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7 Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Real World After College

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September 29, 2016 · 1.7k Views


You graduated, now what?

Okay, let’s step on the brakes there. Maybe you haven’t graduated yet, but are counting down the days till you can call yourself a college grad. With back to school season in full swing, it’s time for you to start thinking about how to prepare yourself for life outside the college classroom. You’re going to spend 4 years of your life with your nose pinned to college textbook and spend restless nights in the library. Not to mention, college loans piling up putting you in debt before you even graduate. Did I mention the stress of landing a job right out of college? Life right out of college can be hard; however if you take advantage of all the resources around you it can be the time of your life. These 7 tips and resources will help you avoid the stress headache that can come after graduating college.

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7 Things College Students Should Keep in Mind 

  1. Occupations that pay


    Did you know that the average salary for recent college grads is $50,556? You may think that’s a lot, but when you factor in debt and other living expenses it can amount to very little. While in college, researching how much occupations pay can help you decide which career path you may want to follow. Resources like Glassdoor and CareerOnestop offer students the opportunity to compare salaries based off job titles, occupations, and locations. The top three highest paying degrees for students after college are engineering, computer science, and math and sciences.

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  2. Debt

    college debt

    College is expensive. The second you start college your student loans will be tied to you for the rest of your lives. The good thing is there are many ways to prepare yourself to be as debt free as possible as soon as you graduate.

     Only take out what you need
     Live on a frugal budget the life of a college student)
     If you have extra money, pay off your loan (Even a $1 counts)

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  3. Networking


    College is one of the greatest places to meet people just like you. Whether you know what career you want to pursue or not, college is the best place to network with a diverse group of peers and build new connections. Networking with others around you in college can lead to you landing your dream job after you graduate. According to Linkedin, a new survey found that 85% of critical jobs are filled via networking.
  4. Gain experience

    the intern

    Internships are the single most greatest form of experience you can gain while in college. Most internships are unpaid; however if you're lucky enough, you can find many great opportunities that offer paid internships. is a great place to begin your search for college internships. Some other ways to find an internship is to ask your advisor, go to your library (most colleges have job search and internship tools), or craigslist
  5. Join a student club

    student clubs

    Are you currently enrolled in a student club at your school? Student clubs are a great way to find other students with similar interest as you. Some of the top student clubs to be apart of in college are student government, honor society, multicultural, or dance clubs. If none of those clubs catch your interest, you can always start your own club. Another benefit of being a part of a club is how it translates on your resume. Nowadays, employers look to hire those who are part of an organization where they can learn, branch out and develop skills that are crucial to real world environment. As we mentioned above, if college clubs and organization is not for you, try interning or a part time job!
  6. Attend conferences


    Conferences provide students with the opportunity to network, find your passion, and learn about yourself. Just about any industry you might have an interest in will have several conferences throughout the year. Additionally, attending a conference gives you the chance to get a feel for what type of environment you’ll be in and who you'll work with for that particular industry/career path. This is a good starting point to open up a line of communication with employers and see what industry best suits you.

    Tip: Many conferences offer special discounts for college students or even better ask to volunteer and you can go for free!
  7. Budget


    Learning how to manage your money while in college might be the greatest skill to help prepare you for life after college. As a college student, money may be tight but making every dollar go the distance will help you succeed in college and after college. Take advantage of meal plans, make the most use of of your student ID savings, and avoid overspending when going out.  Being a college student has it's perks which include free concerts and more that will allow you to save money along the way (you need only look!). Learning how to manage your money will help you go a long way once you finally graduated college!

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