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16 Victoria's Secret Shopping Hacks That Are Better Than Their Bombshell Bras

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May 09, 2016 · 11.5k Views

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Do you love Victoria's Secret or do you looove Victoria's Secret? It's hard not to love this pink palace. Ladies, we can find everything we could ever need and then some when it comes to undergarments, but the only thing I have to complain about sometimes is the price. I know a worthy investment is great, but sometimes, not having to spend an absurd amount of money for a quality product is a fantastic feeling. That's why we're sharing these insanely awesome Victoria's Secret shopping hacks to get you the best bang for your bra. I mean, buck.


1. Subscribe to their newsletter and follow Victoria's Secret on Facebook.

You'll be the first to receive notice of their awesome sales and deals if you have access to their emails. Occasionally, you'll even receive an exclusive deal, and on your birthday, you'll get a celebratory $10 off coupon.

You know you're on social media ton, so just follow Victoria's Secret on Facebook to stay up-to-date with their sales and deals.

2. Get more value by purchasing discounted gift cards.

Source: Raise.com

Sites like Raise give shoppers opportunities to sell uwnanted gift cards and buy discounted gift cards. If you know you're about to drop some big change at Victoria's Secret, check out Raise first to see what gift cards they have. As of April 29, 2016, the biggest discount on a gift card is 11.9%, but check back again and you might see up to 22% off!

3. Stack up to three coupons in a single transaction.

Victoria's Secret is a true winner when it comes to coupons because you can stack like crazy - or until you reach three coupons. Here's how The Krazy Coupon Lady explains it:

  • Free Shipping – Shipping at VictoriasSecret.com is free for purchases over $99. Look for coupons that will lower that threshold or completely eliminate shipping all together.
  • Free Gift with Purchase – There are always, and I mean always, offers for a free gift with purchase at Victoria’s Secret. This can be a free panty, free sports bra, free bag, etc.
  • Dollar/Percentage Off – These are coupons like “$15 off a $100 purchase” or “25% off a bra purchase.”

Coupons aren't the only stackable money-savers! If you have freebies such as a free panty, a free tote bag, or a free headband, stack them, too. 

4. 2 1/2 (3?) words: Semi-Annual Sale.

Be patient and shop during July and December online or in stores in August and January. If you've ever shopped at Victoria's Secret or know anyone who has, you know how people react to these sales. You can get up to 70% off bras, panties, and whatever your heart desires. 

It's also worthy to note that their prices start at 50% off but will eventually jump to 75% off, and coupons are not stackable during their Semi-Annual Sale. Their sale inventory is constantly being replenished, so don't just go once and call it quits. Persevere! 

Pro tip: The winter Semi-Annual Sale (January and December) actually has better discounts. You can get fancy-schmancy holiday bras for dirt cheap - like $15 cheap - and even cheap sleepwear. During the warmer months, the sale is shorter and the markdowns aren't as impressive.

5. Paying money for underwear is for the uninformed.

You can find a free panty at Victoria's Secret as easy as you can find a Pumpkin Spice Latte in a girl's hand during the fall. Again, The Krazy Coupon Lady hands over her expertise:

  • Newsletter/App Sign-up – These are typically a free panty with purchase. You’ll earn them by signing up for the newsletter or downloading the V.S. or Pink Nation apps.
  • Monthly Promotions – You’ll almost always receive a monthly “free with purchase” coupon in your inbox. This month, it’s a free “Body by Victoria” panty with any purchase.

6. The Secret Rewards promotion could make you $500 richer. 

Victoria's Secret runs the Secret Rewards promotion biannually, each for a one month period. Shoppers receive a secret rewards card valued anywhere from $10 to $500, which can be redeemed the following month in store or online.

If you want more rewards, you can request a secret rewards card via mail - you don't even have to buy anything to get free money! Even better, you are allowed to request one card per day per household for the entire promotion period, which means you will receive a minimum of $300 in secret rewards cards. Even if you have 30 of these heavenly cards, you can only use one per transaction.

7. Keep your receipts for price adjustments, ladies!

Keep your receipt for at least 2 weeks if you bought it in store and 3 weeks if you bought it online. Victoria's Secrets honors price adjustments up to 14 days for in-store purchases and 21 days after an item's ship date for online purchases if the price of an item you purchased drops. 

Pro tip: If you've been eyeing an item and have been waiting until the Semi-Annual Sale to take the plunge, buy it a couple weeks before the sale and keep your receipt. Bring it into your nearest Victoria's Secret for a price adjustment during the Semi-Annual Sale, and you'll never have to worry about your item selling out again.

8. TGIF.

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

The best day to shop at Victoria's Secret is Friday. They have their famous Fever Friday sales, which can get you awesome deals like receiving a free tee when you buy 2 bras (worth $29.50). However, Fever Fridays are random, but just follow their Twitter to stay in the know!

9. Get fitted for bras in store but don't buy them there.

Take advantage of their awesome bra-fitting service, but buy your bra online. Ask for a fit card to write down all the styles and sizes that work for you, and then browse the options online. You might find discountinued colors and patterns, and you might also score a discount!

10. Swimsuits are at their lowest prices during August and September.

If you're okay with sporting last summer's styles (which won't be that different because Victoria's Secret's swim styles don't vary that much year to year) or have a late summer/early fall vacation, wait until August or September to buy your swimwear. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, "$9.99 is the magical number when it comes to swimsuits." Hurry - their swim catalog is being cut, so take advantage of the sales this year!

11. If you want to smell like a budget-savvy Angel, buy their fragrances in January.

You can find discounted holiday gift sets during this first month of the year, and The Krazy Coupon Lady even noted that during mid-January, her Victoria's Secret had an entire display of fragrances for up to 75% off.

12. Shop online first.

Source: Victoria's Secret

Unfortunately, Victoria's Secret stores will not match online prices and vice versa. Victoriassecret.com operates independently from physical Victoria's Secret locations. However, even if you can find a better deal online, consider shipping fees first.

13. Having second thoughts about a bra purchase? Return it.

Yes, even if you've worn a bra a few times, you can still return or exchange it for a full refund up to 90 days after your purchase date, if you have a receipt.

14. If you can't keep track of receipts for the life of you, it's okay.

If your bra doesn't fit correctly but you lost the reciept, you can still return or exchange it. You won't get a full refund or the full retail value during an exchange, but you will receive $15.99 towards a new bra regardless of the original price. Awesome or what?

15. Become part of the Pink Nation.

Source: Victoria's Secret

Signing up for a bunch of newsletters and stuff is not ideal, but when you can save a few bucks here and there, who's going to complain? You'll get "in on exclusive offers, events and members-only fun," according to Pink Nation. You will also score a free panty with purchase just for joining.

16. Become a Victoria's Secret Angel credit card holder.*

*If and only if you can pay off your balance in full each month. Otherwise, the 25.24% APR is not worth it. However, if you do apply for the card, you'll get exclusive Angel benefits like: 

  • $15 off your next purchase 
  • Free shipping on any order that includes a bra
  • 6 months of "irresistible offers," according to Victoria's Secret
  • $10 for every 250 points earned ($1 spent = $1 point)
  • Triple the points on all bra purchases
  • Early access to the Semi-Annual Sale
  • A $10 gift on your birthday every year your Angel card is active


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