook needs a cast iron skillet in his kitchen. These pans provide a unique flavor and are perfect for making anything from omelettes and hash browns to cornbread and even roast chicken. Versatile and easy to use, this item will be welcome in your man’s kitchen. With a retail price of $37 at, this skillet is not only functional, but also affordable. Use the savings to pick up a set of kitchen knives and ask him to prepare a Valentine’s dinner for two.

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