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What to Do With Outgrown Baby Clothes

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May 21, 2016 · 2.2k Views

(Alison is a guest blogger from Pint-Sized Treasures.)

Have you ever wondered what to do with those outgrown baby clothes? I know. Baby clothes are super-cute and completely irresistible. You need the sweater that matches the soft booties that also matches the knit hat with the tiny green frogs.

Don’t feel guilty if you splurge and deck your baby out to the be the absolute cutest infant on planet earth! Instead, try some of these ideas to still get lots of use when the sleeves are just too short and the pants are becoming definite high waters. Yes, it’s time to move on to a bigger size for your infant, but have no fear! Creative ideas are on the way to make the most out of your baby’s crazy adorable, but oh-too-small layette.


1. Create keepsakes.

Outgrown baby clothes create adorable keepsakes for you, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. You can even save a few for when your child is all grown up. You can place an entire outfit in a shadowbox —- booties and all. Make sure you label the shadowbox according to the age of your baby.

2. Have a quilt made.

You can definitely make your own if you’re super crafty. But if you’re not, scout out a close friend or family member and ask them to change your child’s outgrown baby clothes into a super-soft, wonderfully beautiful quilt. You can use it to decorate your child’s bedroom or save it as a special gift for when your child gets married! You can also add to it every year until your child’s 18th birthday. Lots of fun twists to this idea!

3. Make a super-soft octopus!

Oh wow…you just have to see this cute idea! It’s almost a no-sew project and requires few materials. It uses all those teeny tiny tights your munchkin doesn’t need anymore. Seriously — I want a cute octopus made from my old tights! This craft just made my day brighter — and it will yours too!

4. Donate them to your pregnancy crisis center.

This is a great place for teen moms to find baby clothes. These centers also take any baby equipment, diapers, formula, and even pregnancy related items to help young moms in need.

5. Sell them at your local consignment shop.

You can wait for a large community consignment sale, but I prefer the smaller, local shops. Just check your city area for consignment shops that specialize in children’s products. Call them ahead and book an appointment. Ask them what specific items that are in need of as well as their policy on sales. Some shops will pay you up front for your items and then you’re done with the complete sale and can walk away. Other consignment shops require you to sign a contract and work a 50/50 profit share which typically lasts two or three months. Be sure to decide on a price for each item before you meet with the owner. If you don’t settle on a price beforehand then you’re at the mercy of the owner. Check all clothing for stains, rips or tears. Remember that sets and name brands do much better in resale shops!

6. Sell the clothing on Facebook.

You can try to sell to your friends and family first. Then, check out the Facebook yard sale groups for your local city and state. Never meet people in Facebook groups in a private area — always meet in an open, well-populated area for safety issues. Make sure you take lots of images and list prices before advertising your clothing items. Group clothing together in sets to make them even more appealing — throw in an extra bow, pair of socks etc.

7. Store them for your next baby.

If you’re considering having more children, then you should definitely save those outgrown baby clothes. Wash, dry and fold all clothing and store in containers that can be labeled. Keeping your baby clothes organized by size, gender, and item will save you loads of stress later! If there’s any chance another baby will be in your future, definitely save and store those baby clothes. You’ll be glad you did!

8. Use them as doll or stuffed animal clothing.

Clothing for dolls and stuffed animals is ridiculously expensive! Some of my daughter’s favorite outfits for her large teddy bears were her outgrown baby clothes. Those teddy bears were the most well-dressed teddy bears at the park! Larger baby dolls fit perfectly into newborn baby clothes — and they look super adorable in them too!

How do you reuse your child’s outgrown baby clothes? Let us know in the comments below!


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Alison is a mom of six kids who loves saving money on her journey of motherhood. She owns a parenting website at http://www.pintsizedtreasures.com where you can find parenting tips, frugal living ideas, fun crafts, mouth-watering recipes and inspiration for your journey!