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12 Ways You Can Make Money As a Gamer

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Jacqueline PaumierGuest Blogger
July 27, 2016 · 4.6k Views

Who said games are a waste of time? There is a movement of gamers using their skills as a lucrative side hustle. So if you’re tired of explaining your addiction, check out these money making gamer opportunities and start getting paid to play.

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1. Check FlexJobs.

Source: Dot429

The site regularly posts job listings geared specifically towards gamers.

2. Apply with Alchemic Dream.

The Canadian based company hires employees worldwide to fill a variety of gaming industry position, some of which allow you to work from home.

3. Visit East Side Games.

Source: East Side Games

They offer a constant listing of open positions in the gaming industry, from Game Design Director to Animator.

4. You can also check out Game Testers.

They welcome every gaming fan to earn anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour to test video games.

5. Become a freelance video game reporter.

Source: 1001 Up

Get paid to write reviews on video games for different websites.

6. Check out Twitch and become a gaming superstar.

Gamers get paid to play video games live online while viewers tune in and watch them playing. Kind of like a gaming reality show. You don’t even need to have excellent gaming skills; average gamers can make money as long as they have a winning personality and a great sense of humor. Websites like Amazon’s AMZN, Google’s GOOG, are similar sites where you can earn money depending on the number of subscribers you gain from your live gaming streams.

7.  Write guides for video games and sell them.

Source: World of Warren

If you have serious gaming and writing skills, you can write guides for various video games as e-books and sell them on Amazon, Killer Guides, or your own website. Most video game e-books can sell for $15 or more.

8. Freelance at sites like Upwork.

These freelance avenues usually posts daily listings for video game testers, though the pay often isn’t so great.

9. Build and sell video games.

Source: Bookmans

If you aren’t the kind of gamer who gets emotionally attached to their characters you could always build them up and sell them. The process takes time as it requires you develop the characters gear and skill, but once you have completed the game you could easily sell off your character. Player Auctions is a gaming site that allows you to sell your account to the highest bidder.

10. Check out Unnamed Gaming

Unnamed Gaming is another site that’s great for finding job openings in the gaming field. They are a particularly a great source for finding open positions as a Video Game Tester.

11. Compete in video game tournaments.

Source: Tatched

If you are the competitive type, which most gamers are, you can always earn cash and bragging rights by entering video game tournaments. Games like eSports can offer prizes up to $6 million and are open to anyone. You have to be comfortable with the fact that you will have to invest many playing hours without the guarantee of being paid for them, but if you think your skills are up to the task it’s worth a shot!

12. Become a game farmer.

Some gamers are more like hoarders, and enjoy simply gathering game items. If you fall into this category, then you could always make some money as a game farmer. Sites like Steam allow you to sell items collected on video games for money. Depending on the item, you can usually sell each item for around $5-$20 or more. Subscribe to our Steam coupons to get the best deals on your video games.


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