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We Tried the Free Walmart Beauty Box and It's Totally Worth It

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June 06, 2016 · 5.6k Views

I just saw the Summer Walmart Beauty Box is about ready to go out and I cannot be happier. Okay, I could be happier if I won the lottery, or Brad Pitt was interested in me, or they would give me one more season of Downton Abbey. But I am excited. 

Walmart Beauty Box is a subscription sample box that comes out 4 times per year, seasonally. Inside you’ll find full size products, also what I refer to as deluxe size samples (that means they’re big) and some small samples. As an added bonus, if you like the samples you are trying, you are in luck. Coupons for some of the products are part of the deal. 

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I like to get samples and then unsubscribe. It’s a little on the cheap side but it’s who I am. So I guess my friends know that if I say it’s worth the price, then it is!  There will be no unsubscribing from this one. It was so much fun to see what surprises awaited me when I opened the pretty, colorful box which, undoubtedly, I will recycle or upcycle for another purpose. Not even knowing a review would be forthcoming, I took pictures and sent them to the girls in the office and left the box open on my desk, in plain view, for anyone to see. Admittedly, with the contents as they are, it is based mostly on what females would use. Still, my whole family can use the toothpaste, and the sunscreen came in very handy for my husband’s bald spot at a baseball game.

How does it work?

The way it works is like this. Walmart says it’s free but you are charged $5.00 for shipping. When you order one, you begin a subscription which you can stop at any time. If you don’t unsubscribe you’ll be charged automatically every 3 months and receive a new box (they release a new box every season).  I saw the charge on my credit card and then tried to forget about it. It’s like when your birthday is coming and you don’t want to guess about what is going to happen. Maybe 2 weeks later it arrived.

The full-sized color stick (lipstick) alone made the box worthwhile. Everything after that was just a bonus. There was a full-sized toothpaste, a 2oz wet skin moisturizer which I discovered I love, a night face cream, a bodywash, a rough skin rescue which did an amazing job on my summer calloused heels, and a sunscreen. As much as I loved the full-sized items, the sunscreen was the perfect size for my purse. There were also some really small samples inside the coupons. You can see from the picture these were not “off” brands. These were the heavy hitters, the big guns, the names we’ve trusted as women for a long time.
Walmart does this for good reason. Their name is on the box and it makes you smile when it arrives and you open it. That’s good marketing to associate joy with your company name. As for the samples, the companies hope you’ll fall in love with their products and keep purchasing them in full size, at full price, in the future. I would never have tried the wet skin moisturizer had it not been for this box. 

We love to feel beautiful and we love to try new things so get one for yourself, and maybe even for someone you care about. I won’t tell them, I’ll just subscribe them using my credit card and every three months, without another consious thought, they’ll know I like to do things to make them happy. I’m considering now my Aunt who is in a nursing home, and a friend who I just love to surprise every now and again with cookies. This is more useful, less fattening, and certainly a lot more fun.  

1464280634607.pngRead to try the Walmart beauty box? You can sign up for their summer beauty box now!


What are other beauty box subscriptions available?

If you're a beauty lover, you have probably noticed a lot of beauty box subscription companies. We've tried a few ourselves and here are some worthwhile brands for those interested:

  • Boxy Charm - unlike other beauty boxes, Boxy Charm offers 5 full size products and you get big name brands in your boxes. I'm talking Tarte and Makeup Geek! Downside, it does cost a little more at $21 per month.
  • Ipsy - if you prefer getting name brand items, Ipsy is a great choice! At just $10 per month, get 5 beauty items every month featuring sample size beauty products from Buxom, Too Faced, Tarte and more.
  • Target Beauty Box - we have yet to try this but for $7, you can get a few samples of drugstore and higher end makeup brands that Target carries. Their beauty box offer is not official yet and is only available for a limited time. Check back on their page to see when the next box is out! 
  • Birchbox - one of the original beauty boxes, you get 5 beauty samples per month which varies from skincare and nail polish to fragrance and makeup. Birchbox subscription is $10 per month.
  • Sephora Play! - Sephora has their own beauty box! For $10 per month, you get 5 free deluxe samples with a fragrance bonus. Looks like a solid deal if you want to try trending beauty products before buying full size.

Have you tried the Walmart Beauty Box? Thoughts? 


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Jdem1971Oct 04, 2016
I've been getting it for about 2 yrs now and I haven't been disappointed yet.

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