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15 Clever Ways to Use Coconut Oil

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Kristina ByasGuest Blogger
October 23, 2016 · 4.8k Views

When you look through your kitchen cabinets, you will probably be able to point out a few items that can be used for a variety of things. From cooking to cleaning and personal care, people have been pretty excited about finding hundreds of interesting ways to use things like apple cider vinegar, turmeric and even coconut oil. If you have been curious about what you can do with coconut oil, now is the time to find out.

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15 Clever Ways to Use Coconut Oil

1. Coffee Creamer

coffee creamer

Coffee creamers tend to have a lot of calories that you don't really need. Instead of using a traditional coffee creamer, add a bit of coconut oil.


2. Wood polish

wood polish

Wood polishes that you purchase from the store may seem like a good idea, but they don't really last a long time. Coconut oil will keep your wood looking shiny and sleek longer than any polish you can buy at the store.


3. Moisturizer


It is important for people to moisturize their skin every day if they want it to be healthy. You may choose to use a lotion, but coconut is better because it penetrates the skin and leaves it soft, hydrated and healthy.


4. Make-up remover

make up remover coconut

Coconut oil makes a great make-up remover because is gentle and not as harsh as the ones you can buy from the store. It will clear away your makeup and leave your face feeling healthy.


5. Massage oil

massage oil

Whether you are at home or at the spa, massages are always nice and relaxing. Many people like to use lotion when getting massaged, but they should really opt for a light oil. They have a variety to choose from, but when you're at home, coconut oil will more than suffice.


6. Leather polish

leather polish

Has your favorite pair of leather boots started to look a little dull? If you clean off the dirt and wipe a little coconut oil on them, they can look like new.


7. Shaving cream


You could spend your money on shaving cream or you could use coconut oil. Coconut oil makes a great shaving cream because it isn't affected by the water, allows for a smooth, clean shave and moisturizes your skin in the process.


8. Personal lubricant


If you have bought lube from the store, you can save your money by using the coconut oil you have in your home. However, this oil does not work well with latex, so it is not ideal for use with condoms.


9. Rust remover


When looking to remove rust, you can get the job done by rubbing a bit of coconut oil on the rust, letting it sit for one or two hours, then rinsing it off with warm water.


10. Dust repellant


Dust can easily gather on certain surfaces, such as wood and your dashboard. By rubbing a bit of coconut oil on these surfaces, you can keep dust from collecting.


11. Eyelash treatment

eyelash treatment

Anyone who wants longer, healthier eyelashes has probably tried some expensive product. Luckily, coconut oil can produce the same results so far less cash. Just rub some on your lashes every night and watch as they transform.


12. Conditioner


The same way coconut oil hydrates your skin, it can hydrate your hair. After shampooing, add a bit of coconut oil. Rinse it out or leave it in, it will definitely leave your hair feeling softer and healthier.


13. Tanning oil


During the summer months, many people enjoy heading to the beach to get a nice tan. If you don't have any tanning oil, or simply don't want to spend the money, you can put on coconut oil and get the same results.


14. Cuticle oil


Many people love painting their nails, but they enjoy it more when their nails are long. If you want longer, stronger nails, coconut oil can help with that. Just rub some on your cuticles daily and enjoy the results.


15. Acne treatment


Acne is not something that people enjoy having. In fact, there are thousands of people who have tried various treatments, only to be disappointed with the results. When people use coconut oil as an acne treatment, the results are usually positive and people are pleased.

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Kristina Byas is a Milwaukee native who has written for Female Intel, Shepherd Express, Scandalous Women and more. She suffers from a severe case of wanderlust and has difficulty purchasing items at full price. You can learn more about her by following her on Twitter: @KristinaByas
juillet27Oct 27, 2016
I love this article!!! Coconut oil has soooo many uses :)

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