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6 Veggies You Can Easily Regrow from Kitchen Scraps

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May 17, 2016 · 7.8k Views

This is something that peaked my interest based our post on how to grow avocados at home and save money. Turns out, all those vegetable scraps you throw away after each cooking session? You can save them and regrow your own vegetables right at home! If you’re looking to learn and sustainably grow your own food, this is great way to start and awesome hobby to have!

Below, you can check out our infographic and easy steps to growing these 6 delicious veggies. We will also provide additional resources below the graphic! Happy gardening y’all.


For additional information and steps to properly care for all of your regrown babies, please check out these resources below! Also, please note that the above steps are mainly your starting point to sprout roots/slips from your vegetable scraps. Once you notice a decent growth, you can transplant the roots or slips to rich soil. Growing it this way will also restore flavor back to the vegetable with nutrients it receives from the soil. Different vegetables may require different types of soil to root properly so we highly recommend doing additional research for each plant you plan to regrow.

  • Regrow Romaine Lettuce - Andrea from Back to My Roots explains how to regrow romaine lettuce and why its essential to transplant to soil.
  • Regrow Green Onion - Head over to the kitchn and see how they experimented with regrowing green onion from a mason jar!
  • Regrow Garlic Sprouts - You can learn how to easily use your cloves of garlic to regrow more or regrow edible garlic sprouts from each clove!
  • Regrow Celery - Tammy from Housing a Forest will tell you how to properly regrow celery from start to finish!
  • Regrow Sweet Potato - Read about the right way to grow sweet potato from Lisa at Southern Exposure!
  • Regrow Carrot - Jackie from Gardening Know How teaches you how to grow carrots using multiple different approaches.



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