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6 Ways To Get The Absolute Lowest Prices On Amazon

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July 07, 2016 · 21.8k Views

Ok, so you’ve been to Amazon. You arrived onto the homepage, searh for what you need, filter by highest reviews (which by the way, gets a little tricky since some highly rated items are PAID reviews, more on that later), scan for the lowest price and buy. Sounds about right?

Amazon shopping goes one of three ways:

1. If you’re not an Amazon Prime shopper, you’re looking for specific items and then you’ll probably pad your order with that one silly keychain you’ve been wanting since 2012.

2. If you’re an Amazon Prime shopper, you grab one (or a few) specific items, make sure they’re Prime eligible and mutter that they better arrive on time for the annual membership fee you pay.

3. If you’re not an Amazon Prime shopper, you purchase and you actually pay for the shipping fee… well, hey, I don’t know what you’re doing here. Just kidding! You’re probably looking for ways to save (outside of Amazon promotion codes) and just how to navigate the world of Amazon in general. Which is totally fine, we got you.

Here’s a neat breakdown as well as a few helpful resources (spot our purple money light icons cha-ching!) to help you skip along to better discounts on Amazon. Also, big thanks to DealsPlus member taratstock for sharing this topic idea! You’re the best.


Amazon Coupons 101

You probably saw this coming. Amazon offers 2 different types of coupons available to all online shoppers.

Amazon Clippable Coupons

All Amazon Clippable Coupons

Amazon Prime Pantry Clippable Coupons

Amazon has a ton of clippable digital coupons available for your fave snacks, beverages, cleaning supplies etc. They’re all located on Amazon.com/Coupons AND they’re darn easy to use. No code required. All you have to do is hit the ‘Clip Coupon’ button for every discount you desire (and you desire it all right?).

The best way to scan through these clippable coupons? Filter. Scroll down the end of the page to browse coupons by category OR use the ‘Display’ and ‘Sort By’ drop down menu for the best discount available during your daily (or hourly) Amazon visit.


Amazon Coupon Codes

So for those who don’t know (and we’re not surprised), Amazon does offer specific coupon code discounts that you can apply at checkout. They’re pretty discreet about this sometimes. You’ll only find the coupon code on specific pages and I hardly ever come across codes while browsing (to be honest). Here are the most obvious places you can discover Amazon coupon code (some for select Amazon services):

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Fresh (must be a member and logged in)

All Available Amazon Coupon Codes


How to Search Smarter on Amazon

Ok, so, just like the bargain huntress or (hunter) that you may be in stores. Instead of digging through piles of sales, the internet has made it much easier for all the cheap items to magically appear in front of you one click at a time.

If you have yet to fully utilize the filter functions on Amazon. Now is the time friend, now is the time.

Let’s say you’re searching for an iPhone 6s plus phone case which will inevitably lead you to a result page based on Relevance. On the upper top right corner, the ‘Sort By’ drop down menu is one of the most noticeable ways to find a better deal but as you know, it’ll also display a bunch of mindless junk you’re NOT looking for.

We recommend using these 3 search filters:



By searching via customer reviews, price, and discount (you may also select Prime or Free Shipping as a criteria), you’ll get the cream of the crop. For instance, here’s what we got:


Not bad right? Keep in mind that you’ll get better results with a wide search term rather than a specific search term. For example: “iPhone 6s plus case” will give you better search results options compared to “Warriors iPhone 6s plus case”.


Amazon Price Tracker

If you’ve been following us, we rave about one tool and one tool only for Amazon price tracking. Camelcamelcamel (CCC). With the CCC browser extension (or you can search with Amazon URL via desktop), you’ll get access to Amazon price history for any item plus, you also have the option to set up a price drop alert.

Another handy tool available with a very easy user interface is The Tracktor. The Tracktor keeps their homepage updated with trending Amazon items that saw a huge price drop and they even displayed how long it has been since the change (which changes frequently on Amazon so it's a act fast type deal). You also have the option to track price changes on a specific item by copying and pasting the Amazon product page URL into their search bar. Not from the U.S.? Change your search destination on the bottom of The Tracktor homepage. 


Amazon Outlet & Warehouse Deals

Oh, have you heard of this? If you have, then skip past this section and collection a virtual pat on the back. If you haven’t, well, I feel like these two pages are possibly one of the most underrated deal pages on Amazon.

For instance, on Amazon Outlet, you can find 50-80% off fine jewelry deals, watches, 50% off or more on beauty products and countless other deals from all categories. This is like… a goldmine if you’re looking to pad your free shipping order or just browsing for budget gifts/deals in general.

screenshot-www.amazon.com 2016-07-06 15-22-33.png

Amazon Warehouse is home to all of Amazon’s open-box and pre-owned products. Those returns on stuff to Amazon you make? They all end up highly discounted on this page. Items sold on Amazon Warehouse will be ranked by Product Conditions, so make sure you take a close look at it before buying!

Today’s Deals on Amazon 10-70% Off


So… Amazon also had a daily deal page where you can access Deal of the Day and Prime Deal of the Day (exclusively for Amazon Prime people) and as usual, you can also filter by discount. So filter by 70% off, see what you’ll find!


Amazon Subscribe & Save

For any Amazon Shopper: if there's a specific home item you find yourself restocking often, or snack, or beauty item etc, consider Amazon Subscribe & Save.


By opting into subscribe and save, you save an extra 5-15% off your subscription item every single delivery plus, you’ll get free shipping on every recurring delivery. You have the option to choose the time frame between each delivery for every item you want to subscribe and save for. Plus, you can cancel anytime!

For Amazon Prime Pantry Shoppers: this same feature does not exist sadly. Prime Pantry already offer coupon discount + coupon code discounts on their Prime Pantry items.


Amazon Paid Reviewers

Not a deal tip but one quick note for all shoppers take paid shoppers reviews with a grain of salt. Amazon has seen a surge of paid reviewers lately and they're required to leave a note in their review that they have received the item free of charge or most commonly, have been given a discount in return for an honest review. 

Our advice? Pay close attention to reviewers who are unpaid, has made a verified purchase and those who write lengthy essays about the product. You'll get all the details you need, including pictures and buy with confidence knowing the other person isn't biased in any way.

Got anymore Amazon discount tips for us? Share it!


monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
dddsssJul 08, 2016
link to art. on how see all purchases from Amazon please?
monster1991Jul 09, 2016
Hey dddsss, I'm not sure I understand but are you looking for a way to see all your past purchases from Amazon? If so: https://www.amazon.com/gp/your-account/order-history?ie=UTF8&ref_=ya_orders_ap&

You must log in to your account in order to view your order history. Hope that helps!
dddsssJul 09, 2016
Thanks, I figured that out, but I wanted to see that article. Thought there might have been something of interest there. maybe not, but I couldn't figure out how to search for that article. Would be great if we could save articles somewhere on to our page for reference. at the least, we used to be able to plus articles.
anna3dJul 08, 2016
This is very useful, thanks
monster1991Jul 09, 2016
Glad you found it helpful anna3d! :)

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