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Walmart Ends In-Store Ad Matching Program

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May 27, 2016 · 105k Views

Walmart to end in-store ad matching program

Walmart recently confirmed to Business Insider that they are ending their in-store ad-matching program for approximately 500 stores beginning June 9th. The ad-matching program has been a grocery shopping saver for those who provide a competitor ad in order price match and receive discounts at Walmart.

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In turn, Walmart is planning to offer long-term rollback (or discount) prices on thousands of items in-stores. However, if rollback prices are still more than competitor pricing, ad-matching will no longer be a solution for savvy in-store shoppers. For those wondering if this would also affect their online price matching policy, it won’t. Looks like the change will only affect in-store pricing so far. Walmart online price match policy remain the same and you can see the list of online retailers eligible for price matching at Walmart.com.


Are there any ways I can still price match in-store?

For those not familiar, Walmart has an app tool called Savings Catcher which provide the same service as Walmart’s in-store ad-matching program. With Savings Catcher, you basically scan your store receipt and if a lower price is discovered, you get the partial refund back in the form of a Walmart eGift Card.

Seems as though Walmart axed their in-store price matching in order to drive more shoppers to their Savings Catcher app. Although there are no words on which stores are affected by the policy change, the Savings Catcher app will continue to work for all stores regardless of the policy change.

Head over to this Walmart coupon page for all of their coupons and deals offers.

What do you make of their policy changes? Have you tried the Savings Catcher app? 




monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
RGreene1015Jun 06, 2016
I can go months without having a customer want to ad match anything. People in my area just aren't interested. And in all honesty, the policy is more trouble than it's worth, because the few people that do try to ad match don't seem to understand how it works and then try to argue with us about it.
FranknamberJun 04, 2016
My local walmart does not match to the website prices. When I worked there we were told that we did NOT price matchbto online prices.
leigh85Jun 04, 2016
The saving catcher don't work on produce anything on the general merchandise or no store name products. This is crap they need to fix the saving catcher to be better.
jg2448Jun 03, 2016
Savings Catcher doesn't price match produce and that is mainly what I price match. I will be shopping elsewhere as their produce is too expensive. I never received my Savings Catcher credit last year. It disappeared from my account.
Momof9kiddosJun 03, 2016
So will they still match their own online prices? I saved almost $20 just showing them that my items where cheaper on their website.
dmcebalJun 03, 2016
I don't always remember to ad match The savings catcher app helps to get the savings back.
SCWDTDJun 02, 2016
I look at the corporate website and it's not there.... where did this information come from?
hhmarie116Jun 02, 2016
I use the savings catcher and like it for the most part. However, I noticed the last receipt it processed it told me I saved $.52 but it never added it to my total. Well I just wonder how many times that happened that I just haven't noticed it. I worked for Wal-Mart 15 years and this program was taken advantage of.
Rboone25Jun 01, 2016
I am disapointed about this. The savings catcher doesn't work against local stores. It only seems to compare prices of chain stores. It has never saved me anything. I guess I won't be shopping at Walmart any more.
jcall30Jun 01, 2016
I like the savings catcher app. I never took the time to get the cashier to price match so now the app does it for me. I've never had a problem getting a the savings and it matches every competitor around me. I've been using it since it began and have more than $150 savings currently to my credit.
gmaoletJun 01, 2016
gMy daughter works for Walmart and she told me about the savings catcher. I have been using it since December. I find that Im more likely to go to Walmart now. I like the program.
SChostMay 31, 2016
I use the savings catcher and love it... I do not have time to chase adds... so I shop scan the recipe and it is done. I save mine up and use it for the holidays.
SChostMay 31, 2016
I am sorry to see it go but the abuse is so bad I am not surprised...
Momcat2May 31, 2016
Their food prices are usually higher than other grocery stores so I will not buy food there anymore.
JustmeanduMay 30, 2016
Thank God!! People abuse this and get stuff basically for free, for the fear that if we say no they will complain and just get it anyway. Those ppl is who I'm sick of. I use the savings catcher and have saved nearly $5 so far. It is well worth it.! Innovation is the new future and Walmart is always changing and it's for the nerf! Good job
justme222May 30, 2016
After hearing that the person who heads up Walmart said that they wish they could only pay their employees $.50 hr I have lost respect for those that head up the organization. However, I worked there once and have to say that most who work there are hard working people. The reason that they are doing this is because they can. They have more shopping their because Target does not care about the women and children and many like me will never set foot in Target again. Walmart has seen this as an opportunity to screw many of us who support them.
cuteminni71May 29, 2016
The saver catcher of walmart account was hacked and they NEVER gave me my money. Is not worth it
pronetocrash91May 27, 2016
That's a bummer.

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