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8 Walmart Black Friday Shopping Hacks

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November 13, 2016 · 8k Views

Black Friday can be a crazy shopping day with the sheer number of people in the stores to the dizzying number of sales to keep straight. This Black Friday, you will certainly want to hit up Walmart as it often offers the lowest price on some items than any other store out there.

When planning your Black Friday shopping at Walmart, get a strategy in place to help you find your way through the store for exactly what you are looking for at those “rollback” prices. Here are some hacks to get you ready for Black Friday at Walmart this year.

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8 Walmart Black Friday Shopping Hacks

1. Know Walmart’s Black Friday hours.


Source: Walmart

Knowing exactly when Walmart is open for its Black Friday sale will help you to make sure you cash in on those great prices. Typically, Walmart opens on the evening of Thanksgiving at either 6 p.m. or 8 p.m., depending on your store. The sale will continue again on Friday at 8 a.m. Be sure you arrive early to get those in-demand items that run out quickly.


2. Do your homework.

walmart black friday ad scan

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It is your responsibility to review Walmart’s ad for Black Friday, taking note of its discount prices on the items you are looking for. You want to go into the store prepared and you should definitely have a list of everything that you intend to buy so you don’t forget anything.


3. Watch out for deals.

walmart one-hour guarantee add

Source: Pinterest. *Note: This is not Walmart's One-Hour Guarantee ad for 2016.


For last two years Walmart has run its One-Hour Guarantee sale during Black Friday, that offers certain items at a special price for one hour. If it runs out of the item during the one hour, you can still get that price by paying for it at checkout and registering your receipt online. Walmart then guarantees delivery of your item to the store by Dec. 24.

You will want to take advantage of the One-Hour Guarantee sale as these items are usually discounted significantly. Plus, you are guaranteed to get this price as long as you purchase during the designated hour and register your receipt, of course.

Last Black Friday, Walmart offered some significant items during its One-Hour Guarantee sale, including iPads, TVs, Xbox and Beats headphones. Definitely take advantage of this part of Walmart’s Black Friday sale.


4. Get the app.

walmart app walmart app walmart app

Source: Apple iTunes

Walmart offers the Savings Catcher app that literally looks for savings at other retailers that you can price match at Walmart. For anything that you have bought at Walmart, you simply scan your receipt with the app and it will tell if anything you bought is cheaper at any other retailer. If the Saving Catcher app finds you a lower price, you get the difference back in an eCard.

This is a great and easy way to make sure you are getting the lowest price on Black Friday. The Saving Catcher app will scan all the sales out there for you and give you even more savings. Plus, you don’t even have to go back to Walmart for a price adjustment, saving you even more time.


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5. Prepare to price match.

walmart price match on black friday

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Walmart is one of the few stores that price matches on Black Friday. If done right, you can limit the number of places you go. It is a bit of a stickler on its rules for price matching as the ad must have the actual sale price and not a percentage or dollar amount listed so make sure the price is there.

Walmart will price match from Amazon so you can use this as another tool on Black Friday to get the lowest price out there.


6. Use your coupons.

walmart coupons

Source: Walmart

Walmart can be a haven for coupon users as it allows you to use competitor coupons to really stack up the savings. Even better is Walmart’s overage policy that gives you the full amount of the coupon even if the price of the item you bought is less. You can even earn cash back in this scenario. Don’t forget to bring and use all those coupons you find in the paper and online to really drive those prices down. Click here for all of Walmart's coupons.


7. Buy online.

Source: Walmart

Walmart is one of the few retailers that offers almost everything in its Black Friday sales at the same prices online. Its online sale typically starts at 3 am EST on Friday, allowing to get those deals without ever leaving your house.

Beware that you will have to pay for shipping on some items as Walmart doesn’t offer free shipping until your total reaches $50. If you plan to buy several items or some big ticket items, this may be a worthwhile to get in on the Black Friday sales.


8. Hold on to those receipts.

walmart returns

Source: Lifehacker

Nothing can be more frustrating than having to deal with a store’s return policy without a receipt. Walmart has a pretty lax policy that caters to consumers, allowing you to return items without a receipt. While you will most likely get the lowest price ever offered for the item, you will be able to return it. This may be less than what you originally paid so it’s wise to hold on to those receipts for safekeeping.

Also, get a gift receipt for those items that are gifts. The person you are giving it to will appreciate it if they decide to return or exchange anything.


With these hacks you will be sure to navigate Walmart’s Black Friday sales, getting the lowest price possible on everything you want.

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