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11 Ways to Save Money at Bed Bath & Beyond

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Jazmine ReedGuest Blogger
May 19, 2016 · 27.8k Views

We all need fresh linens at some point. So we all venture to the mecca of fresh sheets, bathroom essentials and As-Seen-On-TV products... Bed Bath & Beyond. It's the great retailers for all your home decor needs, but what every shopper truly *needs* is savings. Today, we bring you 11 ways to save money at your favorite store!


1. Save the coupons!

Those little dates on the coupon? Those are merely suggestions. Nice, gentle suggestions. Bloggers and shoppers have written about redeeming coupons upward of three months after the “suggestion date.” And no need to “play dumb”, the cashier will be happy to redeem your coupon! So keep a drawer, and treat those coupons like cash—they basically are!

2. Play hard to get.

We’re all guilty of it; loading up our online cart, and just letting it sit there, and never checking out. What a drag. Well, there’s someone watching you. (No, net your husband. And no, not your credit card company.) It’s Bed Bath & Beyond! And to nudge you to checkout, magically, some coupons will appear. Friends, patience is truly a virtue!

3. Download the Amazon app.

Not just because it’s the source of all things we (don’t really) need, but because Bed Bath & Beyond will price match what is on Amazon! This is something not all retailers do, so hats off to the linen palace for helping us all out!

4. Early bird gets the... clearance section.

Monday through Wednesday is the best time of the week to clearance dive through the discounts! Bed Bath & Beyond replenishes the section on the weekends, and those who manage to make it in the beginning of the week, snag the best deals. Often household favorites like panini makers, coffee makers, and K-Cups can be found in this section!

5. There’s an app for that.

Savings? There’s an app for that. Like the thousands of other shopping chains, Bed Bath & Beyond has a system for its mobile users. There, you can receive the latest and greatest savings, as well as receive information on the chain.

6. Do the math.

So there is a science to couponing as we’re sure you’re mom can attest. And there is some math behind it as well. Money-saving expert Andrea Woroch explained, “20 percent off deal should be applied to any purchase that will save you more than $5. In other words, buyers should earmark these coupons for items marked $25 or higher. Because these coupons are generally good for single items only, it’s best to save them for bigger-ticket purchases.” She goes on to explain, “Once in awhile, you get a 20 percent off your entire purchase which is a great coupon,” Woroch said. “[However], you can also use multiple coupons on your purchase, so make sure you bring as many coupons as you have so you don’t miss out on those extra savings. Using a 20 percent off coupon on a $10 item still saves you money!”

7. Get free gift cards.

Kinda. Bed Bath & Beyond is known for help those who help themselves to amazing deals! Often there will be a promotion as follows: Spend $300 on (Name Brand Here), and receive a $50 gift to use in-store. And let’s be real, you were going to spend $400 in the store eventually.

8. Get cash back.

Did you know you can get cash back for online shopping? Well, hey, you can get cash back for online shopping! For example, Shop At Home offers 5% back on your purchase, and often give out more free coupons.

9. Sign up for offers.

Sometimes the most obvious answer, is the least acquired. Stop giving out that spam AOL email address you never check. Sign-up for the emails and savings, and be the first to know when sales are coming!

10. Don’t forget the manufacturer's coupon.

What’s better than one coupon? TWO. Humor yourself more savings by printing coupons by the manufacturer of the product you’re purchasing AND using Bed Bath & Beyond.

11. Ask for a price adjustment.

One of life’s greatest nuances is buying something for one price, only to return to the retailer a week later, and see the product is cheaper! But luckily, Bed Bath & Beyond makes price adjustments! How kind.


Jennifer12309May 27, 2016
These are excellent tips. There's quite a few I had no idea about!

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