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11 Ways to Save Hundreds on Clothes Shopping

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
June 19, 2016 · 1.6k Views

Feel like you’ve been spending a bit too much on clothing lately? Shopping for clothes doesn’t have to put a huge dent in your bank account each time you do it. Put an end to unnecessary purchases, impulse buys, and poor deal-hunting, and start using these 11 tips to save hundreds on clothes shopping!

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1. Shop with cash only.

It’s much easier to swipe a piece of plastic and not think anything of it, than to see the cash leave your hand and not be returned to you. Additionally, you should only be buying what you can afford, so don’t even think about using that credit card! Better yet, just leave the credit cards and the debit cards at home when clothes shopping!

2. Check out discount chains.

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There are definitely deals to be found at discount chains such as Target, T.J. Maxx, and the like. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the store, you can always try searching these stores’ websites as well.

3. Buy things out of season.

The smartest shoppers know better than to hit those “new arrival” racks in the stores. Instead, shop for fall and winter clothes in the spring, and spring and summer clothes in the fall. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll save by timing your clothing purchases just right.

4. Check out deal websites.

Source: Zulily

Some favorite deal websites include Groupon and Zulily. Specifically, Zulily has been known to have some awesome bargains on name brand shoes, athletic gear, and casual attire. Just be aware of the shipping costs on some of these sites, to make sure your online shopping isn’t actually costing you more than what you’d be paying in a store.  

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5. Avoid online flash sales.

While these flash sales do typically offer a significant price drop, they also lead to impulsive, unnecessary purchases. When the timer is ticking in your face, you’re not stopping to thoroughly think about what you really need and what you just want because it’s being flashed in front of you. Checking out a flash sale on occasion is fine, as long as you’re making wise decisions and smart buys.

6. Don’t be afraid to shop second-hand.

Source: Horizon Goodwill

Thrift stores and consignment stores - like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other local consignment shops - are known for their outrageously low prices. With consignment stores, you can even make money on clothes you no longer want while shopping for new clothes! While you won’t find treasure each and every time go, it’s always worth checking out.

7. Be sure about an item before buying it.

First of all, if you don’t absolutely love it, put it back. Why spend the money on something you just like? Second, use the list-of-three rule. Make a quick list of three reasons you should buy the item you’re looking at. This can include three other outfits in your already-existing wardrobe that it would work well with, or even three upcoming events or occasions that you could wear it to. If you can’t think of three different reasons, you probably don’t need it.

8. Only buy clothes that fit you - your body AND your style.

Source: Woman's Day

Don’t buy something with the hope that it will fit you eventually. If it doesn’t fit you right now, put it back. You can always come back and buy it when it actually does fit you. Moreover, stick to your usual style - the materials that fit you well look best on you. One of the best strategies to save money on clothes is to only buy clothes that match the rest of your closet, so that you’re more likely to wear it all.

9. Don’t buy something just because it’s trendy at the time.

Trends typically only last for a very short time, making it unlikely that you’ll get much use out of those trendy items. Instead of buying every trendy item just because it’s trending, stick to only buying the items that you genuinely love and will continue wearing even after the trend fades.

10. Go for the clearance racks.

Source: Broke But Bougie

Clearance racks are awesome. We all know that. But did you know that almost all stores mark down their merchandise at least twice, if not more? Therefore, it’s best to wait for the second round of markdowns before buying!

11. Be smart about buying basics.

Basics are essential to expanding your wardrobe, as they are super easy to mix and match and they add variety to your already-existing outfits. If you’re buying items like camisoles or plain t-shirts to wear underneath other pieces, consider buying generic brands, rather than spending the extra money on name brand items that nobody is going to see.


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Stephanie Mialki is a mommy of two under two, a fitness enthusiast, and a digital marketing guru. She spends all of her spare time….oh wait, what spare time? She has a passion for business building and has successfully assisted more than 20 entrepreneurs start their own companies.

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