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15 Ways You Probably Didn't Know Your Microwave Could Be Useful

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February 18, 2017 · 3.3k Views

While we all use our microwave to heat up food, there are a ton of ways that you can get more use out of it. From cooking more elaborate meals to disinfecting household items, your microwave is a tool that does more than reheat food.

No longer will your microwave sit on the counter and only be used to warm up that slice of pizza or cup of coffee. It will transform how you cook in your house and will also help you to make the most out of your kitchen experience.

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1. Disinfect sponges

sponge in microwave

Source: Eat By Date

This one is a good money saver as you won’t have to throw out those sponges after they get funky. Just soak in water with vinegar or lemon juice and pop it in the microwave for a minute. It will be hot when you remove it so be sure to use a hot pad, but your sponges will be clean and disinfected for the next use.

2. Decrystallize honey

Over time honey hardens and a microwave can save it by heating it up on medium heat for 30 seconds to one minute. This will eliminate the crystals that have formed and get it back to it suppleness. Be sure to remove the lid so it doesn’t explode but you can now use your honey to the very last drop.

3. Pop popcorn

popcorn in a paper bag

Source: Serious Eats

While we have all made microwave popcorn, you can also make popcorn from old fashion kernels with a microwave. Just place the kernels in a paper bag and heat. When you hear the popping stop, it’s ready. This is the best way to enjoy popcorn and it will save you on buying that expensive microwave popcorn. Just add butter and salt and enjoy!

4. Froth milk

You can enjoy your cappuccino every day by frothing your own milk in the microwave. Just heat in a cup and watch the froth you know and love come into form. You’ll have to watch it carefully as you don’t want to scorch the milk, but you will have that frothy deliciousness you crave in no time.

5. Soften brown sugar

softened brown sugar

Source: Food52

This can make baking a lot easier. You can soften brown sugar by adding a few drops of water to the original packaging and heat for 20 to 30 seconds. The brown sugar will absorb the moisture and be as good as new. No more lumps to contend with when you bake, making those treats come out perfect every time.

6. Juice fruit

Ever try to juice a lime or lemon straight from the refrigerator? They are hard as a rock and you can never get all the juice out. Use your microwave to warm the fruit for 20 seconds and then juice it. You will be able to get the full amount of juice out. This is a great trick to try with all kinds of citrus fruits.

7. Toast nuts

toasted nuts

Source: wikiHow

Who doesn’t love toasted nuts? Now you can toast your own in record time. Just spread them out on a plate and heat for three minutes. Stir them every minute and continue cooking. At the end of three minutes, let them rest for a minute or two as they are still roasting. When you are done, you will have nuts that are warm and toasty just like over an open fire. This also works for coconut and bread crumbs.

8. Proof dough

Proofing dough can take ages. A microwave can speed the process up by allowing it to rise quickly. Just place your dough in the microwave with plastic wrap over it. Add a cup of water next to it and heat on the lowest setting possible for three minutes. Let it rest for three minutes and heat it again for three minutes. This time let it rest for six minutes and you will have a dough that has doubled in size and is ready for use.

9. Save stale bread

stale bread

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

This is a great trick to save bread that has gone stale. Just wrap in a water-soaked kitchen towel and heat for 20 seconds. Keep repeating the process until your bread reaches the amount of freshness you are looking for. You will now be able to eat the whole loaf without that dreaded stale taste.

10. Warm a heating pad

Now you can ease your aches and pains in a matter of seconds. Put your homemade heating pad in the microwave for 30 seconds and you will have warm comfort for all your aches and pains. Don’t have a homemade heating pad? Make your own by putting rice or beans in a sock. It will work the same and provide you plenty of relief.

11. Cook fish

fish in microwave

Source: The Chinese Quest

Yes, it is possible to cook fish in the microwave. Think about the amazing dinners you will be able to prepare in just minutes. Just wrap your fish in plastic wrap and heat for two minutes on high. You can season the fish before you heat it and you will have a mess-free dinner prepared in a few minutes.

12. Warm towels

Looking to warm up after a shower? Try heating one of your towels for a few seconds. This will provide you the ultimate in comfort and keep you warm on those frosty days. It will be just like you stepped into a spa and it will only take a few seconds to give you that added bit of luxury you are looking for.

13. Melt crayons

melting crayons

Source: Shareably

You can make the most of your kids’ crayons by melting them done for even more use. Just melt them down in the microwave and freeze when you are done. You will have unique-shaped crayons for your kids to have fun with. Be sure to use a microwave-safe dish to melt them and try mixing colors for your own unique shades.

14. Cook eggs

You can make perfect scrambled eggs in the microwave by preparing them like you normally would. Place them in a dish and heat. Watch them rise and cook to your desired level of doneness. You can also make poached eggs by placing a cracked egg in water with a little vinegar. Cover with plastic wrap and heat for 30 seconds. Turn the egg and heat for 20 seconds more. Next, enjoy breakfast anytime of the day.

15. Peel garlic

peeling garlic

Source: www.sopitas.com

Peeling garlic is a pain. You can never get the shell off and it seems to take forever. Just place your garlic on a paper towel and heat for 20 seconds. This will allow the moisture to wick off and make peeling a breeze.


Who knew there were so many uses for a microwave other than just reheating food? You can now use your microwave for a multitude of cooking and household uses. Don’t forget your microwave as a versatile tool that can do more that you imagined. Not only will it make your life easier, but it will transform how you cook in the kitchen and give you more time as well.

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