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10 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle with Random Objects

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Kristina ByasGuest Blogger
September 25, 2016 · 9.7k Views

Beer is a beverage that people all over the world enjoy. Dark, pale, fruity, and more, there are so many different types of beer you can try and fall in love with. Of course, the problem that you'll run into before you can actually drink the beer is getting the bottle open.

While many people have bottle openers that are easily accessible, not everyone is as prepared as they should be when they are planning to knock back a few cold ones. Although a bottle opener might not be sitting in your kitchen drawer or hanging off your keychain, that doesn't mean you won't be able to get the bottle open. This is because there are plenty of things that are just lying around your home that will get the job done and help you finally enjoy the beer you've been craving.

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10 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle With Common Household Items

  1. Lighter

    beer lighter

    Source: youtube.com

    This method will require you to use a bit more strength than what you would if you had a bottle opener, but it often does the trick. Using the bottom of the lighter, you'll want to place it under the ridges of the cap and push up until it pops off. You'll want to be sure you are holding on tight because you don't want to drop the bottle once you remove the cap.
  2. Scissors

    beer scissors

    Source: seriouseats.com

    To open up a beer bottle using scissors, you will need a pair that is strong and durable because you don't want to break them or cut yourself. If you happen to have a pair like this in your home, you'll want to cut the ridges of the bottle cap until you can just remove it.
  3. Spoon

    beer spoon

    Source: diyshare.net

    Similar to opening a bottle with a lighter, using a spoon requires some strength. Grab a big spoon from your drawer and place the spoon's tip under the cap. You should be able to remove the cap by pushing up.
  4. Fork

    beer fork

    Source: rd.com

    With a fork, instead of pushing the bottle cap up like you do with many of the other methods, you will want to pull the grooves and ridges away from the cap. This will loosen the cap and allow you to remove it with ease.
  5. Rubber band

    beer rubber band

    Source: wikihow.com

    For this method, you will want to find a thick rubber band that will fit around the cap. After you have wrapped the band around the cap, you will basically try to twist the cap off. It will take some strength, but it does work.
  6. Knife

    beer knife

    Source: food-hacks.wonderhowto.com

    Using a knife to open a beer bottle can be fun, but it is also messy. You will want to hold the bottle at an angle and in one swift motion use the knife to slice the cap off. You will probably spill some beer, but the bottle will be open. With this method, you want to be especially careful because a sharp knife not being used carefully could lead to an injury.
  7. Key

    beer key

    Source: wikihow.com

    Pick out a big, strong key on your keychain and use it to open your bottle. By sticking your key underneath the edge of the cap and pushing up, the cap should pop off. Of course, there will need to be enough force in order for this to work.
  8. Nail clippers

    beer nail clippers

    Source: rd.com

    The same way you would use a fork to open a bottle, you would use a nail clipper. Open the nail clipper and stick in under the cap. Work your way around, pulling at the grooves until the cap loosens and you can just pull it off.
  9. Hammer

    beer hammer

    Source: rd.com

    Hammers can be used to open beer bottles quickly and easily. Just take the forked part of the hammer and stick it under the cap. Once it is situated, pull at the grooves in the bottle. Do this until the cap becomes loose.
  10. Paper

    beer paper

    Source: wikihow.com

    Paper may not seem like it is strong enough to open a beer bottle, but it actually does work. You'll want to perform a similar motion as you would when using a lighter. Grab a piece of paper, fold it as many times as possible, then use it to pop off the top.

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