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What to Buy and What Not to Buy on Black Friday

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November 08, 2016 · 1.7k Views

black friday

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For those who love to shop ‘til they drop, Black Friday is likely their favorite shopping day of the year. A smorgasbord of deals await them at virtually every store. Forget drugs – they get a high from finding great deals on items they have on their Christmas list.

Speaking of deals – is everything shown in the Black Friday ads actually a good deal? Not necessarily. While the prices may be rock-bottom, unfortunately, the quality may be as well. Just because it’s a good price doesn’t mean you should hurry and snatch it up the day after Thanksgiving. You might regret it not too far down the road when the appliance breaks.

Most of the items found in the Black Friday ad are off-brand, so if you’re searching for a great deal on an iPad, Sony TV or high-quality furniture set, good luck. The items may not be the latest and greatest. In fact, they could even be last year’s discards.

So what exactly should you be buying on November 25? Read on to find out which items you should be putting in your cart and which ones you should leave on the shelves.

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What to Buy

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Spend your Black Friday shopping time – and money – buying these items.

  1. TVs: If you’re looking for a top of the line television set, wait a few months. Super Bowl season offers some great deals on a huge TVs. However, if a low-priced alternative will work just fine, Black Friday is the time to shop. New TVs are introduced to the market in January, which means that Black Friday is the best time to get ahold of older models at the lowest prices of the year. So if you’re fine with a mid-range TV that will work well for a den or child’s room for several years, shop the Black Friday ads at your local stores.
  2. Video games and consoles: For the gamers in your life, Black Friday offers great deals. You can save 50% or more on popular titles – hot games that will typically set you back $50 or more. In addition, prices are often slashed on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Black Friday also offers rare bundles that you won’t find any other day of the year. You can often find console and game bundles at great prices. Some bundles also include gift cards, rebates and other freebies.
  3. Laptops: If you need something basic without all the bells and whistles, Black Friday deals often include laptops for as low as $150. These are for older models, but they’re in new condition and work great.
  4. Toys: Black Friday is considered the best day of the year for toy shopping. In fact, stores such as Toys R Us are open early on Black Friday for your shopping pleasure. So if your little one has a popular toy on his or her Christmas list, shop for it on Black Friday for the best price of the year. Just be sure to shop early before the stores sell out of the most coveted toys.
  5. Winter clothes: Rain and snow has already hit many states. If you haven’t bought a coat yet – or need a new one – check out your local Black Friday ads. Many stores offer huge markdowns on coats, sweaters and other cold weather apparel. Macy’s and other department stores tend to have great deals – up to 50% off – on sweaters and coats so you can stay toasty during the holidays.
  6. Small appliances: Black Friday is a great time to update your kitchen. Toasters, microwaves, blenders and electric can openers are priced to sell. Many items can be found for as low as $5. These items make great gifts for college students living in dorms or those who have just moved out on their own.


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What Not to Buy

new apple macbook pro

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Hold off on these items. The prices may be tempting, but you’ll be able to find better deals and quality at a different time.

  1. High-end laptops: While Black Friday is a good time to buy basic laptops, if you’re looking for a high-quality gaming laptop or something with a lot of memory, wait until summer. Back to school sales during July, August and September will yield significant price cuts on these high-end models.
  2. Furniture: Black Friday ads are typically free of furniture sales. If you need a new couch or patio set, you just missed your opportunity for the year’s lowest prices. Home furniture prices are the best in July and August, while it’s recommended to buy patio furniture in August and September.
  3. Flights: Need to book your 2017 travel plans? While it’s usually recommended to do it as early as possible, you’ll be rewarded if you wait until January. Travel deals will be easy to find during this time.
  4. Chocolates: These won’t last until Christmas, so don’t buy them on Black Friday. Deals will be hard to find anyway. You’ll see a ton of sales in December, so wait until then to get your chocolate fix – for yourself or the friends and family on your list.
  5. Holiday decorations: Need more Christmas lights? Looking to add an inflatable Santa Claus to your front lawn? Although you’re thinking about decorations in November, Black Friday is not the right time to buy them. The best time is actually right after Christmas, when stores are looking to get rid of holiday items. So if you want to be ready for Christmas 2017, start shopping on December 26.


When shopping on Black Friday, be conscious of what you are actually buying. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Black Friday is all about buying cheap stuff at cheap prices, Remember, you get what you pay for. If quality is your main concern, expect to pay a little more at a different time of the year.

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