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15 Ways to Save Money on Gas This Summer

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Jacqueline PaumierGuest Blogger
June 13, 2016 · 5.5k Views

Source: Brown and Hudson

Summertime usually means incredible road trips, but gas prices may have you considering flying instead. Don’t skip out on making new memories just yet. We have collected some tricks to help save you money at the pump and keep you on the road.


1. Look For Gift Cards/Affiliate Cards

Plenty of grocery chains like Winne Dixie and Safeway now offer discounts for shoppers. The more you shop the more you can add up discounts at participating gas stations.

2. Check Online

Source: Gizmodo

The internet and app stores are now filled with ways to find the cheapest gas on your trip. Check out apps like Gas Buddy that help find the most affordable gas stations along your route.

3. Use Your Cruise Control

While attempting to make good time on your trip, it can be tempting to speed on those long stretches of highway. Unfortunately, all that time saved equals money lost at the pump. Set the cruise control for somewhere around 65 for stead gas use resulting just about 2.4 miles per gallon.

4. Go In for A Tune Up

Source: Wheels

By making sure your car engine is well maintained, you can improve your gas mileage by up to 8%.

If you're going to get a tune-up, find ways to save at your local Pep Boys with coupons. Meineke is a great option, too!

5. Check Your Air Filter

One in every four cars on the road needs a new airfilter. Driving with dirty air filters can reduce your cars gas mileage by 10%. Not good for the wallet.

6. Check the Air in Your Tires

Source: Cool Rides Online

Over a quarter of vehicles on the road are driving with deflated tires. Not only is this incredibly dangerous, it also can result in a loss of 3% fuel efficiency.

7. Drive Smoothly

By keeping your drive smooth and not excellerating too quickly, or feathring the gas pedal at stop lights, you can save up to 10% on mileage.

8. Choose Low Octane Gas

Source: Bloomberg

Don’t use gas that’s higher grade than what your car requires. Not only is high octane gas more expensive, but it is also only required for high compression cars. Choosing high octane is usually not required for most cars.

9. Don’t Idle

In addition to increasing air pollution, idling wastes way too much gas. If it’s necessary to stop for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine. Save “warming up the car” for colder weather.

10. Do Your Errands in One Trip

Source: Friendship Circle

While it may require some forward planning, handling all of your errands in one trip from the house instead of multiple smaller trips can save you major money at the pump.

11. Pack Less

The heavier the car, the harder your engine needs to work. In fact, every 100 pounds of weight in your car reduces fuel efficiency by 1% to 2%.Consider how much you pack and take only the necessities.

12. Check Your Alignment

Source: Daytona Toyota

Having poorly aligned tires can cost you money in multiple ways. Not only does poor alignment wear out your tires faster, but they also cause your engine to work harder resulting in using up more gas. In fact, having aligned tires can save you up to 10% on gas mileage.

AutoZone offers great deals and coupons on plenty of car services.

13. Tighten Up that Gas Cap

A loose gas cap can actually cost you money do to evaporation of gasoling from your tank. If the weather gets hot enough, a loosely closed gas tank can cost you up to 30 gallons of gas a year.

14. Turn Off The AC

Source: Zaki Anwar MD

Running your cars air conditioning can definitely drain your gas tank. Unless you are moving at speeds above 45 mph, choose to roll down the windows and get some fresh air instead. Having the windows down for speeds above 45 mph can cause wind drag, which can also cost more gas!

15. Don’t Haul it On the Roof

While it may seem necessary to strap the kayaks on for the trip, the decision can be a real gas guzzler. Adding any products to the rooftop of your car interferes with its aerodynamics, cause force to be pushed against the car. This can reduce a cars fuel efficiency anywhere from 2% to 8% in residential areas, and even up to 25% on interstates.


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