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15 Ways to Save on Your Southwest Flight

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January 10, 2017 · 5.8k Views

ways to save on your southwest flight

Depending on where you are going, air travel can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Flying on Southwest is one of the cheapest ways to travel and it offers plenty of opportunities to save even more on your flight.

Using these tips, you will be able to score a real discount ticket to virtually anywhere that Southwest flies. With its already low prices, this can be a good opportunity to get a deal to that travel destination you have been eyeing, making now the time to go on that last-minute vacation.

Take advantage of these amazing ways to save on an airline ticket with Southwest and you’ll have enough leftover to pay for that nice hotel or at least a nice dinner.


15 Ways to Save on Your Southwest Flight southwest heart icon

1. Book online.

southwest booking online

Source: Southwest.com

Booking online is the easiest and best way to save through Southwest. You’ll find the lowest prices online and be able to compare a range of flights to find the lowest price to your destination. Don’t waste your time trying to book with an agent as there are often fees associated with this and you have no guarantee that you are getting the lowest price. Online is the way to go to save the most.


2. Sign up for Click 'N Save emails.

Southwest makes it easy for you to monitor the lowest price on the airline through its Click 'N Save email program. It sends you weekly emails on its deals of the week. This is the perfect way to find low fares and can help you keep track of when your destination is on sale. Just sign up through the Southwest website and deals will be delivered directly to your email each week.


3. Check for special offers.

southwest special offers

Source: Southwest.com

If emails aren’t your thing, you can still stay up-to- date on the latest sales by checking Southwest’s Special Offers section. Here you can select flight deals and get in on Southwest’s airfare sales to your favorite destinations. Check this first before you book as you may be able to adjust your travel date to get in on some savings.


4. Become a Rapid Rewards member.

Southwest has its own rewards program that gives you points per dollar spent on airfare through the airline and depending on what type of flight you book, you can add those points up quickly. The points you earn never expire and you can redeem them anytime you want without blackout dates. This can allow you to book that expensive flight at no cost to you.


5. Earn points through dining.

southwest points through dining

You can earn even more points to secure yourself a free flight faster by signing up for Southwest Rapid Rewards Dining. Just register your credit or debit card and use it at over 11,000 restaurants, bars, or clubs, in the program and you will earn 3 points for every dollar you spend, getting you one step closer to a free flight.

6. Add an online review.

Since you are already a member of the dining rewards program, you can make this even more worth your while by posting a review of the restaurant that you earned points from. Every review gets you 10 additional points and will help those Rapid Rewards pile up fast.


7. View fares from nearby airports.

southwest at airport

Source: Travel + Leisure

If you live in an area that has multiple airports within driving distance, you may be able to save by checking if Southwest offers a lower fare from an alternate airport location. This can help you flying into your destination as well as flying out of a different airport if necessary. If the price is right, it may be a wise choice to drive a little farther to save big.

8. Refund if you find a lower price.

Southwest is generous in its refund policy and will allow you to refund your ticket for a full credit with the airline. If you find your airfare lower after your original booking, refund your ticket and rebook at the lower price. You will be able to use that credit down the road for another trip and you will get your airfare at the lower booked price.


9. Check your baggage.

southwest checked baggage

Source: AirlineReporter

Southwest is one of the few remaining airlines to allow bags to be checked without fees. This can save you a bundle compared to other airlines that charge for checked baggage as long as you limit your bags to two checked and two carry-ons. Just another way you can save on your Southwest flight.


10. Request a credit card.

You can really get those Rapid Reward points to stack up by signing up for a Southwest credit card. Right off the bat, you get 40,000 points with your first $1000 spent on the card. You get points when you buy on Southwest or when you stay at a hotel or rent a car. You also get points on your card enrollment anniversary which helps get you closer to a redeeming those points for free flights on Southwest. If you travel often, this is an ideal way to get a free trip and rack up those points quickly.


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11. Select flexible dates.

southwest flexible dates

Source: Southwest.com

If you don’t have to be to your destination on an exact date, choose the flexible dates option when you search. This will show you the lowest price of travel to your destination for every day of the month you intend to fly. Flying during certain days and times may be cheaper and if your travel plans warrant the opportunity for some flexibility, you can adjust your dates based on price to get the best deal possible.


12. Choose Wanna Get Away.

Southwest offers you the option of what type of flight option you want and with its Wanna Get Away choice, you are guaranteed the lowest price. While you won’t have priority boarding, if you have a short flight it won’t matter too much if you aren’t in the front of the plane and it takes you a few minutes longer to get off the plane as you will be saving quite a bit with this choice.


13. Book as a bundle.

southwest vacation package

Source: Southwest.com

Southwest gives you the opportunity to book your entire travel plans as a package. This may be a cheaper alternative to booking hotel and rental car separately, giving you the chance to save on your entire trip. Just choose vacations as your search method and you will have the option to bundle a hotel and car with your flight.


14. No fee changes.

If you have to change your flight for any reason, Southwest has a no change fee policy. It is one of the few airlines that doesn’t believe in fees and lets you change your flight as your plans change. Just make the new arrangements online and you will have a new flight itinerary that meets your needs at no additional cost.


15. Choose a flight with a connection.

southwest plane

Source: YouTube

You may be able to get a lower price on a flight with Southwest that has a connection rather than being direct. This small inconvenience may be all you need to save a few bucks and still get to your destination in plenty of time. If you aren’t on a huge time crunch, choose a connection flight to help you save on those Southwest flights.


There are myriad ways to save on a flight with Southwest that will make your next getaway a little more enjoyable. With the extra money, you save on your airfare with the airline, you will be able to splurge big on your trip doing the activities you really want to do and not on trying to get there.

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