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Where to get cheap school uniforms

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July 26, 2013 · 1.9k Views

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More and more public schools are following the lead of private schools in requiring students to wear uniforms. Besides saving time and stress in the morning rush, the requirement may save bargain conscious parents some money. Here are 4 great tips for saving on school uniforms.

Buy Used
If your child does not object to second-hand clothes, there are several places to find cheap school uniforms. One strategy is to let friends, relatives, and neighbors know that you would be interested in buying hand-me-down uniforms, once their child has graduated or outgrown the uniforms, they will be motivated sellers. Another thing to look out for is whether or not your school has a “Uniform Resale Day.”  If so, be sure to get there early with cash in hand as the best offerings tend to go quickly. Some schools even ask parents to donate outgrown uniforms, so there’s a chance you could score shirts or pants for free!

Buy Local
Before you go to a retail store for cheap school uniforms, shop the thrift stores in your area. It may even pay for you to travel to the nearest large city to find a good selection of used pieces for your children. Make friends with the store clerks and keep them informed of your needs, they are usually more than happy to call you when new merchandise arrives. You should also read your town’s newspaper want ads to see if cheap school uniforms are offered for sale. Yard sales in August could be a goldmine. When you find a family with children a couple sizes bigger than yours, get their phone number and stay in touch.

Buy Online
Online sites also offer used uniforms. Craigslist often has ads for items such as khaki pants and navy polos. Begin checking in July for the fall term. You could run your own free ad on Craigslist describing the sizes and colors you need. You can also check out for cheap school uniforms. One of their current offerings is a like-new, size 7 girls’ pleated jumper for $10 (plus $3 shipping). At, parents can create an account to buy, and later resell, gently worn uniforms. It’s free and easy.

Buy New
Not all new school uniforms are expensive. A variety of styles and colors are available for wholesale prices at With brand name manufacturers, Elderwear and Genuine School Uniforms, this site has comfortable and stylish pieces in sizes 4-16. For example, a short-sleeve, three-button, knit polo shirt in several colors of a cotton-polyester blend sells for just $4.75. Pants and sweaters start as low as $10, while Capris sell for $8.50. Husky and plus sizes are available as well.

French Toast, the most well-known name in school uniforms, runs clearance sales, although not every style will be available in every size. For example, the company is offering a V-neck long-sleeve pullover sweater in boys’ sizes 10, 12 and 14 for half price – just $8.49. Slim and Plus or Husky sizes are offered, along with free standard shipping on orders over $75. Visit or call 1-800-Frenchtoast.

While it might not be the first thing you think of when you think of school uniforms, Wal-Mart is in fact the nation’s leading supplier of uniforms. Most items are bundled, so you may not be able to buy just one. For example, boys’ polos, available in over ten colors, are two for $11. All uniforms are tagless for comfort and treated with Scotchgard protector. carries school uniforms year-round and is a great resource if your children need a mid-year wardrobe refresher.

In 2011, there was a 7% increase in American public school districts adopting school uniform policies. Almost 150,000 students attend public and private schools which have adopted a standardized dress code policy for the 2012-2013 school year. Outfitting your children in the required clothing doesn’t have to be a hardship. Cheap school uniforms are available, although you may have to do some searching. Good luck and let us know if you find any other good school uniform resources!

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